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Posted: Jan 09, 2009 8:55:42 pm

Did my annual pilgrimage to the NEC for this year's Autosport show yesterday.

Thought you'd be interested to know that in the Piston Head area of the show, there were loads of Porsches on display; i lost count of how many but the range stretched from modern GT3s, Carrera4 all the way back to very early 60s models. I'm sure you lads and lasses would av drooled....As I've yet to aspire to the title of a Porsche "expert", I'm afraid I cant be more specific on the various model details. However, I can tell you that some were very standard/original and others very specifically prepped for track and competition.

I somewhat interestingly observed that the car proudly displayed at the entrance of the Porsche Club exhibition unit was a nice clean but very standard Porsche 924S.....A car close to my heart I suppose, as I've run a race 924 for the last 3years.

"where there's a will, there's an engineering solution"

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