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Posted: Apr 10, 2011 1:45:16 pm

hi all im craig new to the forum,basically ive joined up because i have a pain in the ass porsche 996.

story of the car when i bought her 6 months ago the car looked right so i had no problems buyin the car i paid 14k for a 2000 plate porsche 996 c2 convertible tiptronic,thinking if theres a few problems the cars still a good price....

day 1 new tyres on rear £400

day 5 weird knocking noise under car changed all 4 coffin joints £400 parts noise stopped couple of weeks later driving up the motorway and the car wouldnt keep true after 80 mph,changed anti roll bars front and back with bushes £750

then i bought the aero kit and had the car fully repainted laguna secca blue £1200

now the problem is this im having and its driving me mad,after ive driven the car for about half hour im getting a knocking in the steering wheel kinda feels like the caliper is loose or the wheel even ive obdviously checked boh and there tight.
can anyone shed any light onto the problem if they have had this before

Posted: Apr 10, 2011 3:56:11 pm

Hi Craig, welcome to the forum.  Sorry you've joined under such frustration.  Sounds like your turning her into a real beauty, albeit at expense  :blush:

Sounds like you tackeld the obvious ones.  Does it happen under braking, when cornering or just driving straight?

Have you checked the front wheel bearings, the track rod ends, wishbone bushings and shock tower fixings.  What does the steering wheel feel like - Can you wobble it slightly - if so might be steering colum top bearing. 

Be nice to see some pics of her as she sounds nice with the aero kit and the blue paint work.  Maybe start a thread for your 996 in "Gallery>Readers Cars" and we can track progress there.  If you'd like to upload some pics, then maybe consider joining our sister site and upload some pics.  Once you've uploaded pics to P101tv you can post them in any forum or blog without having to re-upload.

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Posted: Apr 25, 2011 11:02:28 am

Did you find the problem?

Posted: Jun 01, 2011 10:32:56 pm

Hi all in the last month since starting the thread ive took the complete front end off the porsche
all joints
anything that i could undo it got took off

i then sent the parts to a mate off mine in somerset costing  me 130 quid in postage, he sent everything back to me and said that everything is ok....

the only thing i havnt sent is the steering rack, because it was only changed by the previous owner last year...

the noise i get is defonatley something like its loose, i feel it through the steering, not on corners only in a straight line and if i go down a dip in the road, the car feels like it wants to steer whichever way it comes out so if the right wheel go downs it steers to the right and visa versa mind of its own i would say i just cant get my head around it and after paying 13 grand for it and so far spent 4 grand on it,ive got it on ebay buy it now 12500 and still no buyers my head is messed up with this car i just cant figure out the fault could it be track rod ends that is causing it to wander ????

Posted: Jun 02, 2011 7:38:48 am

I really feel your pain craig....

Have you checked the front wheel bearings, the track rod ends, wishbone bushings and shock tower fixings.  What does the steering wheel feel like - Can you wobble it slightly - if so might be steering column top bearing.  It might be steering rack and pinion if its not the top end? 

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Posted: Jun 02, 2011 7:02:58 pm

at last ive found the problem it is the track rod end on the passenger side so im going to order them in the morning  also might change the strut top bearings as there being mentioned,makes me feel happy to fix the fault as im selling it and dont want the faults on it for the new owner

thanks everyone who suggested ideas

i put pictures up off the car its a great car just find myself driving my golf r32 more with it being only 3 years old things are just tight and 4 wheel drive sure makes things intresting lol

Posted: Jun 26, 2011 12:53:22 pm

glad you found the problem.  something relatively cheap in the end. :cool:

be nice to see some pictures of the car.  if you want to show pics here, then upload them first here,:

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