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Posted: Jun 23, 2010 8:08:05 pm

(C) Hi, please excuse my intrusion on this site as i dont have a Porsche (although id love one!) All i have is a Plastic replica Covin!!
Now then guys, dont be like that!!
Heres my problem. i have a Covin kit car with a 901 gearbox mated up to a 911 2.7 injection engine, never seen the road, so i cant verify the condition although the guy i bought it off seemed very genuine, and said the engine does run and was in very good order, even has a £1000 reciept for work done on the gearbox.
Obviously, i dont see the point of having so much power in a chassis that cant handle it, much more suited to a nicely tuned Beetle lump, so im asking the guys that know.... Whats the engine and box worth to you?

I dont get the car till the 30th June, and i will try to get it running, so would anyone be interested?
I need enough cash to replace it with a nice spec type one beetle engine and box, although id be tempted to keep the 5 speed box if it were compatible with a beetle engine?
Any assistance would be appreciated
Paul ;)

Posted: Jun 23, 2010 8:16:54 pm

Hi Paul - welcome to the forum.

Sounds like an interesting set up to me.  A £1,000 bill would buy you the basic parts for the gearbox plus labour so it sounds about right.......  Maybe buy and non running 2.7 and replace the engine and gearbox and then you have your 911  :agree:

Once you pick the car and engine and box up, you'll know more about it and have more to tell the guys on the forum - including some pics and engine and gearbox numbers etc.

You can also advertise to the Porsche boys for free on our sister site

Keep us posted.....


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