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In forum "Wheels & Tyres"
In topic "Spacers..........."
Before and after pics with 15mm spacers fitted to the rears................



On Fuch wheels its not so cut n dry

On 7" the smallest "bolt on spacer" you can use is about 25mm which is too big I think. 15 or 18mm looks right, but you would need to knock out the studs, replace with longer ones then use a "shim" its a bit of a PITA
9mm shims with standard studs? 340 bhp? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please say no Pete.....
On 8" you may be able to fit 15mm or 18mm, you would need to measure as I cant be sure of 8" (7" I know its 24mm and 9" I know will take a 15mm)

In forum "Brakes"
In topic "Caliper Repaint"
Dont be frightened to have a DIY go at caliper painting. I had great results with Auto K caliper paint, high temp laquer and about 6 hours work (in total) Done on the car but some people have quoted £150 a corner to paint!!!!


Wicked stuff...£10 a tin................decals added then 4 or 5 coats of high temp laquer over the top...........simples

In forum "Our Readers 911"
In topic "Got one at last!!"
After 15 years of promising myself "one day, one day" I finally have the best car Porsche ever made................

Porsche didnt make your car Pete, you made your car! A one off classic, nothing to compare it to.........

In forum "Steering and Suspension"
Billy inserts for the front are £132 each, Billy rear shocks £130 each. This is as "sports " or Turbo suspension as fitted at the factory

Easy emough DIY if your handy with the spanners!

In forum "Electrics"
In topic "wipers"
Its under the dash somewhere, depends where they put it. Sometimes you can hear it and find it from that, it looks like this BTW;

In forum "Porsche Parts suppliers servicing repair"
In topic "Recommended 911 parts suppliers."
Genuine Porsche 9" x 16" Fuchs are now available £721 + vat each
In topic "Free Brakes for ever"
And do you want Korean pads made from cereal boxes?

In forum "Weights & Measures"
In topic "Soundproofing (1974-89)"
Engine compartment 4.11kg?

The ones we have weigh about 700grams!

In forum "Bodywork"
In topic "Rear Engine Spoiler Preference"
Biased view;

Quote: MarkJ at Jun 25, 2010 11:19:02 am
alright if you like that modern it weighs a ton ;)

Nice wide flanks though :)

Very light compared to SC, 3.2 & 930 spoilers as its all plastic.................. :happy07:

In forum "Other Tech Chat"
In topic "Replace ignition cylinder"
In topic "Fire Extinguishers"
Lidl sometimes do fire extinguisher for £5............

In forum "911 Driver"
In topic "Out for a Whizz."
Hu, youre lucky living somewhere where you can find a road to give it some on, me and Pete dont get out of 2nd gear do we?
Up............up to Hu's Pete

In forum "Car Care"
In topic "Using Dishwasher Rinse aid"
Just got myself one of these;

All I had to do was go to Tescos?
Tried it yesterday, rained 5 minutes after so couldnt see the "dry" result, will keep you posted.........

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