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Posted: Sep 20, 2010 8:28:58 pm

i hav a 1974 2.7  k jetronic fuel injection engine, and unfortunatly, when i removed all the pipes to the injectors from the mixture control unit, the markings have worn off, so i no longer know what line goes to what number injector! can anyone offer any assistance?
Ive got a Haynes manual, but its not much use
Could you please email me as i have access on my mobile for emails, so can easily check, cheers

Posted: Sep 22, 2010 11:25:54 am

Hi Paul

To make a answer to your question, on your 1974 911 you have a Kjetronic mechanical system of Injection.

The K on KJetronic said in german "Kontinious" so you have no order on the injector connection with the fuel line.

the obligatory need is the lenght of the line so you take all on the floor in the lenght order and you begin with the more lenght with thefurther  injector.

i hope have give you the help you need.


Ps1 : excuses my bad english i'm a litle frenchy  :happy013:

Ps2 : go to my website you can registry your 911 and you can download the workshop for the 2.7  :agree: the website for registry of all 911 2.7's from 1974 to 1977

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