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Posted: Nov 08, 2009 7:03:15 pm
Dirty Fuchs

Hi All,
thought I would show you my recent purchase - a Turbo Thomas CTR replica exhaust - 1 in two out,,,,,,, and what a sound....
Richard at Turbo Thomas just listened intently to me making crazy noises down the phone to him 'trying' to explain what I wanted. I wanted an exhaust that enhanced power, was twin oval out, had a metalic raspy sound on the higher revs and more importantly, sounded and looked like the original CTR.
I have to say Richard did it bang on and you want to hear it scream,,,,,, but its not too loud - everyone that has heard it said 'what a sound'. Sounds hunderd MPH standing still and certainly ups the performance, free-er revving and more urgent on the throttle.
I cannot recommend Richard enough,,,,, best sounding twin and single outlets I have heard. :happy01:
Couple of piccys.
This is the exhaust before finishing and fitment - much, much lighter than stock too.

Here is a picture of the exhaust fitted under the new, unpainted rear RUF style bumper.

Here it is after wrapping and before final fitment of the now painted bumper.

And here it is fitted and finished.

Hope you like,,,,,, I certainly do :agree:

Dirty Fuchs. :agree2:
You only live once so enjoy it.

Posted: Nov 08, 2009 8:52:47 pm

Thats Great Kev.  Looks like an amazing job.  Was it expensive?

I .ike the idea of wrapping in heat shield to protect the fibreglass rear bumper.  I'll have to do that.  I was thinking of layering the inside of the bumper to do the same thing, but I like the way you have done it.

How about an audio track for us all to listen to, or even a little video of you putting her through her paces.

Great work mate  :agree:

Posted: Nov 08, 2009 9:58:00 pm
Dirty Fuchs

Hi Pete,
I did do a 'soundtrack video' but it turned out bloody awful. Never used the camera before and apparently I put it too close to one side. I think you get the gist of it but it does make hell of a throbbing at the begining but about halfway through you will hear the true sound - Throbbing noise, no it's not the car.
I really want to get a drive-bye sound video as at full chat - it's intoxicating.
Blackbird linky

Dirty Fuchs :agree2:
You only live once so enjoy it.

Posted: Nov 09, 2009 10:23:36 pm

That sounds great Kev.  Nice and deep.  I havent heard 3.2 sound as good as that before.

Here's your video embedded.

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