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Posted: Apr 23, 2009 4:54:05 pm

I had to make a 180mile round trip today.

I set off after the dreaded rush hour was ended and went from Kent to Aylesbury.  So it was some M25 A41 and a few country lanes.  Then it was west accross country to Oxfordshire and then back to Kent.

This is my first proper blast since having the RSR Coilovers fitted as well as the G50 gearbox conversion with the quaife LSD. What a drive.  The car is so well planted now.  Firm but not horrible.  I can feel the car on the roiad so much better than I could before and the gearbox ratio's are veery well suited to the 330bhp.

I have always liked my 911 immensly but now I love it to death.  Its a really good drive.

Cant wait to have it corner weighted balanced and aligned.  It can only improve.

Posted: May 26, 2009 2:26:06 pm

There are some small country roads in Denmark exelent for snap cornering and jumps :D , yes, but then we got
the small tracks :happy013:

Thats me  (C)

Use your Porsche as it's meant to you know what I mean :)

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