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Posted: Aug 19, 2011 8:51:56 pm

hi all

now the 3rd car i have looked at 1st rms leak 2nd piston slap  and now the 3rd one this is a 2004 tiptronic 37k miles vgc full opc sh etc but again theres some oil underneath the car it is in a different place to the 1st car rms about 6 to 9 inches further forward towards the front of the car on a flat plate with thin channels running along it im guessing thats the gearbox , i know from reading forums /books that the rms isnt a common problem on tiptronics.

the car had been standing for 2 weeks in a car park (owner working abroad) and there was no actual drips under the car ,  ia am going for another look at weekend and will take some pictures

thanks for any advice 

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