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Posted: Nov 13, 2008 5:27:47 pm

What are my options for upgrading my 3.2?  It is mainly a fast road car by I am intending to take it to the track on a regular basis.

Posted: Nov 13, 2008 11:18:50 pm

Hi Mr 911Man
I take it your planning on taking your car on track, as well as road use. Let me offer some guidelines to start with.

1. A good first move is to replace all rubber hoses with Aeroquip style stainless steel braided hoses as these dont bellow/balloon under pressure, as will be experienced on track. They will firm up your pedal niceley and give you confidence under braking. I prefer to make them up on the car as you can then choose exact routing and length (e.g if car has lowered suspension) as well as choose the best fit style of unions - banjo v end on etc. Off the shelf sets tend to be mere replicas of the originals.

2. Brake fluid, probably the best upgrade to a standard system is to thoroughly bleed the whole system with new fluid such as AP600 or SRF (see my contribution on the thread on this subject) for track use, or ATE Racing Blue for road use.
This of course assumes that your calipers and master cylinders and their respective seals are in good order...

3. I suspect the knub of your question though is to do with discs and pads.
Well, first forget cross drilled discs, they're a big no-no. On ventilated discs, the drilled holes have internal sharp edges and cause crack propagation. Even Porsche OE ones, where the holes are cast in, crack with track use, I condemned a pair last week, on a 968 racer, thick end of 500 to buy and survived a mere 5 race meetings!!
Plain discs are good, grooved discs are better; 4 or 8 grooves is ample, ideally cut with a spherical tool, and terminated 3mm from outer edge. The groove leading edge should enter the pad first.
Choice of pads is a bit of a subjective issue. I'm a fan of Mintex F range pads, probably F2 material for you. They work ok cold and have excellent high temp performance maintaining a coefficient of friction around 0.5. I'm also evaluating Carbon Lorraine pads at mo, they appear initially to be kinder to discs but do cause surface cell strucure growth (surface cracking/tearing) Fit the same material to front and rear on a 911.

4. Big Hydraulics and Big Discs.
Only consider this option if your also installing a bias ajdustable twin master cylinder. A common error is to fit big discs and 4 or 6 or even 8 pot calipers to the front only. Overall braking efficiency has now taken a nosedive!! (excuse the pun...) I'll refrain from writing a white paper on this topic!

5. Let me know what your plans and budget are and at work tomorrow I'll check out some options for you.

SMS Motorsport

"where there's a will, there's an engineering solution"
"where there's a will, there's an engineering solution"

Posted: Nov 15, 2008 7:57:01 am

I have just upgraded to Brembo GTPL's.  These are bigger 312mm discs front and back and 4 pot calipers again both front and back.  The reason I upgraded was to cope with the increased perfromance from my engine.  As Gwyn recommends I have gone for SRF brake fluid.

I also had to up the brake master cylinder from std 3.2 to one from a 930 turbo.

Lastly having installed identicle calipers on front and rear, I had to install a bias valve.  I used one from a 964 RS.  Gwyn is right about needing a bias valve - i tried it without and almost spun the car!

Posted: Nov 24, 2008 7:52:30 pm

hi , guys first night on the forum after pete invited me ,i am unforunaly back to a 3.2 g50 its a bit of a come down from a 964 turbo but i had to try n stat a business and it skinted me so try my the best i can!! even though a 3.2 is a good old faith full motor.

just wondered if anyone knows if there are any calipers
any porsche  calipers that can be fitted to my 3.2 g 50 as i have a nearly unlimite supply of boxster 964/993/996 etc...
calipers at work and just wondered if any was a easy up grade?

Posted: Nov 27, 2008 9:12:23 am

Hi Greemy - the upgrade options are numerous.  Most of the other calipers and discs will fit with an adapter plate and some fiddling.  The 993's I know will go on but you will need a spacer to get the disc alignment to run true in the caliper, and if you are putting them under a 16" fuch you will need to take off a little metal to shoe horn them in.  Its all doable though.

Posted: May 28, 2009 9:29:53 pm
kenny j


Posted: May 31, 2009 9:04:23 am

Like Gynn says, the first and cheapest upgrade is a decent set of pads and fluid.  Pagid's and SRF would be my recommendation.  SRF isnt cheap buts its performance is brilliant.  Next could be some slotted discs.

If you want more then it gets expensive.  I have fitted a set of Brembo GTPL's which are awesome.  They are a bloody tight squeeze and I had to get some 951 offset wheels on the front and a 3mm spacer....

here's the Brembo GTPL setup on mine at the front:

You can alo fit 930 turbo brakes.  They are harder to find but they will definitely fit with a bit of a massage.

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