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Posted: Aug 11, 2013 12:51:42 pm

Greetings from Scotland!
I am very interested in buying an old Porche to renovate. Soimething sufficiently old that the electrics are not overly complex. Looks at the end of the day more important than huge horsepower. Maybe something from the 70s.
Any advice on models to look for/avoid and also problems to watch out for.
Are these older engines easy to rebuild (are they like beetle engines?) and are parts available easily?
is there a book i should be looking at?
cheers for any advice!
john r
wanting a 911 to renovate

Posted: Sep 01, 2013 2:15:06 pm

Hi John

Welcome to the community.

As a suggestion, all 911's after 1974 had galvanised body shells so are a better bet.  Nevertheless there are plenty of pitfalls and a badly cared for example will cost a small fortune.  Most parts are still available and there's a huge second hand market for parts etc.

Have a look over on Channel P101tv for tips etc

What cars have you looked at so far?

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