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Use your Porsche as it's meant to you know what I mean :)

In forum "Non 911 Chat"
In topic "Merry Christmas 2009"
Quote: Pete at Dec 28, 2009 5:49:21 pm
Well, that's another Christmas over with.  Onwards to the new year now.  So whats your new years resolutions?

Mine is to get some weight out my car and get the RUF front and rear bumpers fitted.

A happy new year to all.
Allright  Pete.
Ruf bumpers,  :agree:
Weight loss, yes. for the two of os, the car and me disdain023.gif

Pete, Thankyou for a well done, very good working forum in 2009.


In forum "Our Readers 911"
In topic "Brian s "MartiniBird""
Hi All
So this is my 2nd Porsche and I'll just play and use it fore fun.
It's a 2.7s  175 HK from  1974
I has a thing about RUF.
RUF Wheels
RUF Bumpers
RUF pedal set
RUF mirrows
RUF Shortshift
4 gear 915 gearbox with 40 % slipdiff.
itg  airfilter
Bilstein Trackday shocks
Sparco steringwheel
Courbeau Sprint seats
83 mm Tailpipe / muffler
Bigger antiroll bars
and some other small a'justments  ;)


Thankyou guys  :blush:
Now I finally got the pictures right :)
Hi and thanks.
Yes, it has been a long time, but too much work and too little time for Porsche, unfortunately,
but today I worked on my Porsche. :)  It's on a diet, heatblower motor is removed, the door side is that Porsche RS
with a strap to open the door with. rear seats removed, too.
The standar battery is switched to a lightweight race battery.

The heatblower with hoses ----  2,5 kg
Door interiors    -----  2,3 kg pr. side. total 4,6 kg
Battery 60 amp. 17 kg. Poveramp. pvr 25, 18 amp. 7 kg. weight save 10 kg.

So total weightloss is 17,1 kg =37,6 lbs

Then there is the outer side panel/trims they  has to go. (hm)

So my car is nearly a race car, a semirace car  disdain023.gif

Picstures will come later...

In topic "Pete's MoTec 3.5ltr 911"
yeahthat.gifThe gearbox is the cleanest I have seen in a long time nice car .
It is a good upgrade on the brakes nice work. :agree:
That is really nice Engine work Pete. Awaysome....
In topic "SilverWT's 1984 3.2 Carrera"
Hi SilverWT
Wellcome here too just newbee myself
I still say that the 3.2 engine is the best. And make it a 3.6 L is not bad atall.

Nice looking car it sounds exciting with your projects. Dont forget picstures.
Good to see the car being used for what it is meant to ;)
In topic "JK's Track ready 3.0 SC"
:D Hi and wellcome.
There's realy a bit more "track"  over your car than mine looking great  impressive full roll cage :agree:

Looking foreward to see more of your car..


In forum "Video"
In topic "Me with Porsche Club Denmark "SlalomCup""
(rofl) This Saturday  great drive.

my son did a  :agree:  job takeing picstures of me (9 year's old)

In topic "My Martinibird at the Nurburgring and Nordschleife"
A good weekend at the Nurburgring Oldtimer Grandprix 2011 at times in heavy in rain

Thanks... The Video was infact 30 min. It was a hard job to cut it down to what it is..but it still has the essense
of the three days of N├╝rburg Oldtimer Grandprix.
Tremendous noise from the old F1 racers :-D
In topic "GT3 Versus Lambo"
say:"kids" dont do this around home... take to the track

Nice FX with the guidens lights....

In forum "Porsche Pictures"
In topic "JK's Track 911 in Action"
:agree: Exactly
In topic "Porsche Screensavers"
Great work, Pete.
Thank you.
I have just installed it on my pc.

In forum "Electrics"
In topic "LED Lighting Upgrade inside and Out"
Now when it is getting darker by the hour, any experience with your's LED's. :)
Should I go fore LED's
Thanks in advance ;)


In forum "Weights & Measures"
In topic "Mirrors"

RUF mirrows . 170 g each  340 g per pair  ;)
375  Ç  :o  thats with 19% german Vat
Thats just I wanted RUF mirrows because I'm sure you can find the same model to a lower price somewhere.
The fitting and the quality of the morrows  is very good. :)
In topic "Seats"
corbeau sprint seats  is 14 lbs each
In topic "heaterblower housing "
350 g is the dif.
One in metalhousing      1953 g.
One in "plastichousing"  1602 g

Attached File(s)Bl├Žser.JPG (918KB / 635 Downloads)

In forum "Bodywork"
In topic "RUF Blackbird....."
I said once if I ever would buy other wheels than fuchs is gona be RUF's.
Ther are not lightwight compare to Fuchs but on the street I dont care (C)

Just go fore the Blackbird it's gona be a blitz :agree:

Thankyou Pete

Great collection of CTR stuff :)
action-smiley-035.gifNow thats  truly awaysome, what you have done, Congratulations.
Your twin exhauts  :agree: that┬┤s what I missing.
Now you say "the full monty",  are you gona cut off the rain gutter[img

I┬┤m gona do it this winther, some say  (wallbash)  others say  :agree: ,

Here is a tread in how to do it..

Looking forward to see some more pics from the side . of your projekt..

By the here is what Im been  prepering to, and did last weekend, N├╝rburgring disdain023.gif



In forum "911 Driver"
In topic "Having a Blast in My 911"
There are some small country roads in Denmark exelent for snap cornering and jumps :D , yes, but then we got
the small tracks :happy013:

Thats me  (C)

In topic "Visit The N├╝rburgring"
Does anyone else than me here, go to the N├╝rburgring  this weekend.
We are a small grup of porsches leave from denmark this thusday.
Maybe see you there.. :agree2:
Driving for me, "only" on the Nordring ;), the event is on the Grandprix track.
Sure there will be pics.
Here is something from last year, not my recording but there will be of this years event.

Here is one of me aruond the N├╝rburgring. :D
More pics will come.
Here is Me and Iwan in the red cab. takeing a round on the ring. (rofl)

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