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Posted: Feb 17, 2010 1:35:04 pm

Had my car weighed on the local council weighbridge today. Car is an '86 3.2. It came in at 1220kg. I had 30-35kg fuel onboard and my washer bottles were near full. I reckon i am about 1185-1190kg at present.

Have stripped about 35kg out of the car so far, nothing major, and will lose another 32kg when i replace my front seats with the Recaros i have on order  :-)

Nice to have a benchmark weight to work against. They only charged me £4 for the weigh in.
Sprightly 1134kg and falling.

Posted: Feb 17, 2010 2:18:40 pm

Thats pretty good for £4.

I had mine weighted and balanced etc recently.  Here's ow mine came in on weight:

It had about 26 litres of fuel which weighs in at about 19.6kg.

So with no fuel she weighs in at about: 1185.9kg.

I haven'tput her on a diet yet.  I have removed the torsion bars, but I have put coilovers in teir place.  I removed the steel underbelly pan and replaced with an Ally one.  I have yet to replace the rear engine lid spoiler and well as front and rear bumpers and valence with f/g, so I have a few kilo's to lose yet.

Posted: Feb 18, 2010 1:01:04 pm

For £4 its not quite as detailed as your weigh in ;)

Looks like we are similar on weights then Pete though i'll be beating you when the Recaros go in  :)

Im guessing your car is a tad faster and a bit tastier through the twisties though with all your mods ;)

I can feel the difference in my car since taking the 35kg out so am very much looking forward to the extra 32kg coming out with the seat replacement. My butt-dyno is well tuned to car weights and modifications  :)

After the seats (and my finances have recovered!) i will get a L/weight battery, saving an extra 10-15kg.

Then it will be replacing the heavy old carpet and sound pads for newer lighterweight soundproofing and RS carpet install, hopefully saving another 35kg or so.
Sprightly 1134kg and falling.

Posted: Mar 17, 2010 12:47:01 pm

Weight loss for this month =

4x Brake dust shields = 2kg

2xfront seat swap = 32kg

Puts me now on approx 1185 - 34 = 1151kg :)

Now what to lose next? Not sure whats the next cheapest thing to lose/swap out.

Planned weight losses =

Replacement interior sound deadening pad (Stock = 9kg, new = 2kg) = 7kg saving

RS carpets for stock heavy plush (stock = 35kg? new = 15-20??kg) = 15kg saving

RS door cards instead of heavy carpet-pocket door panels (1kg each instead of 3.5?kg each) = 4-5kg saving

Odyssey lightweight battery = (stock = 25kg? new = 9kg?) = 15kg saving (albeit at front)

Replace rear whaletail lid for f/g duck perhaps (stock=19kg, new= 6?kg) = 13kg saving

= Total potential saving of 55kg

I think those can all be done without compromising the cars comfort too much and would be very noticeable performance wise with all that weight loss and thats without getting mental with heat backdates or major modding. It would take my car below the 1100kg figure  :happy013:
Sprightly 1134kg and falling.

Posted: Mar 19, 2010 9:36:27 am

Lots of weight loss.  Great stuff.  She should be pretty lively after that diet!
Wouldnt it be nice to get our 911's down to about 1,000kgs - there wouldnt be much on the road to touch them.

I had a blast with a BMW E46 M3 yesterday, and Im pleased to say that he lost.  The BM's are powerful, but at the end of the day they are heavy at 1,549kgs....  Just goes t show what a diet can do for you.  At 1185kgs that makes my 911 a massive 346kgs lighter.....  :happy07:

Posted: Mar 19, 2010 3:25:13 pm

your not wrong Pete. Coincidentally, when  i was on the way home from my folks place the other night an Audi R8 came steaming down the A2, and i am not claiming that my car is in anyway quicker, but when i decided to steam out the lane i was in and get behind him, i could see the surprise in his eyes (and my own) in the immediate pace that i caught him with over several hundred metres...the car just flew, one of those moments where you feel like a pilot and the car is forcing you there, not the other way around. It was a great feeling. Losing the weight is 'the' way to go.
The eternal problem is the balancing act between out and out uncomfortable light racer and something you can live with daily or touring.
Hence why i am quite pleased to have sourced the lightweight internal soundpad, a whopping 7kg weight saving to be had for something made of modern improved soundproofing and heat resistant material that replaces 20yr old soundproofing design. Working in building design i know how much soundproofing has improved!!
Not cheap at a hundred bucks but imo worth it, considering how much we can shell out for expensive bhp hunting mods. I am going to take out my rear seat this weekend and investigate the state of my current soundpad. May just leave it out  ;)
Sprightly 1134kg and falling.

Posted: Mar 19, 2010 4:15:50 pm

Hey Mark - that sound proofing sounds good.  Tell us more. I've started a new thread called: Soundproofing 101 in the "Bodywork" section of the forum. 

Pst some info on what you bought....

Posted: Nov 03, 2010 9:07:54 pm

Back in the day when we won LeMans with our 993GT2, (car in the pic), we had the lightest 993's around at if you get your cars down to 1000KG I will be blooming impressed!!

Cheers guys.

I have over 20 years of experience with Porsche, mainly Roock.Was involved with the build of the first customer Roock GT2 993's, won LeMans and the Daytona 24h etc with these cars.

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