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Posted: Dec 03, 2008 9:14:13 am

I have Jenvey throttle bodies and air is first filtered through a standard itg like sponge filter with pipercross filter oil impregnated into the spong filter.

This is a great set up and contributes greatly to the performance of  my car.  Howeveer, better or optimal perfromance is only going to be achieved from plenum chambers.  The plenum provideds a relatively speaking static source of air and increases inductive performance.  The amount of increased BHP is unknown but I would hazzard a quess at 5-7bhp for my car and maybe similar amounts of torque.

The problem is that these plenums dont seem to be readily available off the shelf for a setup like mine (unless anyone knows any different please let me know), so I have started discussions with a designer and fabiricator of plenums for a bespoke design my my engine.  I will of course post here to update everyone on progress.

Posted: Mar 31, 2009 5:14:29 pm

so  i 'm going to go down the pelican parts route of keeping standerd air box  k&n pannel filter
then drill the air box
already got a spare from work just incase i dont like it  been told it not to noisey only when your giving it the beans!!!
so i will never hear it !!!  lol.
let you know how it works in a bit  car has been off the road for a long while and the garage is littered with parts from
it  soon be time to put it back together if i can remmber where it all goes ..

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