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Posted: Jul 18, 2010 8:58:50 pm
kenny j

Hi not been on hear for a long time to be honest not had much time to mess arround with the pride and joy
i have always wanted to change the rear box on my 3.2 as the rust worms had had a very good meal out of it
i looked into getting a cutom made stainless one . A local company who make custom exhausts quoted me about £600 which i thought was a bit steep.i found a vw website  who make a twin pipe for £450 which i thought was reasonable.
In the meantime i was looking on ebay and there was a couple of second hand twin pipe but they went for about£350.. I kept looking
one come up the other da,y mild steel twin but the guy was not sure what it came off he thought it was off a turbo
looking at pictures i took a chance and put a bid in for £70..notes and to my surprise won it.
I got a mate to collect it saving on postasge and could not wait to fit it.with a liitle modification to the flanges  had to make up a 3mm spacer and managed to find a gasket from a vauxhall that fitted exactly, cost £2.00 instaed of the £4.50 from porche. It all fitted a treat and sound  fantastic
i now need to modify and make new rear lower valance to fit between the twin pipes
i have had a fair bit of stick from a mate saying i have ruined the look of the car but each to their own
he used to be proud owner of 964 which was well specked up. He traded it in for a puss mobile (993 twin turbo or you might beg to differ
my next project is to change the whale tail for the standard boot grill 
i have just won on ebay a boot for £5.00 need a few dents knocking out but for that price even  if its rubbish i am saure to find a use for it. So it goes to show you can get the odd bargain for these cars. Hope to post pictures when all finished would be interested if any one else done the same

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