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Posted: Nov 04, 2010 9:32:17 pm

Well, the Winter looks like its comming in the UK.  The rain is comming frequently and is generally miserable.  All this means its getting harder and harder to get an opportunity to get out in my 911.  Do you guys feel the same?

To cheer myself up I've got myself a pair of RUF CTR1 Yellowbird front and rear bumpers.  This should keep me busy during the long winter months.  What are your plans for your 911 over the winter?

Posted: Nov 14, 2010 9:27:51 pm

My plans will be the same as ever, keep the old bus running as its my daily driver, which will no doubt result in working on it in the rain. To be fair its been reliable during my 18 months of ownership, apart from not starting at all a few weeks after purchase (fuel pump relay) and one day on the drive when it wouldnt start (fuel pump) a big smack on the pump with a length of wood and she fired up no bother. both items since replaced and no probs since. 
Jobs to do FIX THE WIPERS/REPLACE THE WIPER MOTOR AGHHH! and stop a slight leak into the cabin on heavy rain (the joys of targa ownership)  :D

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