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Posted: May 03, 2009 6:54:06 pm

I had a go at using a claybar on my paint work.  I had noticed that on one panel the paint felt slightly gritty to the touch.

I bought a Miguiars claybar starter kit.  You get two claybars some paint cleaner and clay lubricant.

Here's what I did:

1. Washed the panel with car shampoo
2. Rinsed off with cold water
3. Dried the panel with a microfibre cloth
4. Moulded the clay flat making sure it was warm and plyable
5. sprayed the lubricant on the panel over a small area (say 12 inches square)
6. then with minimal pressure moved the claybar over the lubricated area in a backwards and forwards motion
7. kept re-applying the lubricant to make sure the clay doesnt drag on the paintwork
8. repeated 56 and 7 until the entire panel was complete.
9. dry the lubicant with a microfibre cloth
10. apply and buff off Miguiars paint cleaner
11. applied two coats of Miguiars gold liquid wax.

The results are very good.  The surface is now completely smooth to the touch as it should be.

I'd thoroughly recommend this as a paint treatment.  Once its done it should last along time if you wax the car regularly.  The good thing is that clay is non abbrasive so it isnt wearing the paint away like t-cut would.

I bought my kit from Halfords here:

Miguiars Claybar kit

I ordered it online.  Much more convenient that going to the store.

Here's my claybar guide if you want to read in more detail

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