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Posted: Mar 21, 2010 9:49:15 am

I have a 1980 930 which was convered to a 3.4 l twin turbo with t6 garret turbos and 934 cams. The car is beautiful with split rims and a GT2 tail and 993t brakes. This was for racing purposes and I bought the car as is. The car was running 325 kw on the back wheels on the dyno and this was before i replaced the air filters. I would however like to make the car a little easier to drive.  As you are I'm sure aware the 934 cams make the car sound like a tractor and the the engine is not smooth at idle. Someone has suggested changing the cams to 964 cams. These will apparently make the engine smoother without loss of power. Do you guys agree or do you have other suggestions?

Posted: Mar 21, 2010 10:27:14 am

Hi Alcat

Your car sounds awesome.  Lets see some pics.....Start a thread on the car in Readers Cars in the Gallery.

Camshaft choice is a really tricky question.  It depends on so many things.......

Have a read of this thread, which may help you make the right choice....

Camshaft choices

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