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Posted: Oct 24, 2008 9:30:54 pm

In order to post an image on the forum we recommend you open an image hosting account with one of the many providers available.  You can use our sister website which is completely free.  Not only that it is totally focussed on all things Porsche so should be more ineteresting. 

One of te many general purpose hosting sites is photobucket.  Heres a link to photobucket:

Here's a quick step-by-step guide for Potobucket:

Step 1 - Open an image hosting account (this one is photobucket).

Step 2 - Upload your photo's

Once you have created an account and you have signed in you then need to upload your images.  Click on the "upload" icon and a browser will open automatically and then you browse to the location of your photo's on your PC for upload.

The photo will then begin to upload automoatically.

Step 3 - Selection the photo address for posting

Once the photo has been uploaded click on "my albums" to view the pictures that you have uploaded.  Then click on the photo you would like to post in this forum.  A "Share this Image" box will appear with three lines.  You need to click in the "IMG Code" box which displays a line of code begining "(IMG).......".  The software will automatically copy the code to your PC clipboard.

Step 4 - Copying the photo to the forum

Now go to your favourite Porsche forum MyPorsche911 Forums and create a new topic in the forum area in which you would like to share your photo.  Place the cursor in the edit box where you would normally type your post  and press "Ctrl" and "V" on your keyboard and a code will appear.  Once you finish your post press "Submit" and your photo will appear.

Job done!

Its a very simple process which you'll get to grips with very quickly.  Once you've got a photo hosting account you can share you photo's quickly and easily on this forum.

Many thanks

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