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In forum "Wanted"
In topic "Group Buys"
Once the forum has a good base of members I suggest that we look at what components are buying most of and then I will try and negotiate a good price if we buy in number.
I'm up for a group fuchs buy.  I have to admit I cant work out if I would have 10's on the rear or 9's.

Decisions decisions  disdain025.gif
Quote: MarkJ at Feb 22, 2010 1:08:13 pm
We got enough members for any group buy options yet Pete?

perhaps guage interest in certain regular items like strut braces, brake pads, lightweight batteries, RS door cards etc

Probably never easy to get enough people wanting the same thing at the same time.

That is always going to be a problem, but I'm always happy to give it a go.

One thing I did succeed on is the oil.  You can get a discount here:

oild discount for members

and, Kenny J managed to get a discount at EuroCarparts, here:

EuroCarparts discounts

I'm sure we can get more......
Quote: Mazdaholic at Aug 28, 2011 2:32:17 pm
Hi Guys - did this group buy thing ever get off the ground? I've participated in several US based buys and found them very satisfactory - and often the numbers don't have to be as high as you may imagine - got a really good buy on Fabspeed exhausts and think there were only 10 of us and a 'mixed bag' of systems.

Is it worth trying to reguage support....and indeed target what peeps are looking for???? Happy to help.

I must admit that I came across this forum accidentally - is it promoted anywhere / by any of the clubs???


JIM (993 C4S)

Hi Jim -

I dont think we've every managed to successfully get a group buy off the ground, although Im keen to do it if there';s enough interest.

No, this forum isnt promoted by any of the clubs as far as Im aware.  I set it up as a bit of a hobby and its ticked over ever since......
Quote: spenner at Aug 29, 2011 7:33:50 pm
I think all service items would go down well as consideration for the list, after all its one thing we have in common despite our differences such as standard or modded. just a thought Pete,  :agree:

I agree fella.  Let's hope get enough of us wanting this to happen.
In topic "Wishbone Bushes"
Replacement bushes for front wishbones on a 3.2c
In topic "Camshaft Carriers"
Im looking for a pair of good cam carriers for a 3.2 engine.
In topic "G50 Gearknob"
I am looking for a good quality gear knob for a G50 gearbox.
Cream preferably or Black if not.

Cheers mate
Bump.  Im stilling looking for ne of these, but still no luck  :sad019:
In topic "RUF (style)??? wheels."
They are out there mate but I think youre gonna need to take out a kidney or something  disdain025.gif

I have emailed RUF for a price on a set of brand spanking new ones.  At least that way you will know your worst price exposure.  I'll post here as soon as I get a reply from them.
In topic " carrera 3.2 front disc"
Quote: kenny j at Apr 18, 2009 9:36:22 am
Hi just joined the site recentlt purchased 3.2 carrera
after haviing 944 s2 for a couple of years
I need a set of front disc prefer cross drilled anyone got a set

Hi Keeny and welcome.

You can buy those new for about 60 a pair. That would be for the cross drilled ones.  Remeber if you are taking her to the track then cross drilled are not the way to go and slotted are better.  The cross drilled holes are great places for cracks to start.
Quote: kenny j at Apr 20, 2009 8:00:02 pm
Thanks for the advise will be doing a couple of track days so will go for slotted . Do you know who does the best deal Also when i get a bit of time will add some picts  and description

Hi Mate

Type911 are always very competitive.  Speak to Matthew he's always quite helpful.

Look forward to seeing more of your car when you've got the time.
In topic "Fusebox Lid"
I need a replacement lid for the luggage compartment fuse box.
In topic "strut brace"
What type are you after?  The one that bolts onto the shock towers or the RSR type that weld on to the towers?

This tells me we should have a thread on strut's one to start the process off: Which strut brace
check this thread out mate.  It may be of help.

which strut brace?

Good luck.  :cool:
In topic "Wide body kit,,,, maybe?"
Hi Kev -

You just don't stop  :agree:

What are you planning now mate?  I thought you were sticking with the new blackbird look.  It looks awesome what you've done so far!

The RS or RSR looks are absolutely brilliant.

How about a 1973 RSR Look:

or a 1974 3.0 RSR Look:

or a 1974 RS look:

I've heard that the guys over at GT Racing in the states do just about evrey panel you could ever need. 

have a peek over at

Good luck fella  :agree2:
In topic "Fibreglass Turbo Rear Spolier for 1985-1989"
Im looking to replace my Original Porsche turbo rear engine lid spoiler with a lighter weight fibreglass one. 

Problem solved.  Just managed to find one.
In topic "Old Carrera MAF WANTED"
What are you upto Kev?
That sounds like a solid plan.  I have often wondered about an Intercooler type of installation for an NA car.....  Especially our 911's. 

Would be great to get a before and after dyno to see just how much improvement you can actually get....
Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Nov 16, 2009 6:05:15 pm
Hi Pete,
this is where it becomes a bit of a lottery. (wallbash)
The highest air movement is when the car is mobile and getting some 'gee-up', air being 'drawn' by the depression created by the fan AND the replenishment of that depression by air travelling over and in through the counter directional vains in the spoiler/lid. If we can get the intake cooling 'system' whatever that is, in this area we have a chance. To put a huge snorkel above roof level would be the best :o  but not too 'good on the eye' - though some RUF cars have some sort of overhead intake. It is a lot more difficult to achieve on a rear engined car too.

This is very difficult, if not impossible to replicate stationary on a dyno, yes you can have fans pushing down on the rear but not enough to clear both top and bottom as in motion - different. The dyno run takes a short time to get going and results hit, the system we are looking at building is more along the lines of some race cars - but these take time to get the inlets and track down to ambiente - a lot of cold air volume over a longer time than a dyno run.

In some of the trials we did years ago, very little 'if any' difference was picked up on the dyno but without doubt, lap times proved positive. It was only the connection of pipework so was an easy 'on - off' application and the drivers wern't aware during tests, sort of 'placebo's' to gain the real end product.
It's not only BHP that's looked for (it's sometimes the result) it is a distinct benefit to the burn to get colder, denser more oxegen rich air in at as close to ambiente and atmospheric pressure as possible - then the better reaction of the engine can be realised.
Although sometimes frownd upon as almost 'witchcraft' and 'bollox' by some who stay in the 'normal safe realms', I have yet to see any form of race car without some sort of cold air searching induction,,,,, the colder the better.
You know me Pete, I dont listen to the hoards I go by engineering instinct which has always worked for me.

If we didnt try different things, however difficult to understand, we would still be up in the trees were everyone stayed and it was safe. :blush:

Dirty Fuchs :agree2:

You cant post stuff like that on here.  Thats proper Porsche engineering porn  :cool:

Let's have more just like that!  This is one of the main reasons I set the forum up in the first place. 

I agree, its a massive challenge for our rear engined cars to get lots of air in the right place at the right time. 

Im going to watch this one with interest.  Maybe we should continue this in your cold air thread? 

Im looking at doing the engine lid cut away mod that you have done, but also bringing the cone filters down to where the cut out is like the GT3's.

Gold air should also help torque!
In topic "CTEK XS3600"
Is anyone up for buying the CTEK XS3600 battery charger and conditioner.  This is the one that Porsche provides under  their brand name.  They get fantastic reviews.

They retail at £54.99, but if we get a few of us together we can get it for about £44 plus delivery.

here's some info: ctek xs3600

Any takers?
Quote: hukent at Jan 27, 2010 6:03:03 pm
Why do you need one?
I fired the old girl up last sunday after nearly 4 weeks of all that horrible weather,
she fired up first spin.
If you need one of these I would suggest your battery is a bit suspect.

Funnily enough I did have a problem.  See here

I solved that, and bought a new battery while I was at it.  Seems like after a few weeks it does get low though.  My engine also takes a bit more power to crank because of high compression and back pressure.
In topic "Driveshaft for '89 3.2 Carrera"
Hi Andrew

I had to replace one for mine recently.  Took me a while to find a good one.  Just hang in there!

You can also place an auto search on , which will email you when someone places an advert....

stuttgart exchange
glad to hear it Andrew.
In topic "Flywheel 3.2"
Hi Tim

Welcome to the forum.

I may have one lying about.  I used it to make a 3.2 to a 915 box from a 74' 2.7.  I'll let you know if I still have it.

Also have a look on Stuttgart exchange.  The sitre is growing and has quite a few bits for sale.  You can also plpace a 'wanted' tag that notifies you as soon as someone posts an add that matches wat you are looking for.

In topic "3.0 SC exhaust"
Hi Craig

Dotn forget to click "watch Topic" then you'll get email reminders when someone posts here. 

I havent got any H/E's, but have a look on  Stuttgart Exchange.  You never know there might be some on there now or in the near future.....

Good luck
In topic "Porsche garage mat wanted "
Hi SEE YA - keep an eye out on Stuttgart Exchange you never know when they might turn up.  I've been on the look out for Porsche rear wing protectors for when your working on the engine....
In topic "3.2 engine and gearbox for 1985 Carrera"
Welcome to the forum Paul - I'll keep an eye out for you.  Try also looking on

Why not open a thread in Gallery>members cars and post some pictures of your car.
In topic "pre72 911 for restoration wanted"
Hi Mick and welcome to the forum.  Sounds like you have alot of experience.  I'll keep my eyes open for you......

Have a look here, you never know when one might turn up.

Good luck and keep us posted :agree:
Hi Mick - If you sign up for stuttghartexchange you can place some watch words and as soon as someone advertises anyting mathcing those words you'll get an email.

You should also probably look over on DDK Forums as they are hot on the older 911's.

I'll definitely keep my eyes and ears open for you...
In topic "1972 Targa Drivers Manual"
Im look for either an original or scan copy of a drivers manual for a 2.2l 1972 911 Targa.
In topic "3.2 Carrera Owners Manual"
Has anyone got a scan of a 3.2 carrera owners manual they can share. Preferably a 1985? Many thanks.
In topic "g50 gear knob wanted"
I just got one of those for mine.  It took me ages to find second hand.  Tey are rare these days.  Hopefully someone will have one....

Have a look from time to time on and of course on evil bay.

I think that southbound trimmers sometimes have some....  might be worth a try.

good luck.
nice find Hu.  That's cheaper than I thought it would be!
In topic "Front disc covers plates"
I must admit I took mine off.  I kow they are designed to keep the brake dust away from the rest of the car, but they have the adverse effect of of not letting it escape as well as stopping the discs cooling properly.
In topic "Porsche calliper pistons... long shot."
Hi Chris - That is a tough call, but you never know.  Keep an eye on  Good luck.
In topic "An odd request!"
Hi Jamie

Welcome to the forum.  Nice project, but I think your going to find it a push to get anything even remotely usable for that budget. I would say you would want a 3.2 Carrera engine, but they are going to cost about £2.5k.  Even if you bought a knackered one, it would cost £800-£1,000 and then a few grand in bits to rebuild it....

..... you might be better off buying a complete 3.2 or SC and keeping the engine and selling the rest.  You might even breakeven and still have your engine at the end  :agree:
In topic "RHD Headlights Wanted"
Im after a pair of headlights for a 74-89 911 or maybe a 964.  If anyone has an old set lying around cluttering up the place please let me know.


In forum "For Sale"
In topic "For Sale Forum Rules"
A few rules for the 'For Sale' forum.

    This forum is for members of myporsche911 only, no trade advertisers here please;
    There are no charges for advertising your 911, so enjoy;
    Be as honest and as accurate as you can in your description of your 911;
    These are not supposed to be discussion threads, so adverts only and no discussion;
    Once sold come back and edit your advert to say sold.  This way you wont get any unnecessary PM's;
In topic "Number Plates"
I found a great place to get number plates on line.  I bought a pair of classic silver numbers on black background.  They look awesome.

craigs Plates
I have the black and silver plates on my car.  They look cool IMHO.  My car is 1974 but am not totally sure what yuear of car you can use them on.
Quote: hukent at Jan 28, 2010 6:06:01 pm
I had a pull a few months back, as my plates were 'Not quite Legal' as the nice policeman put it.
Take a bollacking and put the proper ones on, or go and see the DVLA guys down the road and have your
Private plate confiscated!!!!!!
Guess which option I took.
There is a major clampdown, country wide at the moment on vehicle reg. plates
be VERY carefull.

I must admit, with my black and silver plates on, I still carry the originals  and a screw sriver ready to re-fit if a wayward mt plod asks me to  (noteeth)
In topic "Beckhams Porsche 993 for sale"
Why his car should be worht more than other 99's is beyond me

Beckhams 993
Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Apr 18, 2009 8:35:05 am
The only reason some 'crank' would pay more just because it was Beckhams IMHO is due to his private nusstleing down fetish of his nose on the passengers seat - at his repeated leasure.

Other than that I agree - it is the same as any other good car of the same ilk.
One of my very past 928's was apparently owned by Tony Imonni - guitarist from Black Sabbath - the only thing that made me do was check the car for 'the weired stuff'.  :blush:
Didnt make the car any more expensive - did however make may a little nervous whenever I drove past a law man - and churches. :happy07:

Dirty Fuchs. ;)

Haha  :happy013:
In topic "C3.0 on ebay"
Saw this on ebay.  The C3.0's really are beautiful....|240%3A1318
In topic "3.3 Turbo for sale on ebay"
I saw this on ebay, incase anyone is interested:

3.3 Turbo for sale
In topic "Carrera seatbacks, front bumper and valance."
thats a bargain Kev.  could you weigh the parts and plts back in the weights and measures section. only if convenient and you havent sold them already
In topic "915 Gearbox"
I am selling a 915 Gearbox from a 1974 2.7.

The gearbox was running in my 911 until I recently swapped it out for a G50.

It has not been rebuilt during my ownership but was fine while I was using it.

Sensible offers over £650.  Buyer collects or arranges delivery seperately.
i Raymond - yes, long time no speak.  I hope your well.

Sorry, I sold the gearbox along time back.  I'll keep my eyes open for you.  Keep an eye on  Something might come up.
In topic "Protective Underplate"
I have a steel protective underplate to fit 74-89 911.  It has surface rust only but is otherwise in good condition.  All it requires is shot blasting and painting.

Price is £40.  Its quite heavy so I would suggest buyer collects.  Otherwise carriage is at cost.
In topic "Turbo rear wing and boot lid"
Hi Mate - What spoiler is it?  is it an 85 turbo profile, OEM or Fibreglass.  Ive been looking for a fibreglass one to reduce some weight?
In topic "930 parting out"
Hi Falk -

Welcome to the Forum.

Out of interest what is the reason your breaking her apart?  Has she been in an accident and beyond economical repair.

How much do you want for the brake calipers and discs?
In topic "993 Carrera 2S with Turbo S Aerokit - For Sale"
That is a beautiful car.  You must be sad to see that go.  933's are just awesome looking cars and with the aero kit and S body they just look even better.

Good luck with the sale  :agree:
In topic "964 cabby tipec concours winner"
Hi Kevin -

That sounds like an awesome car.

Have you got an indication of price for the car and also feel free to post a load of pics inside and out to show off the condition your 964 is in.

You can place an add for your next car in the classifieds>wanted section of the forum.  You never know, someone may have a 964 turbo they are looking to sell.
In topic "cup 2s for sale"
Hi and welcome to the forum.

Have you got some pics and a rough price that your looking for?
Hi Jaymes.

Here's a guide for posting pictures.  Hope it helps:

How to post pics on the forum
In topic "G50 flywheel "
That doesnt sounds good mate.  It seems the seem everywhere, we fella's just see things differently.

get your parts advertised here.  Its a new auction site for all things Porsche.  Its like ebay, but just for Porsche and its totally free.

Stuttgart eXchange
In topic "911 3.2 Carerra Sport, Black"
Our very own Dirty Fuchs is selling his 'Blackbird'.  This really is a great car and will do someone proud.

Check it out here:

3.2 Blackbird
Hi Mate

Sorry to hear about your troubles.  To be honest, thats half the reason why I created Stuttgart eXchange (SE).  I just sold my 915 gearbox on SE.  The guy was great.  He just paid the buy-it-now price and has already been on the phone asking when he can come over to pick it up.

I think you have done the right thing.  Your car is brilliant.  You should be the one dictating the price.  Its a great car and rare to find one in such good condition!  If you can afford to keep it and have the 930 then thats definitely the way to go.

Let us know which way you decide to go!

Awesome Kev, Im really pleased for you.

Please open a thread in readers cars as Kev's new RSR Alike Build.  Or words to that effect.

Am looking forward to following this one fella.  It will be nice to watch the build and trasformation...

Are you going to relist on SE......
Its a shame to see it go, but like you say, its a shame to see her stand around.

Why dont you put on her on Stuttgart eXchange again with a buy it now price of the same as on 911UK.  You can go to your closed auctions then just tick 'relist'.  Yoy can then edit the add with any new detaiuls, like price.

Good luck fella

In topic "Porsche 959 For Sale"
How about one of these for your garage.

Porsche 959

A snip at US$525k  :happy013:
It might be, not sure as I havent got a copy yet  :blush:
In topic "Porsche or Brembo Brake Caliper Decals"
I can sche and Brembo letting decals for brake calipers.  So you can restore your original Porsche or Brembo calipers decals to their original look, or enhance your calipers with a set of Porsche or Brembo lettering decals.

This is a set of 5 quality high temperature Porsche brake caliper decals.  They are machine cut from vinyl are are designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions.

The decals are machine cut in the same font as the original Porsche and Brembo factory decals.

Letting is pre-spaced on a film carrier for ease of application.

The default size for the Brembo caliper decals is 3.5" x 0.81". 

The default size for the Porsche caliper decals is 3.5" x 0.245".

(Other sizes available, please let me know what you need)

Decals are available in Black, White and Red.

Five decals are included ineach set.

Decals can be lacquer over-coated.

The price is £9.99 for a set of 5 for either Porsche or Brambo.

PM or email me if you would like a set.
Airfix - agghhh, now that brings back memories.  I was really into the fighter aircraft......

Sounds like a job and a half there Mark.  Must have taken you ages.

Here's the decals as applied to my Brembo's

I really like them....
In topic "Albert Motorsport Wheel Spacers"
Hi Hu

What thickness are they?

W not advertise them on

every little helps
ooops....My bad.... :blush:
In topic "911 (996 turbo) radiators"
Hi Nash - good luck with the sale.  You might also try advertsing on
In topic "CHC 911V plate for sale"
There are some dedicated sites for numberplates but I think they charge a hefty commission.  You could try which is free and you can advertise again and again.....

Good luck.
In topic "My 993 Carrera 2 Tiptronic S For Sale"
Hi Glim -

Welcome to the forum.  Im always sorry when a 911 has to be sold, but tat means there's someone out there about to be the proud new owner. 

Sounds like a great car to me.  You might want to advertise on our auction site for all things porsche:  Its an enthusiast site so its free to use.  every little helps.  :agree:
In topic "2000 PORSCHE 911 2dr [996] Carrera 4 Coupe"
Welcome to the forum Clarey.  Your 996 sounds amazing.  You might want to add a price to your advert.

You can also advertise for free on our sister site [[/url]

Any pictures to share?

Good luck with the sale
In topic "Steve McQueen's Porsche For Sale"
A Porsche 911 S previously owned by Steve McQueen  is going up for auction this summer.

The green Porsche 911 was featured in 1971 classic "Le Mans"

The 1970 Porsche comes with air con, a "full complement" of factory options and is offered in almost original condition.

If you want it,  it's going up for auction at RM's annual Monterey sale in California,  between 19-20 August this year.

I wonder how much it will fetch?

Well, the auction is over.  The price.  Well - it went for $1.25m dollars  :o
In topic "nice corgi 1:24 911 cabby on egay"
Nice one Porkie.  Is she yours?
In topic "1986 Carrera 3.2 Targa for Sale"
Sounds nice paul. Put some pics up on our sister site

In forum "Circuit Lowdown"
In topic "Circuit Choices"
We are spoilt for choice in terms of the number of circuits in the UK where we can excercise our 911's.  Here's a list of the bigger well known circuits:

    Aintree Raceway, Liverpool
    Anglesey Circuit, Aberffraw, Wales
    Bedford Autodrome, Bedfordshire
    Birmingham Superprix, Birmingham
    Brands Hatch, Fawkham, England
    Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire
    Castle Combe Circuit, Castle Combe, England.
    Croft Circuit, North Yorkshire
    Donington Park, Leicestershire
    Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, West Sussex
    Knockhill, Scotland
    Lydden, Canterbury, Kent
    Mallory Park, Leicestershire
    Oulton Park, Cheshire
    Pembrey Circuit, Pembrey, Wales
    Rockingham Motor Speedway, Corby, England
    Santa Pod Raceway, Wellingborough, England
    Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire
    Snetterton Circuit, Norfolk
    Thruxton, Hampshire
In topic "Brands GP Circuit Guide"
Nice guide Carlo.  This is exactly what's needed for track day prep.

Gary shows it works in his video of brands following your expert tuition  :o
Thanks Carlo.ernaehrung004.gif
In topic "Whats your favourite circuit"
Tell us what your favourite circuit is and why?

For my part it has to be Brands GP.  I particularly like padock, druids and clearways.......  I cant wait to see how my 911 handles those corners with her new RSR Coilovers!
I have always wanted to drive the Nurburgring, but I hear its a dangerous place and one where you get charges if you break the circuit or drop oil on the track.  Maybe I'll stick to driving it on PS3  disdain023.gif
Quote: GaryH at Jan 29, 2010 4:19:19 pm
Quote: Pete at Jan 06, 2010 8:23:37 pm
I have always wanted to drive the Nurburgring, but I hear its a dangerous place and one where you get charges if you break the circuit or drop oil on the track.  Maybe I'll stick to driving it on PS3  disdain023.gif

Shall we just call you pussy Pete then mate  ? You're starting to sound like Jevvy with his Ring fear ! - lol

"Pussy Pete", I quite like the sound of that  :happy01:
In topic "Brands Hatch Noise Limit"
All circuits have noise limits and Brands Hatch is no exception.  Given the circuits proximity its noise restrictions are lower than most other places and inforced quite strictly.

The Indie circuit has a 105db limit;
The GP circuit has just a paltry 101db limit.

The 101db limit is relatively easy to get through.  However if you have modified your exhaust you may run into trouble. You can wiggle through the sound test by not reving the car as high as it should go.  The regulations say rev your car to 75% of the redline, so a little lower and you may get away with it.  The problem is that there are db metres on track and if your car trips one you may get sent home.

You can buy aftermarket baffles that attach to the end of the exhaust pipe.  They will help get your noise levels under the limit but will also reduce your power output, but not too much.
In topic "Thruxton Driving Experience"
This may be of interest.  Thruxton do some interesting driving experiences.

Click Here
In topic "Nurburgring Insurance"
Nice find Hu.  I love the bit that says your car must be able to a minimum of 60mph  :agree:
Definitely thieves in suites mate......  but you gotta have them.  What a predicament

In forum "Track 911"
In topic "The Porsche 997 GT3"

The Porsche 911 GT3 is frequent flyer at track these days.

The 911 GT3 has seems to have established itself as the aspirational road and track model in the Porsche line up.
Its not hard to see why this car is a track choice for the non-financially challenged driver. The looks of the 997 GT3 are purely stunning reverting to the cleaner legendry shape of earlier 911s that we?ve all grown to love and recognize at a glance.  The deep front valance and an intake at the front of the bonnet give this GT3 an aggressive look.

The GT3 though isn?t a pure track weapon. With a few extra pounds well spent here and there it can quickly become that ultimate track weapon, but Porsche have built that perfect compromise that will perform very tidily on the road and fantastically on the track. Although a visit to the osteopath here and there might be appropriate after driving this machine on bumpy UK road surfaces!

It reaches an awesome 409bhp at a revvy 7,600rpm and will keep on revving to an 8,400rpm redline. Low end torque is helped by the Variocam system with bigger throttle valves, optimised cylinder heads and an exhaust system with reduced back pressure. It produces 299 ft lbs or torque. The gearbox is different to the standard 911 Carrera item with a revised six-speed shift offering ultra-short lever travel and lower ratios on gears two through six. This helps improve acceleration still further.

At 113 bhp per litre Porsche really do seemed to have squeezed a lot from this 3.6l 911.
Plus one for me mate!  MAybe we could have a forum car.  We all chip in and buy a GT3 RS and take it in turns at the track
1 for the Krona or a rupees
Nice try Tripe.  10 out of 10 for the suggestion though    ;)
In topic "Nick 993 C2"
Awesome car Nick.  What are the performance figures?
Very tidy lap time. 

Whats the BHP and Torque figues as well as weight.  I assume she's been on a diet !
In topic "Pete's 3.5ltr 1974 911 Coupe"
The transmission and suspension are undergoing a big upgrade/conversion at the monent which are both related.

I am converting it from a 915 transmission to a G50 transmission.  The latter being able to take more power as well as deliver a more precise gear change.  The G50 is hydraulic as compared to cable of the 915.  The only downside is that the G50 is heavier and takes more power to drive it.

The second and related upgrade is to install RSR Coilover Suspension.  The G50 transmission requires the shape of the torsion tube to be altered so the torsion bars have to be removed so this was the perfect excuse for upgrading to the RSR spec.

Ancilary to this work I have also powder coated the fron wishbones; installed new spring plates with a rosejoint fitment, and had RSR web strengtheners welded to the sock towers in the engine bay.

I am nearing the end of this work and within the next week or so should be able to post pictures of the project from start to finish.
ooops.  Yes, I forgot to post these.  I'll dig them out and post them up.
In topic "Porsche 911 GT3 + RS"
This is a great little comparison of the two awesome machines:

In topic "What's your ultimate track car?"
So, if money was no object what Porsche would you buy for use on track?

I'll go first........

Mine would probably be the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.  An amazing piece of kit IMHO.  She can be driven on the road, but ultimately Porsche design this car from the outset for the track.  (I can dream I guess).
Hi Carlo -

You can't make a statement like that and then walk away........ tell us more you tease  :D
Quote: greemy at May 26, 2009 10:19:28 pm

oh and a 2.2 S FOR GOING THE SHOPS LOL!!!

What a way to go to the shops.  Awesome choice for a daily driver  :agree:
you mean like this one Mike?

In topic "Rallying/Hillclimbing"
That car is beautiful.  Really well prepared.  Is the engine standard or does it have a few hidden secrets?
In topic "What kinds of tools will you prepare in case of your Porsche broken?"
Best things to carry are a credit card and mobile phone  :agree2:

In forum "Corner Weights & Balancing"
In topic "Getting the Right Balance"
911's are renowned if not infamous for having a lot of weight hanging out at the back, unlike their thoroughbred competitors.  It's absolutely essential therefore that you make sure your 911 is corner weighted and balanced properly - especially so if your intending on taking your 911 to the limit on a track. 

Geometry setting is a job for professional to get it right.  It takes time and money to do it properly. If you adjust the corner weights and balance it will effect geomtry. Corner weight and balancing should be done BEFORE you play around with the cars geometry.
+1 Carlo.  I've ended up being the balast for some peoples 911'a while the corner weights are set. ;)
Hi Nick - please do post your guidelines.  Much appreciated.  Perhaps put it in the 'Reference Library' section.....Much appreciated.
In topic "Porsche 964 Full Set-up"
Nice one Gwyn

My car is now ready for a proper corner weight and balance.  RSR suspension and RSR spring plates are fited and all ready for your scales and laser aligner.  Let me know when you are ready.
In topic "911 Handling issues"
Hi Jay -

Welcome to the forum.

I'll kick things off but i'm sure others will chime in.

Despite their reputation for oversteer the 911 actually tends to understeer.  Oversteer normally happens when a driver lifts off the throttle when cornering.

Anyway to your understeer problem.  There is plenty you can do to get your handling like a dream.  When set up well the older 911's handle fantastically IMHO.

The first thing to do it get it corner weighted and balanced and then have the geometry set correctly.  Given you have had a few changes to your car i.e. light wieght plastic bumpers stripped interior etc I would suggest you first corner weight the car with you in the driver seat. If you dont get the front to rear balance and cross weights right the handing will be off as well as braking.  Tyre wear will also be off.  You also won't get heat into all of the tyre width and you'l lose grip.

Next I would suggest alignment.  Getting camber caster and toe right is essential for proper handinling.  If its going to be primarily a track car then I would suggest dialing in a couple of degrees of +ve camber on the front although it can be tough to pull the struts in.  A strut brace can help here.  You then need to think about the toe.  Porsche suggest 0 degree to Plus half a degree (ish).  Toe out like this will give you a little straight line stability.

Then when all of thhis is done you can think about your front and rear roll bars.  Do you know what size you are running?  This will effect the tendency for over/understeer.
We will get your car sorted no problem.  Gwynsms is man.  He has all the laser equipment and scales.  I've been in cars that he has sorted and they are a totally different drive after that.  Get a rule out and measure the diameter of your roll bars.  Meantime have a chat with Gywn.  I'm sure he'll see this thread and join in.
Quote: JK at Apr 15, 2009 8:36:32 pm
Ideal I am sure it has the potential to be a very compotent car! I will get it on the ramp tomorrow and have a look at the roll bars.  :agree:

Did you measure the diameter of your roll bars?
No problem.

Here's a link to the effect of ARB's on handling.911 ARB Handling

Im changing my ARB's at the moment.  I had 20mm front and 18mm rear.  Im changing the rear to a 20mm turbo one as it helps me get over gearbox clearance issues.  It will be interesting to see how she handles with a 20/20 setup.
Awesome JK.  Sounds like you bought a good one. 

How was your laptimes?  You'll have to post your thoughts of the circuit over in the 'ciruit lowdon' section.

Any pics or video of your day?
Interestingly thats what Im running.  Its not a combination that the factory produced for their 911 variants.

Here's a list of ARB's for the carerra's: ARB's for 84 - 89 911's

Normally the rear is slightly smaller than the back to give the car slightly more understeer.  But give your car isnt original it may have been chosen to counter the efeect of lighter front and rear bumpers etc.
+1 for turbo tie rods.  make sure you get lenforder and nothing else or they will wear out.....

I fitted turbo tie rods and gives it a much better feel at the front end.  Definitely need to do it before you get the alignment done.....
In topic "Rocking Car in more ways than one!"
Hu's right.  The geometry may need checking and setting up.  Corner weights, camber, caster and toe.  These can make masive difference.  I guess always start with the basics - tyres, wheels nuts on correctly, shock top mounts, wheel bearings. You might also check the ARB bushes too.

In forum "911 Geometry"
In topic "Tales from the workshop"
Nice post Gwyn -

Everytime I hear about someone's 911 being properly setup in terms of corner weights and geometry it amazes me just how far out of spec peoples cars actually are, and more amazingly that they have been driving around un aware of the negative impact that this can have on the handling of their car.

For me a good corner balance and alignment is as good as spending thousands of pounds on adding BHP!
Quote: carlbon at Oct 20, 2008 8:03:38 am
Pete the dates & times dont seem to be coming up correctly on the posting time

Yes I know.  I am working on that one.
Gwyn -

Can you post some example of geomtry settings to get a feel for the differences.  It would be good to see what a standard 1974-1989 911 factory settings should be and they might change for a track application, fast street etc.
Quote: grewham at Dec 07, 2008 10:13:53 pm
Hello all ,ive been in touch with Gywn and am very much looking forward to meeting and hopefully helping set my car up properly with him..Its very interesting reading and amazes me the actual amount of adjustment you have with a 911..Gra ;-)

I agree Gra, lots of room for setting these cars up.

Im now almost at the end of fitting RSR coilovers and RSR Spring plates.  Once done Im off to see gwyn for a proper balance and geomtry setup....
In topic "935 RSR Spring Plate"
I am currently going down the route of a G50 gearbox conversion from my current 915 gearbox.

In addtion (and a physical requirement of thre conversion) I am aslo going to coilover from trosion bars.

I am installing an RSR spring plate which does two things:

(i) it allows me to remove the coilovers and they weigh in at c. 12kg each; and
(ii) it will make the rear toe more easily adjusted.

These spring plates arrived today from the states.  At first glance I have to say they are very well engineered.  The plates are robust, perfectly finished and zinc plated in pastel finish.  The alloy torsion plate are clearly CNC machined and annodised blue.  The 199mm Rose joint is more than man enough for the job and the kevlay PTFE liner will provide reduced friction and protection from impact loading.

Additionally I have purchased from a company in the UK a pair of rubber boots that will seal the rose joints and prevent penetration of dust and increase the life of the product.  I will post some picks once they are installed.
In topic "More Alignment projects"
Good work Gwyn.  Seems to have gone well and relatively quickly compared to others you have done.

Andrew - How does the car feel now as compared to before Gwyn has worked his magic?
Quote: AndrewPA at Dec 16, 2008 7:00:16 pm
It feels good - wheels no longer doing an impression of a 2CV under sail! Gwyn did a great job sorting it out, at my house. Hopefully next time it will be a bit warmer....
I will get the photos on to the forum soon - Christmas seems to be getting in the way!

Looking forward to those pics  ;)
In topic "Ride Height"
I know ride height is measured at the torsion bar centres, but often the height is taken from the wheel arch lip to the floor running through the centre of the wheel.

So, lets have a comparison on the heights we are all running.

Here's mine:

Front Right: 25" (63.5cm)
Front Left: 25 1/4" (64.12cm)
Right Rear: 24 3/8" (61.9cm)
Right left: 24 3/8" (61.9cm)

So, if the wheel arch tops are all inline, then mine needs to drop a little at the front.  Porche recommends a 1 degree slop of the car for down force at high speed.
Quote: hukent at Apr 19, 2010 4:52:12 pm
These are mine:

Front Right:  24 1/2" (62.0cm)
Front Left:    24 1/2" (62.0cm)
Right Rear:  25 1/4" (64.0cm)
Right left:    25 1/4" (64.0cm)

Hi Hu

Thats intresting.  You have two cm's lower at the front and I have two cm's higher.  I suspect this is part of the reason I have a high speed stability problem.  I've just bought a digital inclinomter so I can at least measure the slope of the car.
No, the whaletail is still on there......
This is the absolute correct way to measure ride height but its a good approximation.  These cars were hand built and no two are the same.  Im not sure if you can assume that the wheel arch heights at the front and back are the same anyway.....

Hu's do look amazing I have to say.

I think you should have half a tank of fuel and the driver should be in the car....  When corner weights and balancing is done, the drive should be in the car.  This means with no driver you could end up with slightly difference wheel arc heights, so a slight difference is not too much to worry about.  My diagonal and axle weights are almost spot on, but the effect is differences in heights.

What I need to do (an didnt when I did the corner weights and balancing) is make sure the car has a 1 degree angle of attack.

Gut feel says the front arches should be lower tan the rear.

I just ne get my car to somewhere with a level and flat surface so I can use my new gagdet!

Thats true it could effect it.

Mine are all shiny and new, so mine is likely to be a setting issue.

Im going to get two reference blocks of the same size, place them adjacent to the front and rear wheel centres.  Pleace a straight edge along them.  Calibrate my inclinomter to zero, then measure the angle by placing the inclinometer on thye sill.

Ideally the tank should be haf full and me in the car.

With the driver out of the car te right hand side should be higher.  In an ideal world the front pair and rear pair would be the same, but if you want your corner weights to be right, then this is done by varying the height at each corner.

Great topic this  (wallbash)
OK, some progress.  I have managed to get a consistent reading on the inclination of my car.

I placed a block adjacent to the centre of the wheel on the drivers at both front and back.  Both blocks te same thinckness;

I then ran a straight edge from one block to the other.  The top of the straight edge now represents the angle of the car at the tyre contact points.

Next I zeroed my inclinometer on the straight edge

Then I transfered the inclinometer to to the centre point of the door sill.

I measure an inclination of 0.4 degrees (down at the front)

So, the distance between weel centres on my car is approx 231.5cm.  Over that distance at 0.4 degrees there should be a difference of 1.61cm.  Looking at my original readings of rear 61.9cm and front 63.5cm thats a difference of 1.6cm.  Coincidence - i think not....

So, Porsche recommend a 1 degree gradient.  This means I need a further 0.6 degrees or 2.42cm less onfront.  This would make my ride heights as follows:

Rear 61.9cm
front 61.08cm.

So I have some adjusting to do  :agree:

Just for reference.  A 1 degree slope over 231.5cm is 4cm.  So the front of the car needs to be 4cm lower than the rear.  So clearly the height of the arches at the front and rear of the car are not the same....

I just thought.  I put 215 tyres on the front instead of my 205's.  That in itself would have raised the front of the car by 5.5mm.

Slowly Im finding out all the little things contributing to my ride height issues .....  :agree2:
Yep, Porsche say that our cars should have one degree of rake.

I measure (with my magic tool) an inclination of 0.4 degrees (down at the front)

So, the distance between weel centres on my car is approx 231.5cm.  Over that distance at 0.4 degrees there should be a difference of 1.61cm.  Looking at my original readings of rear 61.9cm and front 63.5cm thats a difference of 1.6cm.  Coincidence - i think not....

So, Porsche recommend a 1 degree gradient.  This means I need a further 0.6 degrees or 2.42cm less onfront.  This would make my ride heights as follows:

Rear 61.9cm
front 61.08cm.

So, Ill fill the tank to half full (to represent an average) then measure again and adjust as necessary.

But I have to hope tat I dont get any tyre rubbing on the front arches.
In topic "setting up the front geometery"
Quote: spenner at Jan 25, 2011 9:43:30 pm
I know I mentioned this previously on my on going to do list "but" please does anyone know of anyone reliable in the north east (I am roughly between Whitby at 25 miles and middlesborough at 15 miles)  who can set up my front end, I think the camber is way out. I have completely eaten the inside of both new front tyres in about 3000 miles, the middle and outside are like new the insides are now slick. The rears wore evenly and I replaced them about 1500 miles ago and they are still perfect, no uneven wear, so its just the fronts that are miles out. Local places I have spoken to so far all say, "it will be the tracking" or "we will have a look but cant be certain"
I would appreciate a reccomendation fellas.

Craig :happy013:

Hi Mate - Afraid I dont know anyone in your neck of the woods......I'll have a dig about though for you.

The tyre wear could be either camber or toe or a combination of either.  It also means your not getting the grip you should be!  Better get that one sorted soon as !  Tyres are too bloody expensive not too.
Quote: spenner at Mar 20, 2011 8:16:15 pm
Hi Pete, thanks for the reply. it`s been a while since I have had the time to get on the site. I am still no further forward though. Having trawlled all the local places, I called into a "alignment specialist" who most recommended not too far away. As usual I got the "leave it with us and we can have a look at it speech" but "A" they are not familier with the type of car and "B" did not specify if they could check and adjust camber and caster, finaly "C" its a bit of a rough place on a very dodgy industrial estate operated by animals.

Craig (wallbash)

I'd definitely steer clear of those guys mate!  Better safe than sorry
Quote: ex968bloke at Apr 21, 2011 3:38:25 pm
REDLINE @ THORNABY or are these the animals?

I have not heard of those guys Im afraid.  Centre of Gravity are very good though and have a very good reputation.
hi mate. £260 sounds alot, but i think you would have paid more elsewhere. it can take alot of hours to do it properly. mine took 7 hours.

did they do the camber and toe? what about corner weight. have you got  the before and after settings?
Quote: spenner at Aug 29, 2011 7:40:47 pm
Cheers Hu, I think I will give them a ring.  :agree:

Did you get the print out?
Quote: alacratstore at Oct 02, 2012 8:38:12 am
Can we here consider the laser system for set up?  You can first figure out the things and then start with the actual practical. It might change the behavior of the car.

Laser alignment is definitely the way to go.  It costs more, but it gives proper results.

In forum "Non 911 Chat"
In topic "Petrol Finally Starts to fall"
At long las petrol finally falls below a 1 per litre.  I wonder how much it will finally fall.  Our beloved government says they want it to get lower.  I cant see that happening, maybe somewhere in the high 80p's....lets see.  Good news though.
I saw petrol at 95p per litre today.  Keep it comming down..... :)
This is becomming a bit of a 1 many thread....... but I fillied up yesterday for 89p per ltr.  Bring it on!
Stop the press.  I see that the government is going to ruin all our fun and increase fuel duty.  This is bound to offset all the moeny off we've seen over the last few weeks.
In topic "Bankers rally to demonstrate against claims of over pay"
In an attempt to clear their names, bankers attend a rally to demonstrate against claims they are over paid.

In topic "F1 2008: whats your view"
Depending on where your prefernece lay its certainly shaping up to be an interesting final.

Hamilton's cockup in the last round means Massa is still in the running.

Will it all be over in Japan or will it go down to the wire again!

Even though it would be nice to see a British driver win, I cant help but feel Hamilton has made growlers which underlines his rookie status.
I agree.  Massa should have had this one already.  Although Lewis has thrown away far too many points. 

It must be embarasing for Heiki when your team mate manages to get his car to run so much better.

Oh well, looks like its down to the wire for the last race.
I nhave to say that I tend to think that the marshalls who make these decisions in ganding out penalties are not consistent enough or even experienced enough to make these judgements.  On top of that it seems that the penalties always seem to work out in favour of the guys in red!
Well, we here again.  The end of the season with Hamilton poised to win.  He only needs to finish 5th or higher.  Will he do it this year?
What a nail biting race.  You couldnt ask for a more gripping last few laps.....
In topic "Ohhh exciting, new forum!"
Hi Guys -

I have failed miserably get my car on track this year - guilty as charged.

I do have a 911, promise  ;)

As soon as she has her G50, Quaife and Coilovers Im there.

The 1930's are great.  911's weren't even born then!  (Small teething glitches.  Will iron them out soon).
All is possible!  The software has a bug in it which the developers are hopefully putting right this week.  For now we have to live in the past.
Date and Time Stamp Fix.

Hopefully all posts will be dated in the correct year, date, and time from this point forward......
update.  The PM message now also work as they should.

I think thats it now.  All initial launch bugs fixed!
In topic "How to beat a Speeding Ticket"
There was a middle aged guy who bought a brand new Porsche cab. He took off down the road at 80 mph and enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left on his head. This is great, he thought. Just what I need.

He looked in his rearview mirror and there was mr plod, blue lights flashing and siren blasting. I can get away from him with no problem, thought the man. He floored it and flew down the road at over 100mph. Then he thought, What am I doing? Im too old for this kind of thing. He pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the copper to catch up with him.

The copper pulled in behind the Porsche and walked up to the man. Sir, he said, looking at his watch, my shift ends in 30 minutes and today is Friday the 13th. If you can give me a reason why you were speeding that Ive never heard before, I'll let you go.

The man looked back at the copper and said, Last week my wife ran off with a copper, and I thought you were bringing her back.

The copper said, Have a nice day!
In topic "The Death Star Canteen"
This is just awesome

In topic "So what about the New Bond then"
So Daniel Graig as Bond is on his second outing in Quantum of Solace.  What do people think of the new look and feel bond.

Personally I think its abit too Bourne Ultimatum.  Nothing wrong with Daniel Cxraig, but its just not Bond as we know it.  Not cheesy enough and know where near enough cheep secist one liners.  And where have all the gadgets gone...
In topic "Happy Birthday Carlbon"
Happy birthday fella.  Start taking it a bit easrier now matey  :D
In topic "Merry Christmas"
Merry christmas to everyone in the forum.  Thank you for joing and supporting the growth of the forum.  Hopefully we will see some real growth in 2009!
In topic "Happy New Year"
Happy New Year to everyone on the board.  All the best for you and your Porsche antics in 2009!
In topic "What are your new year resolutions"
so what are your new years resolutions for 2009?

mine is to try and get my 911 on track.........
In topic "Archos 605 wifi"
Santa bought be an ARchos 605 wifi media player for christmas.  This is going to be at the heart of my in car camera setup.  Using an attached bullet cam and two microphone feeds (for stero) I'll now be able to record track day action as it happens.....
In topic "How Porsche made Billions"
Tonight a programme on BBC2 at 7.30pm lovingly entitled "How Porsche Made Billions".  Might be worth a watch.
In topic "What Tools are Really For"
I couldnt resist posting this here.  Found this on a site in the US but I think you'll all agree it's great.  It shows us the real purpose of our beloved tools:

*DRILL PRESS:* A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching
flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the
chest and flings your beer across the room denting the
freshly-painted project which you had carefully set in the corner
where nothing could get to it.

*WIRE WHEEL:* Cleans paint off bolts and then throws them somewhere
under the workbench with the speed of light. Also removes fingerprints
and hard-earned calluses from fingers in about the time it takes you
to say 'Oh sh -- '

*ELECTRIC HAND DRILL:* Normally used for spinning pop rivets in their
holes until you die of old age.

*SKILL SAW:* A portable cutting tool used to make studs too short.

*PLIERS:* Used to round off bolt heads. Sometimes used in the creation
of blood-blisters.

*BELT SANDER:* An electric sanding tool commonly used to convert minor
touch-up jobs into major refinishing jobs.

*HACKSAW:* One of a family of cutting tools built on the Ouija board
principle. It transforms human energy into a crooked unpredictable
motion and the more you attempt to influence its course the more
dismal your future becomes.

*VISE-GRIPS:* Generally used after pliers to completely round off bolt
heads. If nothing else is available they can also be used to transfer
intense welding heat to the palm of your hand.

*OXYACETYLENE TORCH:* Used almost entirely for lighting various
flammable objects in your shop on fire. Also handy for igniting the
grease inside the wheel hub out of which you want to remove a bearing

*TABLE SAW:* A large stationary power tool commonly used to launch wood
projectiles for testing wall integrity.

*HYDRAULIC FLOOR JACK:* Used for lowering an automobile to the ground
after you have installed your new brake shoes trapping the jack
handle firmly under the bumper.

*BAND SAW:* A large stationary power saw primarily used by most shops
to cut good aluminum sheet into smaller pieces that more easily fit
into the trash can after you cut on the inside of the line instead of
the outside edge.

*TWO-TON ENGINE HOIST:* A tool for testing the maximum tensile strength
of everything you forgot to disconnect.

*PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER:* Normally used to stab the vacuum seals under
lids or for opening old-style paper-and-tin oil cans and splashing oil
on your shirt; but can also be used as the name implies to strip out
Phillips screw heads.

*STRAIGHT SCREWDRIVER:* A tool for opening paint cans. Sometimes used
to convert common slotted screws into non-removable screws and
butchering your palms.

*PRY BAR:* A tool used to crumple the metal surrounding that clip or
bracket you needed to remove in order to replace a 50 cent part.

*HOSE CUTTER:* A tool used to make hoses too short.

*HAMMER:* Originally employed as a weapon of war the hammer nowadays
is used as a kind of divining rod to locate the most expensive parts
adjacent the object we are trying to hit.

*UTILITY KNIFE:* Used to open and slice through the contents of
cardboard cartons delivered to your front door; works particularly
well on contents such as seats vinyl records liquids in plastic
bottles collector magazines refund checks and rubber or plastic
parts. Especially useful for slicing work clothes but only while in

*DAMN-IT TOOL:* Any handy tool that you grab and throw across the garage
while yelling 'DAMN-IT' at the top of your lungs. It is also most
often the next tool that you will need.
In topic "Win a Super Car"
Came accross this......If you cant afford your own Porsche then why not win one  ;)

win a supercar
In topic "In Car Camera Equipment"
What in car camera equipment do you use for recording driving or days at the track.

I have just bought an 80gig Archos 605 wifi.  I have to get some form of bullet cam to go with it........
The Archos is a great little device an can be picked up quite cheaply. 

Ive been lazy and havent sorted out the camera yet!

I use it alot when Im away to watch movies etc....  You can also connect i to the TV and record directly.  It also has a nice web browser which I use around the house when I cant be bothered to get the laptop out......
That link doesnt work for me Hu.  Have you got any pics?
Thanks Hu - How much was it if you dont mind me asking
Quote: hukent at Sep 03, 2010 6:44:01 pm
Quote: Pete at Sep 03, 2010 7:46:47 am
Thanks Hu - How much was it if you dont mind me asking

I think I paid less than £20 for it.

Brilliant.  Im going to get me one of those !
Got my camera.  Arrived today.  Also bout an 8gb memory card (class four for extra read/write speed).  Will take some test video and post it here.

Hu - post some of your video experiments here for all to see.  Use P101tv as the host, then embed it here.
Quote: hukent at Sep 08, 2010 5:36:30 pm
Erased them all mate!!!

That's a shame.

I took a spin in my Audi today and took some film.  I have to say the quality is brilliant.  A 30 min drive took 2.26gb.  Even when you compress the file the quality is still very good.  I'll try and upload something to share.
I just bought a bullet cam for my arcos 605 wifi.  I have had the Archos unit for years gathering dust. It has an 80gb hard drive, so potentially usefull for incar footage. 

The bullet cam is a digitial PAL device on a remote lead.

All I need to do is get some suction mounts and Im ready for testing....
In topic "Six Wheel Elf Tyrell"
This brings back memories from my childhood.  What a fantastic car.  Here it is in practice for the 1977 Monaco F1 Grand Prix.

In topic "Happy Birthday Dirty Fuchs"
Happy Birthday fella.  Hope you get something for your 911 :agree:
That's exactly what my missus would do except she would make me practice on the house first  disdain025.gif
In topic "Back after the Hack"
Its taken me a while but I have finally managed to restore the forum after it was hacked nearly two weeks ago. There are only a small number of posts that were damaged beyond recovery, but aside from that the forum is intact and ready for business! 

There are also one or two new features that you will will notice as you pick up from where you left off.  I have also migrated the forum to a new web host which I hope will be more secure.

Happy posting  :agree:
In topic "Porsche hits Hard Times"
Looks like Porsche nearly hit bankruptcy in march this year....

Whats going to happen:  who knows.

Read the story here: Porsche in financial trouble.

I guess if you play with the big boy's in the world financial markets, you are going to get burned sooner or later.  They should stick to their knitting and od what they do best - make and sell awesome cars....but what do I know  :happy07:
In topic "Speed Camera Detectors"
This is a topic that must be dear to all of our hearts!

What products do you use?  what experiences have you had and what would you recommend.

Currently I'm using a TomTom which has map based speed camera locations.  But this has to be updated every now and again and it does not detect mobile radar guns etc.

Hope this thread turns out to be interesting....
Quote: Slimey at Dec 28, 2009 5:55:17 pm
Camera locations come up on my TomTom thing but prior to that i was using an american detector, the Valentine1,  was expensive but effective.mainly for defence against the mobile hand held guns they use from behind bus shelters and similar hiding places, has several times picked them up at the end of North Cray road /slip road bus stop..from approx 1/4 mile away, but also the BP garages seem to set the laser warning off for some reason, no prob really if your doing the route often youre ready for it.
Mine now needs returning for repair as the laser part seems to have stopped working.i will find time ...soon..

Hi Slimely -

Welcome to the forum.  I have to get something soon.,  Too many near missus for my liking.

I'll do a google on the valentine and check them out.  I have the TomTom, bvut like you say they are only good the for fixed cameras.  Its tose crafty hidden mobile ones that you have to look out for.

North Cray Road eh.  I know that well.  Just down the road from me.  Where are based?  We must be pretty close.
In topic "WOMD"
I just had to post this when I saw it..............

In topic "What's your Porsche IQ"
We all love our 911's, but how do we really know much about them.  Take the Porsche IQ challenge here: Porsche IQ Test.

Tell us all what score your got.  I managed to get 16....must do better next time  :sad019:
Seems like some of us need to purchase our anorak!

In topic "Forumal Renault Championship at Silverstone "
Had a great day yesterday at the 8th round of the Formula Renault series at Silverstone.  Races included the Cleo, Megan, 2.0l FR and 3.5l FR's.  Excellent spectator sport with lots of overtaking from some great up and comming drivers.  NigelMansell's son did well in the 3.5l cars comming third.

Nigel Mansell also went out in his son's car and did some exhibition laps including some well present doughnuts as well as some practice starts....

The Forumla 1 Renault cars were also there, putting in some fantastic laps.

A great day all-in-all and IMHO opinion more entertaining that F1.
In topic "Ken Block Rally Driver Extraordinaire"
I saw this on TopGear and what an amazing driver Ken Block is.  Did anyone else see this?

The best bit is him power sliding on full tilt into and out of a hanger.  Amazing stuff!

And here is doing some training:

In topic "Shuey is Back in F1"
Well, with poor old MAssa in hospital it looks like we're set to see Shuey back behind the wheel of an F1 car again.  What second of the season we are in for.  Hamilton looks like he's back on the pace, Webber is going great guns, Button is doing really well.....the second half looks set to be awesome.

Meanwhile I hope that Massa makes a speedy and full recovery.
Looks like I spoke too soon.  He's not comming back afterall:
In topic "Where is Brian? of Martinibird fame."
Last post was today here:

From a trip to the nurbergring.....

Looks like he had a good time...
In topic "Bruce"
If you dont know what to call yourself on the fprum, then why not call yourself Bruce.

Absulutely brilliant!
In topic "European Versus Iraq Burnout"
This is great.  A comparison of a burnout first in Europe and then a comparision of a burnout in Iraq.

In topic "Jedi Religion Founder in Battle with Tesco"
Check this out:

Jedi do battle with Tesco

What can I say, "Sith Happens" :agree:
In topic "A Bull in the basement"
Nothing to do with Porsche, but this is just something you have to see:

Bull in the basement
In topic "American Hotrod"
Has anyone else been wathcing this series on Quest later afternoon / early evening on Saturdays.

Hot Rods aren't my thing but this is a great rppogramme for the automotive engeering.  There are some really talented guys on the programme.  It gets a big thumbs up from me.
In topic "The Good Wife Guide"
Now here's something I dont think you'd see published these days.  I posted it on the kitchen fridge and it didnt go down too well  :blush:

In topic "Now Thats What I call Aircon"
In topic "Why Men shouldnt write advice columns"
I unashamedly nicked this from another site.  It was just too good not to show everyone on here

In topic "Merry Christmas 2009"
A merry christmas to all our members.  Here's to a great 2010!

Well, that's another Christmas over with.  Onwards to the new year now.  So whats your new years resolutions?

Mine is to get some weight out my car and get the RUF front and rear bumpers fitted.
In topic "Why You Should NOT Let a Woman Drive Your Car"
The videos speak for themselves:

In topic "Where are all your snowy pictures?"
Its the snowiest time for ages, so where are all your snowy pictures. 

Here's mine:

Now this is how to drive in the snow:

The snow looks great and everythig, but im getting frustrated now being able to take my 911 out for a spin!
Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Jan 09, 2010 12:18:08 pm
I dont blame you Pete (kin weather).....
Just imagine this being your gorgeous 911  :sad019:

Slippy bits

That would be the Severn Bridge leap for me.......

Dirty Fuchs :blush:

OMG....  Im staying in.....

This one is in Canada:

Or do a bit of training:

So maybe get one of these:

Your the man Jay.  Your definitely braver than me.  Nice pics too!  :agree:
This is how to drive a 911 in the snow

Well, the snow is here again.  Let's see your snowy pictures, with or without  :agree: Porsche

Nice pics Hu.....

here's my own little one car snow rally....

Quote: hukent at Dec 20, 2010 7:49:38 pm
Quote: Pete at Dec 20, 2010 3:58:23 pm
Nice pics Hu.....

here's my own little one car snow rally....

Photoshop is CHEATING.  LOL

Haha - Busted.....

I just love photoshoping.  Its great fun....
In topic "Anyone else relate to this?"
Unfortunately Hu, the answer for me is yes  :sad019: it happens all too often IMHO.  I spent ages searching for my car keys last weekend and it turns out they were in my pocket
Have a look here:

How to embed Youtube video
In topic "Proof of Global Warming"
Finally there is absolute proof that global warmin exists!

In topic "Whose a Scalextric fan?"
As a kid I loved scalextric.  Like an idiot I sold it in my teens, but Ive started all over again.  Its awesome.  Better than I remember.  I have been buying back all the cars I used to have: mini cooper, TR7, 911 turbo etc.  So m fun! 

Anyone else?
Quote: MarkJ at Feb 15, 2010 10:26:47 am
I used to have tons of the stuff, several boxes full and a load of cars including some of the earliest F1 cars that are probably now worth a fortune but it all got sold at the end of my youth...D'oh !

All that remains is an Audi quattro 4wd and a zakspeed Mk1 escort that i think i bought later on in life.

Got a big empty shed that i keep eyeing up as a potential great layout space but my grown up toys cost me more than enough money to restart my scaled down hobby version !

That shame.  I did the same as you, but am now creeping a new collection into the house when the missus isnt looking.  Managed to bag myself a 959 on ebay today  - shame its not real.  :cool:

Got my eyes on a lancia stratos and a ford gt40.  They cost a small fortune though, so I have to tread carefully  :blush: 
My latest addition to the scalextric car collection:

another addition to the collection arrived today:

In topic "Amphibious Veyron"
Now here's something you dont see every day!  Confus02.gif

In topic "St. Davids Day."
Im just a neighbour but happy St David's to you and yours too!
In topic "Win IE or Firefox: Which are you"
I moved from IE to Firefox and I have to say, surfing is so much better.  The web seems faster and makes windows IE browsing pale in comparison.  For me there's no going back.  What do you use?
In topic "West Cork Rally"
Have a good one Hu.  Rallying is so much better than the over yped F1,  Take lots of photo's.
In topic "Awesome Car!"
That is a seruiously nice caI still like the original tough too!  Nice find Hu
In topic "10 Rules for men."
Haha - awesome.  Nice one Hu...

I'm still working on No.1  :happy07:
In topic "Subaru anounce new WRC car."
Haha.  Awesome.

Nice find Hu.

Im off to the dealership to buy on now  (rofl)
In topic "We was dragged up tidy like!"
Spot on Hu.  I cant believe how much things have changed........ fr the worse.... disdain025.gif
In topic "Women !"
Love this one:

In topic "Off to New Zealand"
im sure with your help he'll win. :cool:

have a great time, and if you get lonely dont hesitate to find a pc and log in here for a chat :happy07:
How was the trip Hu?
In topic "What's your other car?"
We all love talking about our 911's, but I thought it might be useful to have a thread about our normal day-to-day cars.  I have just changed my daily drive so thougt i'd kick the thread off.

I have an Audi A8 4.0 V8.  Its a great car.  The total opposite of my 911.  Its not exciting and doesnt put a smile on my face the way my 911 does, but it does do a great job of carting my and the family about.

what a great imrovement.  Did you spray her or get it done.  either way looks much better.  I bet she goes well.
Hi Mate - no I didnt realise.  I misread and thought you had re-painted the red one.  My bad.... Confus02.gif

I agree they are great cars.  You definitell get alot for your money.
In topic "Trevor Loses his Testicles"
Trevor had suffered from really bad headaches for the last 20 years, so he eventually decided to go and see a doctor.

The doctor said, 'Trevor, the good news is I can cure your headaches. The bad news is that it will require castration.

You have a very rare condition, which causes your testicles to press on your spine and the pressure creates one hell of a headache. The only way to relieve the pressure is to remove your testicles.'

Trevor was shocked and depressed. He wondered if he had anything to live for. He had no choice but to go under the knife.

When he left the hospital, he was without a headache for the first time in 20 years, but he felt like he was missing an important part of himself. As he walked down the street, he realized that he felt like a different person. He could make a new beginning and live a new life.

He saw a men's clothing store and thought, 'That's what I need... a new suit.'

He entered the shop and told the tailor, 'I'd like a new suit.'

The elderly tailor eyed him briefly and said, 'Let's see.... size 44 long.'

Trevor laughed, 'That's right, how did you know?'

'Been in the business 60 years!' the tailor said.

Trevor tried on the suit and it fitted perfectly.
As Trevor admired himself in the mirror, the tailor asked, 'How about a new shirt?'

Trevor thought for a moment and then said, 'Sure.'

The tailor eyed Trevor and said, 'Let's see, 34 sleeves and 16-1/2 neck.'

Trevor was surprised, 'That's right, how did you know?'

'Been in the business 60 years.'

Trevor tried on the shirt and it fitted perfectly.

Trevor walked comfortably around the shop and then the tailor asked, 'How about some new underwear?'

Trevor thought for a moment and said, 'Sure..'

The tailor said, 'Let's see... size 36.

Trevor laughed, 'Ah ha! I got you! I've worn a size 34 since I was 18 years old..'

The tailor shook his head, 'You can't wear a size 34. A size 34 would press your testicles up against the base of your spine and give you one hell of a headache.'
In topic "The stig revealed"
For those of us that didnt know, the secrets finally out, and it isnt me  Confus02.gif :

Top Gear's Stig finally unmasked
– Wed Sep 1, 9:40 am ET

LONDON (Reuters) – The identity of "The Stig," the mystery test car driver on the popular BBC TV motoring show "Top Gear" was revealed on Wednesday after the broadcaster lost a legal battle to keep his name secret.
Ben Collins, who began his racing career in 1994 and drove at Formula 3 level, was named as The Stig after the High Court refused to grant a temporary injunction preventing the revelation of his identity in an upcoming book.
Each episode of the cult show, which has been sold to television channels around the world, sees The Stig whizzing around tracks in powerful cars wearing a white jumpsuit with his features hidden by a white crash helmet with a dark visor.

The BBC had taken legal action to block publication by publisher HarperCollins of an autobiography by Collins in which he said he was the test driver.

The broadcaster claimed the Stig was bound by a confidentiality agreement and that revealing who he is would spoil viewers' enjoyment of the popular programme.

But after more than a day of legal submissions in private, lawyers for HarperCollins said the case had concluded in their favour, the Press Association reported.

HarperCollins said it was disappointed that the publicly funded BBC had decided to spend money taking the legal action.
However, on the show's website last week, Top Gear executive producer Andy Wilman attacked the book's publishers for trying to "cash in" on the secret and so spoil viewers' enjoyment.

"HarperCollins have decided none of that is as important as their profits, so if you get your Christmas ruined by one of the best and most harmless TV secrets being outed, you can rest easy in the knowledge that by contrast, HarperCollins' executives will be enjoying a fantastic Christmas," he wrote. Collins, who also featured as a stuntman in the James Bond film "Quantum of Solace," was first named as the Stig in media reports last year after he went to a photographic studio to commission prints of the masked driver in action.

The BBC refused to confirm those reports.

He is not the first driver to have been used in the role on the programme. The original Stig was axed from the show after British racing-car driver Perry McCarthy revealed his identity in an autobiography in 2002.Michael Schumacher, Formula One's most successful driver and seven times world champion, was also unveiled as the Stig in an episode last June, but the show's fans believed it had been a one-off or a joke and that his true identity remained a secret.
Bllody hell, that guy is amazing.  I agree shame he cant do that in race stages.  I posted another video from Ken a while ago, here:

He seems more well known for stunts rather than his racing  :blush:
In topic "Daily Driver Insurance"
Well, its that time of year again and I have to renew my insurance for my daily driver.  Im currently with Elephant but their renewal price is a rip off so Im shopping around.  Massive variations in quotes.  Who do you use?
In topic "Internet Scams"
We've all received those emails claiming someone wants to give you loads of money for free, so I thought it would be good to share them here to help others recognise them and also for some entertainment.

Here's one I received this week:

Dear Friend,

Goodday to you.I am Prince John Clifton from sierra Leone writing to solicit your assistance for you to kindly assist me to come to your country with my inheritance two consignment boxes containing $55,million united state dollars and raw diamond stones.My Father is a king and the chairman of Diamond and gold miner's in my community,he is late now,my parents were killed by rebels,i am alive today because i was at collage when the rebels came.I am 19 years and my Father had entered an agreement with the Security company that unless I am 21 years the boxes should not be released to me but my foreign business partner.

I will give you 20% of the $55.million dollars inside the two consignment boxes,i want you to be my foreign business partner because i believe in you for your experience in business and receive the two boxes for me from the security company who will have them delivered to you.i have all the documents and i can send them to you through email attachment.I wait your reply.

Yours sincerely,
Prince John.

This was sent to me by:
I received another scam email today.  Brilliant stuff!

Dear Friend,


This might startle you a little as you might have seen or read about me but really don’t know me in person. Well, I am Rt. Hon Patricia Hewitt MP.  A British politician and Labor Party Member of Parliament for Banking. I was the first Minister for Children appointed in a newly created post with the Department for Education and Skills and presently Minister of State in the Department for culture, Media and Sport under Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

I got your contact info via your country’s national directory and intend introducing a project concerning charity in your country and maybe neighboring countries around you.

A few months ago, I was compelled to make an over estimation during a budget and set aside the sum of Six Million Three Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds (6, 300,000.00GBP) with the sole intention of channeling it all into charity which I am delegating you to executed on my behalf with complete supervision of my Attorney as he will also be the one in charge of securing these funds into your custody.

This transaction will result to you being paid a commission of 11% of the investment capital and the balance, distributed to charity organizations of your choice or reinvested and the net income, used for rehabilitating charity organization in and around your country through you/your agency annually for the period of five years or a little more. The last time I orchestrated this sort of Grant, the individual in Australia succeeded in successfully setting up three standard orphanage homes in less than a year.
I have never been so proud of such a noble individual. I hope we would have a reoccurrence in your case. If you are willing to execute this Humanitarian Project, You must understand that I desire absolute confidentiality and professionalism on this issue. For security reasons as regards my reputation, I will not be able to communicate regularly with you; but my Attorney will take up the processing on my behalf and get these funds processed and released to you without any delay.

I don’t plan on benefiting anything from this project, but will be absolutely fulfilled, if and only if you remain sincere to me on the handling of this project with utmost sincerity and confidentiality; and eventually utilize the funds for the purpose which I have explained to you above. Kindly respond urgently if you are interested as the fund have been tied down for too long, so I can equip you with the necessary details, along side my Attorney’s contact information, so as to commence the transaction properly; on the other hand, if you are not, please let your intentions be known or better still, Kindly relent from replying this email.

You could get personal info. on me via my official website, but do not try contacting me via any personal information you may lay your hands upon on the internet as almost all my contact info are connected to the British House of Parliament data base except the ones I personally sent to you; as I don’t want our effort and my reputation, jeopardized.

Kindly send your response to this E-mail:  <-----------


Got another one.  Some thinks im gullable.

Sent from:

Good day,

I am Walid Husni Ali the Group Executive Director. I personally discovered a dormant account with a total sum of $8.524m dollars during our Bank's Annual Year Account Auditing.Since the death of the deceased, nobody has operated in this account till date. Moreover, this account has NO BENEFICIARY attached to it.

Definitely, this fund will be confiscated by our BANKING CODE OF ETHICS if it remains dormant for a period of [10] year without any claims. In this regard, I earnestly need your full cooperation in transferring this money out of our bank to avoid our bank confiscating this fund.

HOW THE TRANSACTION CAN BE HANDLED: As the group finance director of our bank, all our client account details and file are in my possession and that makes it easy for me to include your name as the beneficiary of the fund in all necessary documents involving the money we wish to transfer out from our bank.

Most importantly, you will be required to:

(1). Act as the original beneficiary of the funds.
(2). Receive the funds into a business/private bank account.
(3). At the completion of this transaction, the sharing rates shall be 50% for me while 50% for you.

the sum of $8.524m dollars will be transferred to any valid foreign account you will nominate, then upon a successful transfer without any disappointment from our side; I will then fly to meet you in your home destination for sharing, I will also like us to invest some part of the money in your country.

If you accept to work with me, you will be given 50% of the total money as your share and 50%. So the main question is, will you partner me in this transaction. If you are willing to cooperate in this project, Kindly view my identification link below and also contact me through my private email:


Best Regards
Mr Walid Husni Ali

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The information contained in this message is confidential and may be legally privileged. The message is intended solely for the addressee(s). If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, or reproduction is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by return e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message.
In topic "Bangla Bangers"
Has anyone been watching this series.  Its quite entertaining.  A London based mechanic accustomed to working on top end cars with the best equipment and shiny new parts, teams up with an indian car designer Bangladesh who uses nothing but inspiration and hammers to build custom cars. 

Its definitely worth a watch IMHO. 
In topic "Posts"
Yep, your the man Hu.  I really appreciate the time you spend on the forum.  I wish we had more like you  :agree:  Your also an 'Aficionado' 

Here's how the ranking works....

Your only two from the top  :happy013:
In topic "Tom Walkinshaw"
Totally Agrre Hu.  A big man indded and will be missed by many.....
In topic "Made me Laugh."
Haha.  That's brilliant Hu.

How about this:

In topic "Bloody Carol Singers."
Nice one Hu.  Our Carol singers dont look anything like those.  More's the shame  :happy01:

Wales obviously does things differently  :agree:
In topic "When Mr Cadbury met Miss Rowntree"
Mr Cadbury met Miss Rowntree on a Double Decker.

It was just After Eight.

They got off at Quality Street.

He asked her name.

'Polo, i'm the one with the hole' she said with a Wispa.

'I'm Marathon, the one with the nuts' he replied.

He touched her Cream Eggs then slipped his hand into her Snickers.

He fondled her Flap Jacks and she rubbed his Tic Tacs.

It was a Fab moment as she screamed in Turkish Delight.

But 3 days later his Sherbert Dip started to itch.

Turns out Miss Rowntree had been with Bertie Bassett and he had Allsorts!
In topic "Merry Christmas."
And a merry christmas to you and yours and everyone on m911 forums.  Looking forward to a Porsche filled 2011......
In topic "Happy New Year"
Hey Hu - Yep, your the first poster of 2011. 

A happy New Year to you too....

I hope 2011 brings us lots of new members and some great 911's for us all to admire  :agree:
In topic "Random Video Thread"
I thought we should have a thread to post videos about absolutely anyting.  Funny or not, Porsche or not.  Anything that you thought might be interesting.

Here's one I found:

In topic "Todays Funny."
Nice one Hu.  Also, good ones when you post em...
In topic "Todays Funny."
What can I say Hu, a real cracker !  And all totally correct of course  :happy07:
In topic "Todays Funny."
Haha - awesome.  Soooo true....
In topic "RALLIES 2011"
Great stuff Hu.  I wish you all the best.  Keep us posted on your progress!!!!
Quote: hukent at Feb 14, 2011 2:27:09 pm
After a cracking days rallying in the Forest of Dean.
2nd in class and 5 O/A, after a wrong tyre choice for the first 2 stages,
my fault, as my driver has never rallied in the Dean before.
I remember the stages being much smoother than they were
so we opted for a closed block tyre, but it was very muddy and slippery
which meant we dropped 20 seconds to the class winner, got it back to
5 seconds by the end of the day though.


Congratulations Hu.  Nice work.  Just imagine the result if the tyres were right.  Sounds like some great things to come from you Hu!
Here's your little video of the event Hu

In topic "Pirelli Rally"
are you competing Hu...... good luck fella.
Awesome Hu - Great work! 
In topic "Mille Miglia"
Nice one Hu.  I've qalways wanmted to do that.

Open a folder on your account and upload some of the Porsche ones there, then you can post them here too!  Kill two birds with one stone!
In topic "The Answer To All Our Prayers!"
Haha.... Brilliant.  I bet that's only volume 1 :-)
In topic "Now that's Garage Culture"
Wouldnt this be great

The Man Cave Club
In topic "we buy any car rip off"
I dont know why, but I decided to see just how much we buy any car dot com offer.....

No wonder they can afford to advertise on the TV so much.  The price they offer is a complete insult.  It's so ridiculously low its actually quite funny.

They didnt have my year of Porsche, so I tried putting it details of other cars.  For example.  For a £15k Audi, they offered £4k.  For a friends BMW.  Toatlly mint and worth about £4k, they offered £50. 

You've got to try it just for the laugh.......
In topic "Todays Funnies."
Hu, your the man.  They are brilliant.  I love the wedding cake one and talking to your beer!  Awesome, but true.
In topic "Is this the new 'Ring?"
Nice find Hu.  Looks good. There's another one of those (different company) in Spain I think.  I wonder how much.

How about a boys weekend away ????????
In topic "917 on the Streets"
Now this is something you dont see every day

H Mate.  Its a Porsche 917.  The Porsche 917 is a racecar that gave Porsche its first overall wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970 and 1971. Powered by the Type 912 flat-12 engine of 4.5, 4.9, or 5 litres, the 917/30 variant was capable of a 0-62 mph (100 km/h) time of 2.3 seconds, 0–124 mph (200 km/h) in 5.3 seconds, and a top speed of over 240 mph (390 km/h).

Here's Derek Bell having a blast in one....

In topic "A new Toy"
I bought myself a new toy.  A Nitro powered Radio controlled buggy.  It's powered by a 3cc engine and is very quick.

It's a Kyosho Inferno Sports 4.

It's a 1:8 scale model.  Here's a pic

Great fun. 

I posted some pics up on Purely RC

The pics are here
Thanks Hu.  It's really fun.  It's a proper piece of kit too.  Four wheel drive.  Independent coilover suspension.  3cc Nitro engine.  Brakes.

It's quick to.  I would say 0-60mph in about 1.5 seconds.  The engine revs at about 35,000 rpm.  It's totally insane.....

A tank of fuel lasts about 10 to 15 minutes......
In topic "Cambrian Rally."
Good look fella.  Are you in your 3.2 for this event?
Quote: hukent at Oct 06, 2011 7:01:19 pm
Quote: Pete at Oct 06, 2011 5:26:11 pm
Good look fella.  Are you in your 3.2 for this event?


Take my beloved 911, up dirty, muddy, rough forest tracks...............

No mate, in a proper Rally Car, a Mk2 Escort RS2000.

Very nice Hu.  I had one of those many monns ago.

How did it go at the rally?
Well done Hu. 
In topic "I just LOVE this............."
That's brilliant - I want one of those automatic fire back and destroy systems  :happy07:
Quote: spenner at Dec 14, 2011 9:28:41 pm
Wished I had one last weekend, just got my letter in the post 35 in a 30 in sunderland  (M)

That's crappy.  Sorry mate
In topic "SO true.............."
Quote: spenner at Dec 17, 2011 9:18:44 pm
i like it, it appears to have been properly researched too  (rofl)

Couldnt agree more !
In topic "The Ultimate Christmas Light Show."
Wow, that's amazing.
Merry Christmas. 

Here's to a great 2012!
In topic "Speed Limits upto 80mph, Maybe?"
I'm a bit late in noticing this, but just read an article in which the government is proposing to raise the UK Motorway speedlimit to 80mph.  It's about time  :agree:

Take a look:
That's a good point.  I wonder how many accidents there are in Germany on the autbahns compared to the UK per capita.  It would be an interesting comparison.

I did a little research on the history of speed limits in the UK.  Have a look at this post
In topic "A Brief History of Speedlimits in the UK"
A brief history of speed limits in the UK

In the UK cars were call Light Locomatives.

Speed limits have been governed by a series of locomative acts (in 1861, 1865 and 1878).

The 1861 Locomotive Act introduced a 10 mph speed limit. 

The 1865 (the 'red flag act') reduced the speed limit to 4 mph on country roads and just 2 mph in towns/  The Act also required that a man with a red flag or lantern should walk 60 yards ahead of the vehicle. The purpose was to warn horse riders and other horse drawn traffic of the approach of a self-propelled machine.

The 1878 Locomotive Act removed the requirement for the flag and reduced the distance of the escort to 20 yards.

On 28 January 1896, Walter Arnold of East Peckham, Kent became the first person in Great Britain to be successfully charged with speeding. Travelling at approximately 8 mph, he had exceeded the 2 mph speed limit for towns. Fined 1 shilling (5p) plus costs, Arnold had been caught by a policeman who had given chase on a bicycle so began one of the most lucrative ways of making money by Local Authorities and the Exchequer

The maximum speed limit was then increased to 14mph and again, in 1903, to 20mph.

In 1930 The Road Traffic Act of the same year saw speed limits for cars and motorcycles abolished.  Lord Buckmaster said that the speed limits had been so universally ignored by UK motorists that it's maintenance bought the law into contempt.  Interestingly during 1945 and 1940 annual casualties on the roads dropped from 7,305 to 6,502.

In 1934 a general 30mph speed limit was imposed on roads in built up areas (effectively roads with street lighting) which remains to this day.  A 30mph speed limit was also imposed UK coach services, UK bus services and most HGVs.

Other roads had no speed limits at all. It was not until 1965 that a national upper limit of 70mph was introduced for all roads, including motorways.

Since 1977 the speed limit for cars and motorcycles on dual carriageways has been 70mph, with a 60mph speed limit on single carriageways.

In 1999 local authorities were given the powers to introduce a 20mph speed limit without requiring the consent of the Secretary of State.
In topic "BMW pull the plug on Prodrive!"
Another nail in the coffin for UK plc.  I hope it bites BMW in the arse... :happy07:
In topic "R.I.P. Carrol Shelby."
Absolutely a legend.  He'll be remembered for many a year!
In topic "Fair Fuel Prices for the UK"
I just came accross this website which is campaigning for faier fuel prices in the UK.

It's definitely worth a visit and I for one will be su[pporting their fught the god fight!
In topic "Where is everyone??"
I agree it seems a little quiet lately.  Hopefully things will pick up again.  I love this forum as it is friendly and has a great bunch of guys on it.
Im still here, but there are lots of echos.  I hope more people come along
In topic "Toyota Supra Girl"

In forum "track days"
In topic "Track Day Preparation"
Ultimately you want to drive your 911 to the track, enjoy your time on the track and drive her home again.  Here are some tips help make sure this happens:

Before you go to the track

Check all fluids
Check wheel nut torques.
check tyre conditions.  They are going to be tested round the track so good condition is essential.
remove the spare.  Its a space saver and you wont be using it around the track
check tyre pressure and make a note of the readings
replace the brake fluid.  Top up if necessary and replace if not done recently
check the thickness of brake pads and replace if within a few millimiters.  Your brakes will get a real hammering on a track day so this is a real must do.
collect some basic tools together. wheel brace, jack, axle stand, commonly used spanners and screw dirvers etc.

Spare Parts to take with you

brake fluid of choice
complete set of brake pads
engine oil


crash helmet
banaclava.  These are generally fire proof, but also make donning the helmet easier.
race shoes.  Not essential.  thin soled trainers will provide some reasonable peddle feel.
race overalls.  These do provide fire protection, but is not worn by all.

Post initial speed laps

having run your 911 for a few laps at decent speeds:

check the tyre pressures.  They will have increased, so adjust as necessary.
check fluid levels.
check wheel nut torque settings.
In topic "Novice Track day at Brands Indy: 19th Nov"
This might be ideal if your thinking of getting into track days.  Great circuit and a great price.

Clicky thing
Its a very open event and apart from noise I dont believe there are any restrictions. 

Your last point is a good one though.  You may be right, but what I am hoping is that these days wil have less participants and therefore more room to enjoy the day!
In topic "Brands hatch indy circuit 11th Nov"
there's open pit lane at brands indy on 11th nov. ive seen it for £140. thats pretty good for open pit lane.
In topic "Noise"
The various tracks have different levels of noise limits.  If like me you have a louder exhaust than OEM then you maybe on the limit.  I am going to drive to my local track (brands hatch) and get the car tested so I know if im OK.

I know that Brands Indy is 101db which be pushing the limit, so maybe I need one of these:

Merlin Muffler

I dont have any experience of these.  Do they limit your power as well as the noise....
In topic "Brands Hatch Indy Circuit (8.11.2009)"
Had a great day at Brands Hatch today on the Indy circuit.  My car wasn't quite ready so I spent the day in the passenger seat of a few friends 911's. 

Our very own Carlbon and Tripe were there.  Carlbon in is track ready 3.2 and Tripe in his 3.6 powered SC.

The weather held and was generally very good, although a bit busy at times.  Tripe managed a 360 degree excursion on the exit ad Paddock Hill Bend towards Druids.  One minute Im looking at the entry to Druids, the next minute we are travelling backwards staring at a 996.  All came to a peace full end after drifting off to the safety of the grass.

Pictures to come.....
Hi Kev. Here's a few of the cars at the event:

The circuit is ace, as always.  Brands is a very technical circuit.  As is usually the case there were a few casualties on the exit of Paddock.  No severe damage but a few ego's were bashed a bit as well as a disc and undertray of graval.....

The rest of the day inbetween track outings was spent talking to other drivers and car owners.  That's always a good thing about track days - you get to speak to some really interesting people!

I think Carlo is open to offers.  That is a seriously quick car for a 3.2. 
Hi Kev -

The guy in the RUF alike is Steve.  His handle on IB is "Higgoe".

It was a nice job.  It was a japanese import.  Left hand drive with RUF front and rears.
In topic "Brands Hatch 15.4.2010"
Went along to the Porsche trackday at Brands Hatch on 15th April 2010.  Here's are some of the beauties that were there.

And not forgetting a shot of our very own MarkJ shown here on track on "Clearways"

Excuse my dodgy video skills, but here's a couple of videos of the Brands Hatch meet:


If you look closely you can see our very own MarkJ
Awesome MArk.

This is my favourite:

In topic "Spa 2010 - Trackday"
Nice one MArk.

Here's a few of your pics from there adventure here:

This is one I like in particular - did you hire the track for a solo drive

Quote: hukent at Jun 10, 2010 5:46:59 pm
I was there too!
Try these:

I can't see anything Hu? 

Have you uploaded the pics to
All you need to do is wrap the image url in Image tags.  Have a look here:
In topic "Classic Le Mans 2008"
Found this on  Great stuff:

great stuff Mark, but you should be uploading to  :happy07:

In forum "Advice"
In topic "Silverlining to the Economic Downturn"
There's not much good to be said of our recent economic downturn, but it seems that one benefit is that our beloved 911's are getting cheaper.  Having said that it seems to effecting the latter era of 911's more than those from the early years.  I saw a 1991 964 cab with low mileage and plenty of history for a little over 9k.  What an absolute bargain!
Hi Andrews and welcome to the forum

The 3.2 Carerra's are very good cars and if they are looked after will definitely look after you. The 1985 model year had a 915 gearbox with cable clutch actuation. The gearbox is light and robust.

Although the mileage is high if its been looked after then all may be well.  Check the histopry to see if the engine and gearbox have had any work done to them.  At this mileage it should have had some signifincatn work doen.  If not then your into some work and bills for sure.  At the every least it will need a top end refresh - rings valve guides valve seat grind etc.

The 3.2's are great cars just check its history before you take the plunge........... 
In topic "Oil Discount for Club Members"
I am pleased to announce that all members of the MyPorsche911 forums will receieve a special 10% discount on all Opie Oils products. 

To receive your discount please create an account at the Opie Oils website and make sure you select the 'MyPorsche911 Forums' from the list of clubs when completing your registration form.  Once you have registered, every time to log into your account you will automatically receive 10% off your purchases.  But on top of this you can also take advantage of any other offers they have on at the time of ordering.

I have been buying my oil from Opie for a while and have been pleased with their service.

You can create an account here: (cut an paste this link into your browser).

The Opie Oil website is here:  Opie Oil
In topic "New Luxury Car Report"
Hi Rachel - Thank you for the link to the free report. I read it with interest.  Of coure I foucussed on the Porsche section.  Its good to see that Porsche represents such good value fore money in terms of running costs etc.

For me, what would have been really interesting would be a look at some of the older 911's like the pre-1974 911's, then the 2.7's, 3.0, 3.2, 964, 993's etc as well as the more modern variants.  As a driver/owner, an older 911 can offer similar perfromance, as much, if not more fun, but may be beaper to run.....

Thanks again............
In topic "Buying a used Porsche"
A good 911 will last you forever if you treat it correctly, but there are plenty of 911's out there that havent and they are just waiting to be bought by an unsuspecting new Porsche buyer.

The older 911's dont have the modern under body protective plastic shoelds that new cars have.  So there are a few areas you need to watch out for tell tails of corrosion. Here are a few spots to look out for:

- battery tray;
- front wings underneath the headlight bezels;
- around the fuel filler cap;
- kidney bowls;
- rear arches;
- inner sills;

This sounds alot, and it would be a really neglected 911 that has problems in all of these areas but you have to have your eyes open.
In topic "Lining up to realise my dream..again"
Welcome to the forum.  Always a pleaseure to welcome a felow 911 fan  :agree2:

So your coming full circle back to 911's.  Nice to hear.

The 964 was considered over 85% new as compared to the 930. The first 964s had 4 wheel drive and badged "Carrera 4" models. Then Porsche added the rear wheel drive Carrera 2 variant about a year later.  A new naturally-aspirated engine called the M64 was used for 964 models with 3.6 litres. Porsche largely revised the suspension replacing the rear torsion bars with coil springs and shock absorbers. Power steering and ABS brakes also are a first on the 964.  There was also a new electric rear spoiler raised as speeds above 50 MPH (great for telling the police when you were speeding). It also had  dual airbags beginning. There was also an all new climate control system.

What's best - 930 or 964?  They are both great cars.  Technically the 964 is probably better and maybe even more reliable to own and drive.  The 964 turbo looks awesome too.

You cant discount the 930 turbo either though.  What an icon.

I think you should test drive both cars to be honest.  They do drive differently.  The gearboxes are very different too.
In topic "New Auction Site for Porsche Fans"
There's a new auction site for Porsche fans. It's like ebay but only for buying and selling all things Porsche.  The best thing is that there are no charges for selling or buying!

here's the website: Stuttgart eXchange
I thought I'd give a quick update on Stuttgart eXchange.  Since launch a few short weeks ago we have now accumularted 97 members and regularly get a few thousand hits each day.  This is working out to around 30,000 hits per week.

Given there is no advertsing for the site this is quite exciting.  With more than 30,000 hits a week it should be quite a good place to advertise all your Porsche related parts for sale. 

We have also got members from abroad too.  We have members from UK, the US, France, Sweden, Ireland, and Italy.

I really opes this continues to grow - the bigger the better, so a big thank you for everyone here if they have signed up.  If you havent yet signed up then please join in.  Its simple, and above all FREE!
A New Years update for Stuttgart eXchange.

We surpassed a 100 members just befor Christmas and now in the new year we have gone to 136 members.

News of the site seems to be travelling fast.  First we were mentioned in 911 and Porsche World and now this Month (January) we have been mentioned in the Total 911 Magazine!

Even though its Christmas the site still managed to get an average of 3,000 its per day  :cool:
In topic "Advice on this 930 (pics)"
Hi Tony -

Plus 1 what Dirty Fuch's says.....

The rust can be a killer if the car hasnt been looked after very well.  But the ARB mount I wouldnt worry about too much as they are a common failure and easily fixed. 

The older 911's dont have the modern under body protective plastic shoelds that new cars have.  So there are a few areas you need to watch out for tell tails of corrosion. Here are a few spots to look out for:

- battery tray;
- front wings underneath the headlight bezels;
- around the fuel filler cap;
- kidney bowls;
- rear arches;
- inner sills;

This sounds alot, and it would be a really neglected 911 that has problems in all of these areas but you have to have your eyes open.
I have to sy I would also have directed the money to the mechanicals.

I reakky dont know about the cold start system.  Thats a complete new one to me Im afraid.

Im not sure what you budget is, but if you can get it cheap enoug then you could spend money getting it to how you'd like it to be.
Hey Tony - did you ever take the plunge?
In topic "Oil and Fuel "P" Clips"
Hi Paul -

I finally remembered where I bought my clips from.  It was from

Look under cable clips.  They are OEM clips tere for the oil lines too.  Very good company and great service!

Let us know how you get on.
In topic "EuroCarparts Discounts for members"
Thants brilliant Kenny.  I'll be using that discount for sure.  Great work!
You can always give it a go.  Nothing to lose and everything to gain :agree: 
In topic "m911 Shop"
Im going to open a small online shop, the m911 Shop.  Over the years I have been sourcing parts etc, so I thought if I could get a good deal on parts, then I might post them in the shop for sale.

It wont be many things, but hopefully it will have things that we all would like or need.

You can find the shop here: m911 shop

I have also put a button with a link to the shop at the top of the forum. 
In topic "Hazard"
Thats an interesting one.  Im afraid I dont know the answer.....  are the prices very different?

Which way round are you buying for, the boxter or the 911?
In topic "911 Carrera 3 1977 value"
Hi Steve - Welcome to the forum.

The Carrera 3.0 is the next up and comming sought after classic 911 IMHO.  It's not quite there yet, but its definitely one of those Porsches that will be worth good money soon.  It's a shame you can't hang on to it for a couple of years and when this recession is over.

Anyway, the '76 model year is generally worth more than the '77 and coupe's seem to be worth more than Targa's.  Aside from that originality and condition is the key to value.  RHD drive models are also rare and worth a little more in the UK. 

83,000 miles is not low, but its definitely stong mileage where value is concerned. 

Check the spec of the car when new and the closer it still is to that the better.  Check out this thread and email them.  They will come back to you with the oringal spec for the car when it left the factory:

Make sure the interior is true to spec too.

To get the best value originality is best - no mods and tweaks and aftermarket upgrades.

Getting £26k for a targa will be tough, but for a coupe in mint condition it might be possible. 

In todays market sub £20k for a very original, low mileage, clean and rust free Targa is more realistic. 

Just a few pointers, but I hope this helps. 

You can always test the price at the higher end and see what response you get.  You are more than welome to put it on and see if you get any takers. 

Have you any photo's you can post?

Hi Steve

Glad I was able to help a bit with thinking about the value of your Carrera 3.0. 

As you say they are infectious.  Shame you can’t consider keeping her.  They are a lot of fun to drive.

Piston heads will get you a lot of coverage.

If you want to advertise her for sale here on the forum in the classified's section then please feel free to do so.  You can also advertise her on with a fixed buy it now price.

To upload picture on to the forum, you have to have a picture hosting account.  You could upload some picture’s here: and then use the picture links to post your pics on any website or forum without the need to upload.

All the best with it, and let us know how you get on.

She looks brilliant steve.  They are very rare cars these days.  Shame you have to sell her......good luck though...
Great work steve.  She's not too bad ata ll.  Needs some work though and you'll need to take that into account when buyers come calling.

Here's steve's album full of pics:

and here's a teaser


I have had a chat with 'Bert' a fellow Porsche enthusiast and one that know's an aweful lot about the Carrera 3.0's

Bert's view is that they are still undervalued. Relatively rare. Relatively simple to maintain (k-jet vs MFI) in comparison to Carrera 2.7. There are quite a few sporto cars converted to manual boxes. It is the more affordable and similarly specced sister of the Carrera 2.7 so the next thing so to speak. Although investment wise I wouldn't discount the turbo 3.0 either, although you need to spend hard to get eventually a return. Still better than money in the bank if you ask me.

Higher value: low owners, original delivery spec (even if it means tartan inserts into sports seats which is now stating to become mega cool), 15 inch fuchs, original spoilers, no rot, maintenance history with OPC and Porsche specialist, used regularly, bit of patina but nice honest condition.

Lower value:
For example:
Rust in front suspension pan, both b pillars, kidneys, inner front wings, windscreen base, sunroof drain tubes. The spray job was terrible looked like a rattle can job. Somewhere along the line the sunroof had been welded in, but there are signs of rust breaking through at the base of the rear screen both sides. All the window trim was sc, door cards were later post 77 style, rev counter and oil pressure were sc
The engine had the engine number removed (someone had broken off the casting where the no is stamped). Lots of fresh underseal where some patches had been welded around torque tube, floorpan etc
Engine is sitting in the engine bay not connected as it was dropped for the welding

targa versus coupe.
Usual debate: in the UK for sure the targa makes a lot less but not 50% on the C3 yet, typically 15 to 20%. This is not because I have a targa but compared to the coupe vs targa debate on the 911SC and 3.2 carrera cars. The exception is the carrera 2.7: the coupe makes serious money, whereas the targa's will be bought for the engine, gearbox, suspension components and wheels.

On the content: Targa is a bit more rare and has a dedicated following who often big bucks as the targa was often better equipped than some of the "standard" basic german delivery coupes. The targa was a lot more expensive than the coupe in some markets when new.


RHD: anything between 6500 to 24000 in UK, different in RHD markets such as Australia etc etc.
LHD: anything between 9500 to 40 000 euros last time I looked.

1976 versus 1977
No particular difference: LHD77 had brake servo, march 77ish factory started to use the alloy gearboxes, 77 comes with 6 &7 x 16 fuchs rather than the 7&8x15 fuchs unless customer specified, 77 has the rotary unlock button in the doorcards and locked front quarterlights for the targa.

If you'd like to speak to Bert directly, et me know and I'll send you is contact details.  Im sure he would be more than happy to chat with you.
What area do you live in
Not too far from me then......

If you plan to get it insured, ten why not come a drive with a few others on here who would give you plenty of feedback.  Give you a chance to get a feel for the car - who knows you might be converted to the other side  :agree2:

A small group of us are planning a drive down to the coats - Brighton or Hastings in a few weeks.  You'd be more than welcome.
In topic "Boot not closing"
Hi Graham

Welcome to the forum.  Do you mean front luggage compartment or the engine bay?  Does it just dpring up after you close it?  Can you see the latch that the plunger goes into.  If you lever the latch gently with a screw driver does it move freely?
In topic "Useful Porsche Information"
I thought it would be a great idea if we all listed people, companies, services that we have used for our Porsches that we'd be happy to recommend to others.  So this would be a directory of trusted companies like parts suppliers, engine builders, modifiers, mechanis, insurers, painters etc, etc.....

So, I'm please to announce a new feature for Channel P101tv - "The Porsche Folio".

The 'Porsche Folio' is intended to be a place to find everything you need to know about all things Porsche. From the history of the cars, specifications, performance figures to finding clubs, forums, parts and spares providers, service centers and much, much more.

The Porsche Folio is still very much in it's infancy, but I thought I'd release it early so you might enjoy watching it grow.  It's a huge undertaking and will take me some time to complete so please be patient.

Please feel free to join in.  If you see any errors, or would like to recommend something for inclusion or just feel something isn't quite right then please let me know.  Between all of the members of Channel P101tv there probably isn't much that we don't know about Porsche.  If you want to help contribute that would be great!

You can view the Porsche Folio by clicking on the new 'Folio' button in the main menu at the top right of the website. Or click 'here' to go there now.

If you would like to recommend a company or person for inclusion in the folio, post the details here in this thread and I'll put it into the Folio.
yes, +1 for Matthew
In topic "Stuttgart Exchange"
I put Stuttgart Exchange together to help us all buy and sell everything Porsche from parts to the cars themselves.  It works pretty much like ebay except there are no charges whatsoever for either buyer or seller. 

So if your looking to buy or sell something Porsche check out

Stuttgart eXchange has all the features you’d expect from a large auction site, including:

    * Aside from writing your detailed description, you can upload photo’s of the item to be listed for auction;
    * Auction duration can be from as short as a day, up to a month;
    * You can select a photo to appear as a thumbnail to make it easier for people to find your item in the auction listings;
    * There are various categories to ensure your items are listed in the correct place, as well as make it simple for people searching for items to buy;
    * ‘Minimum bid price’ lets you set where the auction price should start;
    * ‘Buy Now’ means you can sell an item at a fixed price. Great for buyers who don’t want to wait until the auction ends;
    * ‘Auction watch’ lets you keep an eye on items you are interested in and receive automated updates on the price as the auction develops;
    * ‘Your Item Search’ lets you receive instant notification when an item is listed that you are interested in, so you can place your bids early;
    * ‘Proxy bidding’ means you can enter the highest amount you’d like to bid, but the proxy feature will only place the minimum bid required to put you in the lead;
    * Relisting items that don’t sell can be done at the click of the mouse, saving you the effort of creating the advertisement all over again;
    * Email a friend lets you send a link to an item to someone you think might be interested in the item for sale;
    * There is also a comprehensive online help feature providing a step-by-step guide to listing your items for sale.

Stuttgart eXchange was launched over the weekend of October 24th 2009. It has already attracted many members and has thousands of hits each day. The website is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. There are no fees, commissions or hidden charges. Use of the website including membership is completely free for both buyers and sellers.
In topic "What to look for when buying a 997..."
Welcome to the forum.

997's are great 911's and with the releqase of the new 911 you can pick up a good bargain.

I mostly have experience of older 911's, but I guess you have to first decide if you are looking for 2wd, 4wd, wide body, Turbo, NA etc.

Personally, given the cost of parts and repairs I would go for a well maintained lower mileage example.  It might cost you a little more, but it's a definite saving in the long.  Other's will probably chime in.......

Let us know which one you go for.....
In topic "911 restoration"
Hi John

Welcome to the community.

As a suggestion, all 911's after 1974 had galvanised body shells so are a better bet.  Nevertheless there are plenty of pitfalls and a badly cared for example will cost a small fortune.  Most parts are still available and there's a huge second hand market for parts etc.

Have a look over on Channel P101tv for tips etc

What cars have you looked at so far?

In forum "Wheels & Tyres"
In topic "Thinking about your tyres"
Tyres take a lot of punishment during a track day so here are a few thoughts to help getting it right.

Balancing the wheels and tyres is often over looked before a track day excursion make sure the balancing is spot on.  Go to company that has the best equipment and can balance the wheel for the least added weight. Excessive vibration will not only cause damage but also put you off your driving line and spoiling your track times. 

Also new tyres are not the best choice to start a track day session. Large tread depths will cause the tyres to heat more than normal and this will contribute to loss of traction. The challenge is to ensure that you have enough tread to be legal on the road on your trip home.

Ideally a spare set of wheels and tyres would allow you to have a set of part worn track tyres while at the track, saving your main set for the journey to and from the circuit. This requires additional resources to get four wheels and tyres to and from the track.  So, if your not lucky enough to have a trailer setup, then having a second set of dedicated wheels and tyres wont be possible.

An additional consideration for having a second set of wheels and tyres is to avoid the damage a track day can inflict on your best set of wheels.  Hard braking on the track causes considerable amounts of hot brake dust to impact on the inside of the wheel rims.  The heat can erode chrome or anodize finish and ultimately lead allow erosion.
So weve established part worn tyres are best.  Therefore they need checking before attending a track day session.  A visual inspection of the tyres should be carried out to ensure they are in a good serviceable condition. Make sure there are no cracking of the tyre tread or splits in the tyre sidewalls. The last thing you want is a tyre failure at the high speeds you will experience on a track. The damage of an excursion into a barrier is a lot more expensive than making sure you have decent tyres.

You get what you pay for.  Bridgestone SO1 or SO2s are a great road and track compromise tyre. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup are more bias to the track and are a particularly light weight tyre compared to a standard road tyre.
Valves also need to be considered. For the older 911s with higher tyre walls its important to have shorter valves fitted.  Larger tyre walls mean more lateral movement under cornering loads.  Longer valves will move and may seep air and reduce tyre pressures. If shorter valves are not fitted then metal supports can be fitted, but I believe these are a compromise. 

Once at the track you need to continuously monitor tyre pressures. High speed cornering and braking will create a lot of heat and consequently tyre pressure will rise.  As soon as you come in from a session on track meassure your tyres pressures straight away and adjust them accordingly.  Getting the right tyre pressure can be achieved by monitoring the scuffing across the tyre face.  If the pressure is ideal then the scuffing will be even and across the entire surface.  Scuffing in the centre of the tyre will indicate the pressure is too high.  If you are fortunate enough to have a tyre temperature laser checker, then after a track session you should measure the temperature across the surface.  If the pressures are correct then the temperate should be even across the surface.  If there is no heat in a portion of the tyre then that may be an indication of incorrect tyre pressures.  It should be noted however that suspension geometry and corner weights and balance can and will have an effect on tyre pressures.

Most tracks in the UK are clock wise and therefore right handed.  As a result the front near side tyre will get the hottest.  This will mean that the tyre pressure for this wheel will raise by the largest amount so keep a close eye on it.
Before going home after a long track day session remember that you will need to adjust the tyre pressures back to their road use pressure.  Make sure you dont go home with pressure that are too high.
I think theres alot to be said for getting the short motorcycle type valves too.  Withe the higher profile tryes and track day cornering loading you need a stiff valve seat.
In topic "Wheel and Tyre Size Combinations"
As part of my G50 conversion I was recently calculating gear ratios and speeds and as part of that I needed to take into account various wheel and tyre combo's.

Thought I'd post this incase anyone had a use for it.

It shows impact of wheels and tyre profiles on overall circumference and revs per mile....

In topic "Where to Get Your Tires"
I have started using mytyres.  They are online and have a good range available and some fairly good tire choices.

Click Here
In my honest opinion I would go for Bridgestone S01 or S02.

I have been using these tyres for sometime now and cant recommend them enough.  They are great in the wet and the dry.
In topic "What sizes fits?"
If you want to keep the car looking original then the largest diameter Fuchs are 16".  I assume you have 7" on the front and 9" on the rear.

If you want bigger diameter and want to keep a Fuchs appearance then you have to go for a Fuch replica which can be purchased in 17".
Here's a good company that produces 17" (and bigger) replica Fuchs.  They are not cheap though

In topic "Locking Lugnuts or Stud"
The genuine Porsche locking wheeel nuts look round and smooth on the outside but have a castleated ridge at the base.  If they are of this type then you just the original locking nut removal socket supplied by porsche.
Im afraid if they are aftermarket you dont have much chance of finding the proper spanner.

I think a saw of perhaps a drill or small chissle is your best bet.  My advice would be to make sure you dont damage the wheel as they are costly to refurb.  If you damage the stud thet it will be only a very small expense to replace.  Taking your time is key for this job.

If uou can get a saw between the nut and the wheel i think its do-able...........
In topic "Whats your Favourite Fuchs Finishes"
The Fuchs alloy are an icon by their own right.  They are a real high quality wheel and a defining item for the early 911's.  There are so many finishes that have been explored but which are your favourite.  Post pics of the finish you are talking about.

Im a big fan of the polished RSR look and is what I currently have on my car:

I do like the CS Red look.  Fuchs are just brilliant wheels and still look good today.
In topic "What wheels??"
If you want to go the BBS route then maybe consider BBS LM's or BBS RS.  The latter being more in keeping with the age of the car.

Take a look here:

There's plenty of wheel porn on there  :cool:
It all depends on what brakes you intend to squeeze under there.

There's a good little guide in the technical reference section on offsets for Fuchs and may be helpful.  fuch offset

Also get in contact with the US site and they will have alot of experience of offsets for SC and early 911's. 

I had to go for 951 offsets at the fron of my car in order to squeeze the Brembo's under there.

LM's rock IMHO  :agree:
No problem fella.  Keep us update with your choices............
In topic "Trying on Some RUF Speedlines"
Do my arches look big in these?

I've been thinking about the RUF look for ages and thought I'd try on a set of speedlines to see what they look like before considering buying a set.  What do you think - speedlines or Fuchs?

Hi Kieron - yes I agree they look good on a 3.2.  You can still buy them from RUF but theyare quite expensive.  If you email them they normally get back quite quickly.

Alternatively, and more cheaply, they do turn up available second hand from time to time.  Just have to keep searching and looking.  They are out there, but getting harder to find.
Don't give up Kieron.  They are definitely out there second hand.  Just keep scouring.  Keep an eye out on places like ebay and Stuttgart Exchange.  They do come up from time to time.
In topic "Fuchs Wheels"
Hi Dil and welcome to the forum.

Sounds like youve got a great 911 tere.  Please open a thread for your car in "Our Readers 911's".  Im sure everyone would like to see her.

With regard to your Fuch's question, I think you can go either way.  You can either go back to factory and have them painted, or stay with black if you think it looks good on the car.

Then you have to decide if you want to do the wheels yourself or maybe get them done professionally.  I did my wheels myself (but Im like that  :happy07: ).  Its time consuming but very satisfying !!!

Here's how I did mine: RSR Refurb Look
Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Jan 07, 2010 2:10:37 pm
White turbo's (or turbo body's) look awsome with white Fuchs,,,,, gorgeous. In my opinion of course.
Go for it.... link to picture of Mike's White SSE with white fuchs - finish with white centres :happy01:


Dirty Fuchs. :agree2:

Nice pic there Kev.  I have to say having seen that piccy, that IMHO white looks awesome.
In topic "Space Saver Spare,"
Its amazing what some people film and then go to all the trouble of uploading (hm)
I had the unfortunate nedd to blow mine up.  I had a blow out at high speed.  So I got the car on the jack and spare out ready and realised I didnt have a pump  disdain025.gif

I knocked on a random door and the were great.  Gave me a cup of coffee, a pump and some biscuits.

The space saveer worked atreat.  Looks crap but oes the job.

Omore erious note, I think everyone should pull their spare evry once and while and inflate it to make sure it works.  Better to find out at home rather than at the side of the road.
Here's one on a Fuchs.  Looks good:

Quote: MarkJ at Feb 19, 2010 9:15:36 am
does look great but what a waste of a fuchs wheel !!

Yeah, I guess.  I wonder if the Fuch is lighter than the OEM steel one!  I also think you have to modify the rim of the Fuch by welding a bead on to keep the typre in place.
Quote: MarkJ at Feb 19, 2010 10:43:12 am
i think the clubsport had a lightweight aluminium space saver wheel. That would be the one to get hold of !
Rare as hens teeth no doubt.

and as expensive as "Unobtanium"
Hi CrankIT and welcome to the forum.

What 911 have you got?

Place a wanted add on here to start.....Its free, so why not  :agree: 

Also, keep an eye on  You can sign up there and create a watch word and as soon as a wheel is posted it sends you an email so you dont miss out.....

Of course ebay........

They do come up a fair bit so you should find one quite easily....

Good luck
Quote: CrankIT at Dec 30, 2010 6:29:28 pm
Hi Pete,

I have a 2003 Carera.  When you say I can place an ad here, do you mean this website?

Thanks for the advice on stuttgartexchange - I will set that up now.

All the best,


Hi CrankIT.  You can place adds in the "911 Classifieds" section, about half way down the forum.  There's a "For Sale" section, a "Wanted" section and a general "Advice" section....
In topic "Tyre Pressures for Fuchs"
This is always an immotive subject. but I thought it might be an idea to create a list of recommended tyre pressures for the various sizes of tyres on Fuchs.....

So, what pressures do you run on what size tyres...?

I run:

- 40 psi on my rears which are 245x45x16
- 32 psi on my fronts which are 215x55x16
Bridgestone s02's are all I have ever used on my 911.  They are awesome.  S01's are good too, but S03's suck.....IMHO of of course
This time I got S01's.  Pretty much the same as S02's.  I think S01's have the edge.

I got mine from a company in Tonbridge.  Your looking at about £125 fitted and balanced.  I think the company is called bridge Tyres, but I could be wrong.  Their tel is 01732 369888.
I played around with my tyre pressures today to get the best feel or me.

Porsche recommend for my tyre combination 29/34 psi front/rear.  I have ended up with 31/34 and the car feels much better as a result!
hey Hu.

what i like about this, is that we as porsche drivers have gone out and tested what workd independently of what Porsche says anf what you might hear fro others. we ended a sngle psi apart. thats a good independent test imho.
In topic "Improve your performance with Air"
Playing around with my tyre pressures recently got me thinking about how little emphasis we play on tyre pressures compared to all the other performance enhancements we make. 

So having done some research here's a few points for getting our pressure right:


If your 911's tires are under inflated by only 6 psi it could lead to tyre failure. Additionally, the tyre's tread life could be reduced by as much as 25%. Lower inflation pressure will allow the tyre to deflect (bend) more as it rolls. This will build up internal heat, increase rolling resistance and cause a reduction in fuel economy of up to 5%. You would find a significant loss of steering precision and cornering stability. While 6 psi doesn't seem excessively low, remember, it usually represents about 20% of the tyre's recommended pressure.


If your 911's tyres are over inflated however by 6 psi, they could be damaged more easily when running over pot holes or debris in the road. Higher inflated tyres cannot isolate road irregularities very well, causing them to ride harsher. However, higher inflation pressures usually provide an improvement in steering response and cornering stability up to a point. 

Effects of Time and Temperature

Tyre inflation pressures change due to time and temperature. Typically tyres lose about 1 psi per month due to air escaping through the rubber as it stretches and deforms. If you were to check your tires only every six months, it would not be uncommon to find them under inflated by as much as 6 psi. Tire inflation pressures also fluctuate with changes in the outside air temperature. This occurs at a rate of about 1 psi for every 10°F (plus or minus). So the tires you set correctly with an 80°F ambient temperature will be under inflated by 6 psi at 20°F.

If you add the variations of time and temperature together, it is easy to understand why a tire's inflation pressure should be checked frequently. Improper inflation can cause tires to wear irregularly.

Another advantage of checking tyre pressure frequently is that it allows a slow leak to be found and repaired before it permanently damages a tire. Tire pressures should be checked once a week, preferably before the vehicle has been driven. Spending about two minutes a week will help you get the optimum performance your tires can offer!

Effect on Grip

It seems you really can´t get a proper answer on this question.  Generally speaking ,if you don´t really have a clue how to start, first start with the recommended pressure and work from there. Tyre manufacturers will tell you the correct warm (!) operating pressure for your application, in our case road use primarily.  Basically you would tend to run the lowest safe pressure to maximise tyre grip over a longer period of time. Too high a pressure will deform the tyre and give less grip, but maybe you need the pressure to keep the tyre in shape due to high speed/high aero loads.

Some tyres really don´t respond to tyre pressure variations, basically because of their stiff design, here you might not even notice the tyre being totally underinflated. Other tyres will show instantly they don´t like underinflation.

At the end of the day therefore  tyre pressure is NOT perhaps the big question, it is overall performance.
So the question really is: "what can I do to maximise grip laterally and longitudinally, and do I need this for one lap or the whole damn 50 laps of a circuit".

Therefore its up to us as drivers to KNOW exactly the behaviour of the car tyre pressure wise. This unfrotunately is a function of: Driver, Ambient /Tracktemp, Weather forecast, Tyre manufacturer, type, New tyre, used tyre, Setup of car, Geometric issues with the car, corner weights, amount of downforce, number of laps to be name some variables!  SIMPLE  disdain025.gif
Nitrogen is lighter than air.  Nitrogen is 14.0067 g/mol and Air is 16.00 g/mol.

Nitrogen has a different boiling point to oxygen and so perhaps doesnt expand so much as air when the tyre heats up....

I opend a new thread for tyre gauges, so let us know what you use here:  Tyre Gauges
In topic "Fuchs Finish 101: Post your Pics"
Thought it might be a good idea for all the Fuch's lovers out there to see what the different finishes look like.  OEM and Custom finishes welcome.

How's this for variety:

Here's my custom polished finish:

Quote: MarkJ at Mar 30, 2010 9:49:13 am
Tasty set of wheels Pete.

Out of future interest, how much approx did it cost to get your wheels chromed like that? Did you need to send them away somewhere or a local mob? Not sure if i want to go as retro as chrome, may just go for the brushed alloy look with black inserts, but a long way down the road yet and only when i get bored of the white/red colour scheme, thogh the missus already thinks mine looks too boy-racer with the red fuchs !.

Cheers Mark - I did them myself.  I wrote a little guide in the technical how to section, here:

RSR Look Refurb Guide
Quote: MarkJ at Mar 30, 2010 11:27:25 am
wow, just read the process, you have far more patience and skill than me ! 4 hours per blinking wheel, i'd go mental ! Must have saved you a fortune though and they look perfect ! :)

who did you get to do the acid dip and diamond cut?

Thanks Mark -  Yeah, it did take a while  :happy07:

I got through a lot of beer and Dave repeats of top gear during the process.

I used a place called spit and polish in Tonbride wells.  They bead blast the original finish off and then I took it from there.
In topic "New 9'' Wheels."
nice one Hu. were they brand new or second hand. i love 9's. took me six months to find mine.

what tyres are going on them?
nice. i got new, old stock. took ages to find.

i went for 245x45x16 tyres.

i put 8's on the front, but they were 951 an not 911.
In topic "19 inch fuchs"
Well, here they are the 19 inch Fuch:

Porsche will sell them to you for 5569 euros (just under £4800)  disdain025.gif 

Personally I think the 15's and 16's look better.  The petals on these are a bit too stretched.....

What do you guys think?
In topic "Spacers..........."
Im running a 9mm spacers on my rears (16 x 9) and 4mm spaces on the front (8 x 16 951)...  and I think that.s the biggest I could squeeze in.  Im also using standard studs.
In topic "Polished rim protection"
Quote: coxy at Feb 26, 2011 5:07:28 pm

What do you use to keep your rims looking good.  Im polishing my Azevs at the moment, im thinking of laquer not sure though.

Hi Mate - Mine are raw polished finish with no overcoat.  Laquer is fine, but the heat and hot brake dust will end up making it lift.  I just make sure I wash them regular with soapy water and then wax them.  I use either car wax of Zimol Rim Wax.  As long as you keep the brake dust off, the shime will stay.
Quote: coxy at Feb 26, 2011 5:49:48 pm
Cheers pete.  After the Azevs its then the Fuchs.  Il have no fingers left by the time im done.

aha.  I know what you mean Coxy.  My fingers were raw when I was all done.  Here's how I did mine:
In topic "Tire Terminology"
Tought it might be nice to be able to understand everyting printed on your tires.  I found this and thought it might come in handy:

In topic "Tire Speed Ratings"
Found a great little guide to the speed rating for tires.  Thought it might come in handy....

In topic "Wheel to Arch Clearance"
We all know that when a wheel and tyre fits snugly under the wheel arch it makes the whole car look great.  Well, check this out. Never seen such a small amount of clearance and there doesnt seem to be any body rubbing either!

In topic "993 C4S Tyres - Potenza S-02A vs. SportContact 2"
I have been running both S01 and S02.  They are getting arder to get it seems, but I absolutely love them.  The run well in all conditions including the wet.

Some people go the Pilot Sport Cups.  Softer compound, light weight, but Im still a S01 or S02 fan.
In topic "Fuchs Wheels Decoder"
The Fuchs alloy wheels have been synonymous with the classic 911 upto 1989. With production of the traditional Fuchs wheels now at an end, the second hand market is thriving and a good original set of Fuchs can set you back a small fortune. With the availability of good Fuchs limited and demand high, there are a number of after market suppliers of immitation wheels and it is all too easy to buy a set of fakes when you think your buying originals.

I have put together a Fuchs Wheels Decoder to help you identify which Fuchs are which.  Just enter the part number found on the back of the Fuchs wheel and the decoder will tell you the size, offset, weight and original finish.

You can find the Fuchs decoder over on Channel P101tv in the Porsche Folio resources area.

Click here to visit: Channel P101tv Fuchs Wheel Decoder
It could have been colour coded, but I suspect a previous owner did it.

I have also done another Fuchs decoder, but in reverse.  This lets you enter the wheel size and it will tell you all the wheel part numbers and specs available in that size.

You can find it here:

Fuchs Wheel Size Decoder
In topic "HELP: Wheel & Braking Problem"
Nothing immediate springs to mind.  Could be Geometry or even a wheel bearing maybe.  Does it happen in a straight, cornering or both?
In topic "Titanium Wheel Nuts"
Titanium has long since been used in the motorsport world due to its high strength to weight ratio.  The aircraft industry is also another area where titanium has been a metal of choice.  If your an owner of a Porsche up to 1989, your Porsche is probably fitted with a closed ball seat type nut with a 14x1.5mm thread and 19mm AF.  Why not treat yourself and your Porsche to a set of titanium wheel nuts.  They look great, weigh less than half of a steel equivalent and have fantastic strength characteristics.  They also have a high resistance to corrosion and will stay looking good.  Channel P101tv are offering a set of of Titanium Wheel Nuts made from Gr5 Titanium.

Head over a take a look at their Porsche Titanium Wheel Nuts

In forum "Brakes"
In topic "Importance of Brake Fluid"
All too often brake fluid considerations fall by the wayside.  Not just for daily driving but especially for track days when brake fluid comes into its own as far as braking performance is concerned.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic meaning that its good at absorbing moisture. This is apparently a manufacturers design parameter for brake fluid because it means that any moisture in the brake system won't amass and cause corrosion in the pipes or even freeze in cold temperatures which could result in the brakes failing or split brake pipes due to the expansion of the frozen water.  So instead moisture is absorbed thus avoid these problems.
This solves one problem, but creates another. Brakes operate at high temperatures. This is especially the case on track with hard braking repeated from one corner to the next and unlike daily driving doesnt provide much time for the brakes to cool.

While most of the heat is transferred away from the braking components by cooling ducts and vented discs, a lot of this heat is still transferred to the brake calliper and pads and in turn heating the brake fluid. Brake fluid therefore has a high boiling point, typically typically more than 200 degrees Celsius, but water has a boiling point of only 100 degrees Celsius. Small amounts of water absorbed into the brake fluid reduces the effective boiling point down to temperatures way below this level and typically to circa 140 degrees Celsius depending on levels of braking and atmospheric conditions.
So, if the fluid boils, you can get pockets of water steam in the brake system which is more or less the same as having air in the brake lines. Unlike brake fluid these steam pockets are compressible,  so when you stamp on the brake peddle as you approach a sharp bend, you end up using valuable braking energy to compress the steam pockets rather than clamping the brake pads against the brake discs.  The end result is that you will feel the brakes progressively losing their effectiveness and they wont feel positive under foot.  Ultimately they will fail and maybe cause an accident.

So for these reasons, it is absolutely vital to change and/or flush your brake system regularly.  You also need to chose a brake fluid with boiling point specifications to withstand the heat of track day driving.
Quote: GaryH at Oct 20, 2008 8:18:59 pm
Buy Castrol SRF - end of :) Can we go down the pub now ?

I totally agree mate.  Mine's SRF all the way.  Yes we can go to the pub, but I spent all my money on SRF
Nice work Gwyn - I have just changed out my fluid for SRF. I have completely overhauled my complete braking system for a turbo master cylinder and brembo GTPL's.  I have yet to use it on the track but am looking forward to putting SRF through its paces.  If AP600 has the same properties of SRF but is cheaper then it must be a serious contender. Cheers fella.
Quote: hukent at Jan 09, 2010 1:02:42 pm
Motul 600, used it for years, never had a problem with brake fade.

Motul definitely has a good reputation for sure.
Quote: hukent at Feb 18, 2010 6:21:02 pm
Going 'On Track' with a standard road car is always a compromise.
As long as you start off steadilly for 3 or 4 laps, not attack the circuit, late braking and chucking the car about,
you won't have a problem with the standard set up.
I have never boiled my brakes in a road car or competition car, because i drive them accordingly.
Warm everything up PROPERLY, brake normally BEFORE the corner and drive the car through the bends.
Your tyres will take more punishment than the brakes, especially at Spa, which is a high speed circuit with
mostly gentle corners and bends.
But don't worry, we'll look after you.

I totally agree.  If you drive properly and take your timen getting things up to temperature comonets should last  little longer.  I have suffered with brake fade after prolonged use, but a quick trip to the pit and a cup of coffee fixed the problem  :cool:

Quote: hukent at Feb 19, 2010 8:27:13 pm
I don't see a problem as you are not a complete novice, you must remember Porsche cars are 'race bred' so are better
equipped than most for track days.
Also don't believe ALL you read on I.B. some of them spout a lot of ''*ullshit''!!!

That is something I love about the Porsche,especially the older one like ours.  Porsche designed their cars to be driven to the track, thrashed around the circuit and then driven home again.  I love e'm fo that!
In topic "Upgrade Options"
I have just upgraded to Brembo GTPL's.  These are bigger 312mm discs front and back and 4 pot calipers again both front and back.  The reason I upgraded was to cope with the increased perfromance from my engine.  As Gwyn recommends I have gone for SRF brake fluid.

I also had to up the brake master cylinder from std 3.2 to one from a 930 turbo.

Lastly having installed identicle calipers on front and rear, I had to install a bias valve.  I used one from a 964 RS.  Gwyn is right about needing a bias valve - i tried it without and almost spun the car!
Hi Greemy - the upgrade options are numerous.  Most of the other calipers and discs will fit with an adapter plate and some fiddling.  The 993's I know will go on but you will need a spacer to get the disc alignment to run true in the caliper, and if you are putting them under a 16" fuch you will need to take off a little metal to shoe horn them in.  Its all doable though.
Like Gynn says, the first and cheapest upgrade is a decent set of pads and fluid.  Pagid's and SRF would be my recommendation.  SRF isnt cheap buts its performance is brilliant.  Next could be some slotted discs.

If you want more then it gets expensive.  I have fitted a set of Brembo GTPL's which are awesome.  They are a bloody tight squeeze and I had to get some 951 offset wheels on the front and a 3mm spacer....

here's the Brembo GTPL setup on mine at the front:

You can alo fit 930 turbo brakes.  They are harder to find but they will definitely fit with a bit of a massage.
In topic "Brembo GTPL Upgrade"
Thought I'd share a few pics of the Brembo brake upgrade on my car.

Here's a before and after pic of the front.

Here's the std 3.2c brake setup:

and here's the Brembo GTPL setup:

These cost a small fortune as they are more powerful than the famous Porsche big reds.  The discs and calipers are identical front and rear.  I fitted a Porsche 964 RS bias valve as it had the bypass pressures I was looking for.  I also fitted  930 turbo master cylinder.

I have used original Brembo pads and Castrol SRF brakefluid (best IMHO). 

I got mine from the US.  They are stocked at  call steve and have a chat on pricing....
In topic "Carrera Brake Calipers."
What are you going to do to them?  New seals etc.  Doing a paint job too!
Great work Hu......

are these units from your car, or have you bought these seprately as an upgrade...Are you goung to brush enamel them or spray them?

It helps you have a sandblaster to hand.  I must get one of those when space/funds allow......
How's the refurb comming along Hu.  Any more updates?
Awesome.  That was quick.....Any pics of the finished materpiece? 
Oh no...  I have had that......  I tried everything you list and in the end it was the master cylinder.  It was fine before I had all the brakes off, but was buggered when I put it back!

Have you tried pressure bleeding as a last resort....
I bet it ends up being the master cylinder.  I hope not, but it seems a fairly common problem....
dd you get thw pressure up in the end.....

calipers look good. nice job.
glad brakes are getting sorted Hu. they can be tough to bleed
I cant think of what else you would need to do to get it perfect.  You have done just about everything...
In topic "Caliper Repaint"
Hi Matt

Looks good.  Is that just a paint on with a brush or aerosole?  What paint is it and how much does it cost?
In topic "964 Calipers"
Nice one Hu.  Thats a second second set of calipers you refurbished  :agree:

Do they fit under the fuchs OK?  Do the discs (front and Rear) go straight on?  How do youm deal with the rear handbrake or does it all stay the same?
How's that Knee healing up Hu.  Has it allowed you to get these calipers done?
They look really good Hu.

- Whats the difference in spec over te 3.2 ones?
- Did you stay with the 3.2 disccs?
- Is the master cylinder the same or upgraded?
- Were the calipers a straight swap (apart from the brake lines)?

Great work!
In topic "Supersport brakes"
I think with the supersport it came with a turbio body and turbo suspension and brakes.  The turbo brakes are a great upgrade and if you can find a set they are a good find.
In topic "Carrera 3.2 upgrade"
Hi Mate - Havent seen you in a while.  Hope all is well.  996 and 964 and 930 brakes all fit the early cars (with some fiddling).  I seem to remember Hukent on here fitted some bigger calipers.  Check out his thread on it.
Im sure Ive seen adapter plates for the 996 Calipers to fit the early 911's.  I'll have a dig around and see what I can find.
Quote: JK at Jan 15, 2013 8:00:33 pm
They are definately out there but not sure where! I think I am putting the brake upgrade on the back burner for the minute while I sort out a coil over conversion.

I did a coilover conversion on mine.  I went for the Bilstein RSR Dampers and Springs.
Rebel are good JK.  You can also look at EBS racing which is where I got mine.

In forum "Our Readers 911"
In topic "Pete's MoTec 3.5ltr 911"
My 911 is a 1974 911 coupe with a 3.5l Motec powered engine.

I have put together a gallery of pictures of my 911.

Gallery pics
Quote: Wildsie at Feb 18, 2009 8:04:09 pm
Great looking car Pete!!  :)

Thanks Mike.  Its taken me a few years.  Its almost there.  Im just finalising a gearbox suspension and brake upgrade then it should be done.
Im pleased to say my car was published in Practical Performance Magazine.

You can see the article here:

Well I am pleased to say my car is back in action.  So this is summary of what I have done:

- RSR coilovers all round;
- Rear suspension towers modified with RSR triangular braces;
- re-shaped torsion tube to let the G50 slot into place;
- RSR type spring plates;
- G50 gearbox rebuilt and quaife diff inserted for good measure;
- G50 pedal box and all hydraulics;
- obviously had to have electronic speedo.  Had it recalibrated to 180mph and re-screenprinted;
- while I was at it had wishbones powdercoated as well as ally cross member.

Been out giving her a test drive today and I have to say I am really pleased with the results.  I like the gear change and the G50 ratio's seem well suited to the power.  The bands are much longer than before.  From a handling perspective she is awesome. She sits firm true and level.  The cornering is just great.  Feels like she's on rails.  Its a much firmer ride and you get a very good feel for how shes handling.

Will sort some pics soon......
Here's some pictures:

RSR Bilstein coilover suspension at the front:

Here's the centre cross member having been powder coated:

Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Apr 13, 2009 6:31:42 pm
I dont think Pete would mind me steeling his thunder here but the main reason the shields are removed is to increase the air circulation to enable better brake cooling. Predominantly the more air you can get speeding around the brakes the better especially when on the track. Sometimes the owners fit air ducting of all descriptions to get the air channeled through the centre of the hub and out through the disc internal cooling fins.
Hope this helps.

Dirty Fuchs. ;)

Thanks for that.  Yes I took them off for exactly these reasons.  The shield seems to increase temperature rather than reduce it.  It also has the side effect of trapping all the brake dust material in the braking area which is the last place you want it to be.

I may go the way you suggest and duct some air to the disc centres.
Here's a summary of the spec of my car:

- 35l Mahle Pistons & Barrels
- Compression ratio 10:5.1
- Jenvey 48mm Taper Throttle Bodies
- Bosch High Flow Fuel Injectors
- 996 GTII Camshaft Profile
- Titanium valve spring retainers
- Titanium Valve Springs rated to 8500rpm
- Twin Spark
- 964 Twin Distributor
- Gasflowed crankcases
- Shuffle pinned crank cases
- ARP Rods
- ARP Head Studs
- Motec M48 Pro engine management
- Sequential Fuel Injection
- Hayward & Scott Equal length Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust
I finally got round to changing my flag mirrors to aeros.

Here's the flags:

and here's after with the Aero installed:

The aeros a bit lighter too.  The flags weigh in at 1700g each while the aeros are just 975g each.  Thats a total weight saving of 1450g.  Every little helps :agree:
Thanks Brian

I bought the G50 gearbox second hand and out of the car so I had no idea what the condition was like.

Here it is as I bought it:

Then I rebuilt it with new bearings synchros etc as well as a new quaife LSD.  I had the cases chemically cleaned as well as ultrasonically cleaned.  The end housing at the rear of the box had been welded.  Rather than keep that I bought a new one.  Bloody expensive for such a small item.

This is how she turned out:

You can see my brake upgrade in the suspension pics above, but not a great view so here's about more about the upgrade.

I upgraded to brembo gran turismo's of GTPL's.  They are a more powerful than the brembo big reds and are designed to squeeze under a set of 16" fuchs, although you do need the 951 offset fuchs at the front.

Here's a before and after pic of the front.

Here's the std 3.2c brake setup:

and here's the Brembo GTPL setup:

The upgrade was completed with an upgrade of master cylinder from standard 3.2 to a turbo master cylinder.  I also fitted a brake bias valve from a 964 RS.  Finally I used castrol SRF brake fluid.

The stopping power is incredible.  At high speed they bleed off the speed brilliantly.
Another job done.  I've got a nice shiny ally undertray to replace the crappy old steel one.  The ally is a tough 2mm thick with higher magnesium content for strength and rigidity.  The basic profile is bent and they more contoured areas fabricated and welded.  The depressed mounts are fabricated from aluminium tubing.

For those who like counting the calories - the original steel one weighed in at 6lbs and the new ally one weighs in at 3lbs, so a modest 3lb saving.  Weight saving wasnt my objective though.  I just thought the rusty steel one looked butt ugly

After I built the 3.5 ltr engine I found that it produced a load of crank pressure and oil was comming out the breather pipe from the oil tank.

I have to say it collects a load of oil, especially if I have been driving at high RPMS.

One advantage, is that the condensation that normally builds up around the filler tank neck now collects in the catch tank, keeping the filler tank clean.  This was an accidiential side effect but veery welcome!
Thought you might be interested in how the car sounds.

This is a short clip of the car when the engine was a standard 3.2 Carrera engine:

Here's how it sounds with the same stock 3.2 engine, but with a Hayward and Scott equal length stainless steel exhaust.

Here's a quick video introduction to my 911.  This is before I did the suspension, brakes, gearbox, engine, engine management upgrades.

This is how she sounds now with the 3.5l upgrade, exhaust, twin spark, throttle bodies, exhaust etc:

Along with the RSR Coilover suspension upgrade I removed all the trosion bars. At the rear I replaced the standard soring plate for an RSR / 935 spring plate:

This provides the following benefits:

    *  Greatly simplifies rear toe and camber adjustments, making them independent of each other.
    * Design concepts were incorporated from the dominant Porsche 935 race cars.
    * Features standard and raised pivot point options for lowered cars.
    * Eliminates stock rear rubber bushings and replaces stock spring plates.
    * Pivot points use precise tolerance Chromoly rod ends for super strength.  Teflon/Kevlar liners provide
      wear resistant long term reliability.
    * Aircraft grade hardware with drilled bolt head option available for safety wire applications.
    * Anodized bearing housings and CAD/nickel plated spring plates for long term corrosion resistance.
I have just picked up my fibre-glass turbo rear spolier.  Looks great and will no doubt save a tonne of weight of the OEM original that's on there now.  Will post a picture tomorrow as well as the weight!
Saturday was a fun filled day for me.  I finally dot round to replacing my steering column top bearing.

What a pain in the arse to do.  I think Porsche quote 8 hours for this job.  I managed to get it done in 5 hours, but it definitely isnt something to be enjoyed.

Here's a brief summary of what needs to be done:

- remove front carpet set, blower shield, and airbox;
- remove steering colum shaft plastic cover;
- undo and release universal joint;
- remove speedo;
- under sheer bolts behind speedo on the bulkhead;
- drill out sheer bolts for ignition switch and remove swith assembly;
- remove steering wheel;
- remove plastics around window wiper and indicator stalks;
- remove window wiper and indicator stalks;
- drill out sheer bolt under footwell;
- remove knee pad;
- pull out steering column assembly;
- remove bottom bearing, then tap out top bearing.

Once dissmantled I cleaned out all the tube and shaft.  Re-packed the bottom bearing and then re-assembled with the new top bearing.

Here's the steering column assembly removed

Here's the top bearing replaced

There's the bottom bearing cleaned, repacked with grease and installed
Off to get my car corner weighted and balanced and then all the geometry set properly. 

I did the geometry roughly with a plumb line and tape measure and alot of patience, but it needs doing properly.

Will report back tomorrow night with the results.
Hi Kev

Im getting them done by Gwynsms on this forum.  He's got a shed load of experience in this area and I ve been with him when he has been setting other 911's up.  He also does Carlbon's car.

He's located just west out of London nr Fleet.

Not sure on price yet, will agree a final price tomorrow.  Usually this is a ten plus hour job on the older 911's due to a combination of their set up and usually because all the underside nuts and bolts are rusted solid.  Mine should be a different story as firstly everything under the car is brand new and second, I have coil overs and RSR spring plates.

Am getting quite excited at finding our how her handling will improve when she's all done....
Just got back home after a day's worth of geometry and corner weighting!  Am knackered so will write it up tomorrow.

Just as a quick tease though, the car now drives so well.  I thought it was great in the first place but now she is so well planted.....

More anon......
So, here's the results of my 6 hour marathon of setting the corner weights, balance, caster, camber and Toes.

First up the total weight if the car:

I was surprised at the weight of the car at 1205.5kg.  I thought it would be slightly lighter than that.  It had about 26 litres of fuel which weighs in at about 19.6kg.  No surprises on the front and rear weight distribution at about 60/40 which is correct for a 911.

Then there was the corner weights and balancing.  This is the most important of the total package of work.  It is probable accountable for about 75% of the overal perfromance gains to be had from everything in the alignment and balancing department.  So getting it right here is key.  Here are the results:

The final split in weights and difference accross the axles looks good and Im pleased with the results.  The spliyt accross the rear was improved from c. 4% difference to just 1.8%

The diagonal cross weights are now veery impressive:

The delta has moved from 4.6% to just 0.2%. Personally I think this is pretty amazing and tells me the car is very balanced.

The castor results showed no adjustment was necessary:

The camber results were as follows:

The front camber didnt need adjusting.  A camber of 1 degree neg on each of the front wheels is a good setting for fast road.  If the car was a track warrior then Id be looking for as much as I could get, perhaps 1.5 or even 2 degrees of neg.

I was trying to get 1.25 degrees neg camber on the rear, but it proved difficult to achoeve as the cam on the spring plate run out of movement.  But the difference is small and neither here nor there and Im happy with the final result.

Now we come to Toe.  This took a long time to get right.  The RSR spring plates made life easier in this department, but it still took a few iterations.  Here's the results:

While the fron wheels had an equal 0.5mm of toe in which is perfect, the rears seem to be pointing in different directions.  The difference game me a thrust angle of 5.5mm.  Not good!

However, the results were great.  After alot of iterations of adjustment and measurement, the rear toes is now an equal 1mm for each rear wheel.  More imnportantly the thrust angle is now 0mm and gone from thr equation.

Driving home after the day of setting up was pretty amazing.  The car is much steadier on the road and very stable at high speed.  The corner weights have also inmproved the braking performance and she brakes steady and even under hard braking.

All in all a good thing to have done.

So whats next.  well, I need to get out in her more and enjoy her, but I would like to put the car on a diet and shed a few kilo's.  I recon I could loose 200kg just by installing the RUF bumpers front and rear, loosing the impact shocks under the bumpers and backdating to the crush tubes, replacing the turbo spoiler with a fibre glass one and maybe loosing the rear seat backs and going all RS in the rear!  But, thats going to be another story for a later date.
Thanks Kev -

Ive been out in her today for a proper drive.  The first real drive since its been set up.  I have to say the car feels really planted.  She feels glued to the road and really stable in te coners and at igh speed.  It was worth every penny and all the hours undernieth the car setting it just right.

This is definitely as you say, as good as any BHP tune up.

I cant recommend getting this done enough!
Thanks Jay - I love it too.  I often slow down, just so I can accelerate again.  Never switch the stereo on these days  :agree2:
My car is featured in the MArch 2010 issue of the PCGB Post Magazne....It's on pages 63,64 and 65.  I'll try and scan it and post here later.
My car has appeared twicecnow in the Porsche Club magazine.  The forst time was march 2009 and then again March 2010.  I've only just got round to scanning the articles.

Here's the March 2009 article:

and here's the March 2010 article:

here's my collection of articles: My 911 Articles
Im Pleased to say my car found its way into 9Magazine in the US.

I just bought myself a digital inclinometer.  I need to make sure that my ride hieght and angle of attack of the car are correct.  Ive noticed some high speed instability and I suspect I havent got the 1 degree angle of attack specified by Porsche.

This little gadget should help do the trick!
Hre's a bit of a tribute poster I put together for fun:

Hi Keiron.  The aero mirrors are from a 964 or 993.  Best to buy second hand as tey cost a small fortune and then strip them down and repaint in the colour you need.  They mount straight into the standard holes in the door.

Here's how I did my mirrors:

The front valance had the option of no fogs.  So all I did was source a second hand one.  They are as cheap as chips.  So just ring around the Porsche breakers, or look on evil bay or Stuttgart Exchange

Posting pics is easy.  Like most forums these days, you need a picture hosting account somewhere and then you just paste the URL for the picture into the thread and hey presto it appears.

I have created Channel p101tv.  If you create an account there and upload your pictures (and video if you like) you can then quickly insert the pictures here.  Here's a guide for posting pics from P101tv into this forum once you've created an account.
Had some more time on my hands, so I thought I'd spray the car in Chrome.

Quote: pantsmachine at Aug 27, 2010 5:01:28 am
The cars a cracker Pete. IS this the last car you'll ever own? I don't count family wagons as cars! :)

Yes, I think so.  I could never sell her as I spent too much of my life and my bank account.  Besides she's so much fun to drive.
A little picture video of my 911 at a photoshoot for PPC Magazine

Here's my engine build.....  A few highlights:

Im Pleased to say my car found its way into PPC Magazine this summer.  It was on the cover too.

Here's a little tribute photo video to my 911

It's my MOT this week.  I hate this time of year  :sad019:
Quote: hukent at Jan 30, 2012 4:12:02 pm
No worries mate, she'll breeze it.

Thanks Hu.  Well, I'm pleased to say she passed.  Strasight through and no faults or warnings....  :happy013:
Quote: Brian911s at Feb 01, 2012 10:31:02 pm
That is really nice Engine work Pete. Awaysome....

Thanks Brian.  It was a big project.  Took me over 100 hours, but the results were worth the effort.
My car appeared on the cover of 911 & Porscheworld and a 6 page article inside.  It's out now, but is dated as the August 2012 issue!
In topic "Random Pics"
Post random 911 pic's here.

In topic "Nick's 993 "
Hi Nick - Nice car.  What are the performance figures?  Has she been on a diet too?
In topic ""
Hi Peter -

First off welcome to the forum. 

That sounds totally hardcore.  It does sound like a great combination and I would imagine will deliver plenty of power. I assume you have a standard stroke so this will be 3.4ltr when done?

I have Jenvey's on mine and have to say they are both a great quality product as well as deliver a good uplift in power and torque.

Can I ask why cams you will be choosing as this will be key to the final power and troque numbers.

Is yours a G50 or 915 car?

BTW, I am currently into clutch options.  What is the spec of the patric motorsports one and what made you chose it.

Lastly, have you any pics of your car to share with everyone?
Nice car Pete.  Congratulations.

In regard to cams, this is a really important choice.  IMHO it really defines the character of the car and the way she feels to drive.  A popular choice is the 964 cams, but to be honest given to engine management choice and given you have throttle bodies on there I would say you could go more aggresive - maybe a GTII profile like mine or even GE40.
In topic "3.2 Impact"
Hi Peter

That sounds like a well spec'ed 911.  A 3.4ltr Throttle bodied IB.  From my experience the throtle bodies and the increase in capacity will make a vast difference, especially given you have better engine management.  Even with standard cams you've got to be looking at c. 300bhp.

A couple of questions:

(1) what camshaft profile do you think you'll opt for;
(2) are you going twin spark;
(3) what ignition will you be using, coil or coil pack;
(4) will you keep the CIS fuel of go for digital sequential (im not familiar with Omex so dont know if it suppoerts that)

Look forward to reading about in the mag, but please drop a few lines on this thread so we can all see it develop.

PS - great quality photo's.
Hey Davy

Thats a really interesting post.  First off though please post some pics and description of your project in readers cars section.  Im sure everyone would love to see it!

On the SSI side, I would like to see some figures.  Like you and probably everyone on this forum, I thought the SSI's added power to all engines it was fitted to, but your observations on the difference between the port size and the primaries would go along way to explaining any power short falls.  The air flow need to be unempedied and a step would certaibnly screw things up.

What sort of power loss (or lack of power gain) are you seeing on your 3.2 engine with and without SSI's?
In topic "coxys sse"
Welcome Coxy

Nice car.  How long have you had her?  What have you done to her during your ownership?
She's certainly a looker.  I do like the wide bodied cars. 

If you've got the top off, you could add a set of cheeky cams 
I think probably for a std engine and std management system something like a 964 supercup cam.  Will provide more troque and more BHP right accross the rev range....

I bought my cams from the US.  Tere are two companies:  Webcamshafts and DRC Camshafts.  Both will grind from new billet.  Price ranges between $790 to $890 depending on the company.  This of course was a great price when there was two bucks to the pound!
Hi Mate - yes.  Is there a place I can download it from?  If not we'll have to arrange for a CD or something.  Cheers fella.
Great work Coxy.  Those pics are truly awesome.  We all think we are good with a digital camera, but the professiona who took those for Totall911 are truly great.  Have you got a copy of the article you post for all to read?

Coxy - your main fan looks good.  What finish is that?
I see your car is featured on the front cover of August's edition of Porsche Post.  Your getting famous mate.  Nice work .
In topic "SE's Porsche 911 carrera 3.2 1985"
Welcome to the forum Sigurbjorn.  That is a very nice example of a 3.2.  Is it all Original?  The paitwork looks stunning.  Is the car otherwose comletely standard or have you made any modifications?

Did you take the pictures yourself.  They are very professional looking.
Your friend certainly takes a good picture.

If you ever decide to mod your car there's plenty of experienced people on here who'd love to hear your ideas or suggest some ideas of their own.
In topic "Wildsie's 911 Club Sport!"
That is a fantastic looking car Wildsie.  Can you tell us a little more about the spec on the CS?  I know they were limited in numbers lighter than a 3.2 and had a different map.  I'd be interested in hearing the actual spec from the factory and if you have done anything to modify her?

Those pictures are very professional.  Did you take them yourself or did you have them done by a professional. 

I hope to see her in the flesh one day.................
In topic "rollandburn's '85 911"
Welcome to the forum.

The 3.2's are a great 911.  In my opinion these 911's (1969-89) are the best 911's ever made.  Better quality and more spirited than the newer ones!

Have you any plans to modify her in anyway or is she going to stay stock?  At 60k miles then engine should be good for many more happy motoring miles.
In topic "Presentation of me and my 911"
Welcome to you and froggy  ;) 

That's a great project you have on the go.  Im looking forward to seeing more picture and detaiuls of progress.

Will you plan to keep it all standard 2.7 spec or will there be some variation along the way?
In topic "Andrew's 3.2 Carrera Sport "
I love those RUF bumpers Andy and of course black is an awesoke colour!!

Do you have a picture hosting account somewhere like photo bucket?  If so you can have your pictures displayed permenantly in this thread rather than as a download link.  You just need to post the URL to the picture location.
In topic "Neil's Targa"
Nothing to be ashamed of there Neil  Great looking car.  Tell us more about it?

btw If you have pic hosting account with someone like photobucket you can enbed your photo's into the post.....
In topic "Greemy's 3.2 Carrera"
This looks set to be a great project Greemy .  (C) A 3.2 CS interpretation.  Looking forward to lots of updates and pictures mate.

If you need any inspiration check out Wildsies CS in his thread here : Wildsies CS Thread

Good luck fella
Quote: andy miles at Dec 04, 2010 10:59:27 pm
hi greemy,that cs sure looks the bits now!,i really like the colour you have used on the wheels and with the graphics looks just great....nice work.......andy

I agree with Andy - the wheels and graphics combination look brilliant.....
In topic "Ebony - my current 'baby'."
So Mr D Fuchs I hear you did 320 hours of work on this beauty over the winter.  What did you spend the time doing?
Hi Kev -

You should put some of your Blackbird pics here for everyone to see the trasnformation.
In topic "JK's Track ready 3.0 SC"
Welcome to the forum JK.  Nice 911. 

Tell us a bit more about the car.  The spec the mods the performance etc.
JK - Have you done anything to the engine or is it running standard config?

It would be interesting to know what you plan to do to the engine although given the lightweight mods it probably pulls well already I would imagine.
There as many things you can do to improve power depending on how big your budget is.  Porsches are quite expensive to tune.  Porsche generally managed to most of the extractable power out of their engines.

So as a baseline the 3.0 SC spec was as follows:

Capacity: 2994cc
CR: 8.5:1
BHP: 180bhp
Torque: 195 ft lbs

An obvious choice would be to change the engine.  NA or Turbo?  A well trodden path is to buy a 993 varioram engine at 3.6ltr.  This is not cheap but its all relative.  I went for a ground up approach and took a 3.2 carerra engine and tuned it to bits....expensive but enjoyable.  A 3.6ltre swap would be cheaper.

If you are sticking to the SC engine then you could make a real hot rod engine out of it and make it like the 3.0 RS.  A nice high reving torqy beast.

So there's cams (maybe an eraly 'S') valvles increase compression ratio throttle bodies.......

Lots to think about
NA rocks IMHO  :happy013: The SC started with less power and then finished up with 204 bhp.

Looking forward to seeing progress on your and maybe helping you decide which way to go on the power front.
Nice work JK.  Did you make it or buy it?  Whats the fit like and how easy was it install?

Do you know how much it all weighed in at?

Good work.  :agree:
I notice your selling your rear boot lid and spoiler.  what plans have you got for your car - light weight or something a bit different.....?
Quote: JK at Jan 12, 2010 7:24:44 pm
Got my wheels today, well pleased with them. Can't wait until the weekend now to get them bolted on.

8x17 fronts and 9.5x17 rears

Awesome Jay.  Nice find!

9.5 at the back is going to be a close one.  Should be tight, but just about give you clearance.  Lets see some pics of them on the car.

What rubber is on them?
Quote: JK at Jan 12, 2010 7:52:00 pm
Rears have 265/40/17 Toyo proxes t1 and fronts have 235/45/17 Fulda Y3000.

I am currently running 9" rears with 255's so I am hoping if I run 245's there will be plenty of room under there!
I am in contact with an American company at the minute trying to finalise the parts for the coilover conversion so hopefully I will get that sorted some and get the car a bit closer to the floor!!

I also really want to get the inside tidied up and painted white, 964 electric rear spoiler and the manual window conversion so I have plenty to be going on with!

I run 245's on the rear on a set of 9's and they fit nice;y, so I would hop you'll be fine!  Looking forward to seeing them on the car fella.
I agree they look better in white to match the car!  Nice one  :agree:

Wheels look good too.  Seems like you could drop the car a little.  Have you checked the hights to see if its standard?
Quote: JK at Jan 14, 2010 9:51:05 pm
I want to drop it a lot to be honest! I think the front is dwon as far as it will go, don't know about the rear.

I have been in touch with a guy in America about a coilover conversion kit, just waiting for him to get back to me with definate prices.

Awesome Jay. Coilovers make sucha difference.....Makes it easy for hight adjustment and heneral geometry!
Nice one Jay. They look really nice!  Great choice!
awesome jk. this is going to be an interesting thread.

its always good to see someone rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck in.

i guess the bead blast will reveal the true condition of the body. do you want a pure restoration job, or will you be modifying too.

if your going coilover, then make sure you strwnthwn the rear shock towers.

you can also have a wealded front strut brace assembly like the rsr cars.

anything going to happen in the engine department......

ps _ take millions of photos during disssmantle. this will reallyhelp when you put her together again
You definitely got alot done in three hours.  Keep it up and you'll be done in no time.

Can I ask a favour - if you get the time culd you take a few pics of your RS door cards back abd front and post them in the RS door car thread.  Cheers....

RS Door Cards
You done amazing well is a very short period of time.

Your going t need a bigger house to store everyting.

Are you going to do all the welding repairs yourself or get it done elsewhere.  Personally I think its good if you can go at it yourself, but that's not alwasossible or convenient.
Quote: JK at Mar 03, 2010 7:32:57 pm
Thanks, it does seem to be coming on at a steady pace!

Pete I will be doing all the welding at home and work. I am hoping I will be doing everything other than blasting and paint, should keep the cost down considerably.

Mark I never really noticed but yes the box looks massive!! It has a large hole in aswell so will definately be upgrading that when the time comes. The rear isn't fibreglass unfortunately, It weighs an absolute ton. I am changing the rear to 964 with electric spoiler.

Engine and box comes out Saturday if all goes to plan!

Keep up the good work fella.  By the way, if you get a spare moment, please wiegh a few bits and post in the weights and measures section.  Be nice to build up a database of what everything weighs.

911 Weights and Measures
Whoa.  That's alot of tear done very quickly.  Your lucky to have access to a post lift.  Makes life alot easier.

From those pics you have alot of work to do.  Looks like:

- in and outer sills;
- either new rear quarter or patch;
- Kidney's?????

what else is missing from the photo's......

- lock pillars?

This is going to be an interesting thread, if not an epic journey  :happy013:

btw -  did your car have th heavy rear underseat rubber matting.  I'm trying to find out how muchy it weighs as Im considering taking it out.  If you have it could you weigh it for me.  Cheers.
Quote: JK at Apr 02, 2010 8:04:03 pm
Well progress has been slow lately, work and other commitments have kept me away from the garage! It seems the longer I am without the 911 the more I want to break it for bits to part fund a 964!

Anybody want some 911 parts??

I feel for you mate.  It always akes you suicidal when the car is in pieces and the enormity of the road ahead becomes clear.  I do understand your positon though.  I went through the same thing myself.  I ended up sticking with it, but id completely understand if you threw the towel in and went for some halfway done or more modern.

Keep the faith and take your time before making the decision...... :agree: 
Christ, what a rip off job......

They are the oldest looking new panels Ive ever seen......They must have put the old ones back on by mistake.

Eeven though you've got a huge job ahead of you I do think you have made the right decision.  At the end of this journey you will know that you have a 100% straight and solid car.  Even f you went and bought another one, you'd never know what was lurkin underneath.

Looking forward to seeing the progress.  Keep in there    :agree:
Your doing well JK.  Nice work.  Im loving the pile of crap!  Thats one way to save weight  :agree:

I like the shot showing the sneaky bottle of bear - you can live on food alone  :happy07:

The floor from the inside doesnt look so bad..... be nice to have a few good panels !
how about a 3.2 engine upgrade while you've got her in pieces
haha. nice one. how about the RUF CTR1 yellowbird spec engine. 469 bhp  :agree2:
Hows progress.  Any more to share?
Great news fella.  Glad the project is back.....  So you've gone to the dark side "Watercooled"  :happy07:
Nice to see some straight, clean and rust free panels.  Are you going to weld them on yourself?

Where did you get the panels from? 

BTW - there's a thread for showing off your "Other Ride" here:

Whats your other car

Looking forward to seeing the new panels on the car...
That's looking very good there Jamie.  The engine bay has com out well.  Did you form the repair panel yourself.  Looks a good fit.  Must be nice to have it back as a rolling car !  engine has come up well too. What have you decided on th engine?
Looking good there JK.  How much more do you have to do?
Quote: JK at Mar 03, 2011 7:10:40 pm
Thanks Pete, the drivers side is now done, just need the same doing on the passenger side and a bit of tidying up at the front then its paint, engine in, fit up, coilovers etc etc!

Great stuff fella.  Seems on track.....
In topic "Peter Bull's Porsche Collection"
Im with Dirty Fuchs those speedlines are just awesome.  Are they second hand or did you buy them from RUF direct. What sizes are they.  Did they fitr straight off the bat or did you have to fiddle to get them to fit. 

Great job.  :agree:
Nice work Pete.  I am running Fuchs -  8x16 on the fron with 215/55 and 9x16 on rear with 245/45.  I\'d like to run more like yours, but am not sure of arch rubbing etc. Although I am running now with RSR Coilovers so the body roll will be reduced somewhat I guess..... :agree2:
In topic "Brian s "MartiniBird""
Welcome Brian and welcome to your MartiniBird.  I love the colour scheme and the Martini stripes but most of all I like the RUF look.  The CTR1 is one of my all time favourite cars.

Looking forward to more photo's of your car inside and out!

My car started as a 2.7 also.  Great cars!  Have to fiddled with the engine?
Hey Brian.  What have you been up to lately, havent sen you on the forum for a while.  How's the Martini bird these days?
Hey Brian

Nice to see you back in the forum.  Car is sounding good, especially the diet!  Let's see some pics!
In topic "SilverWT's 1984 3.2 Carrera"
Welcome to the forum SilverWT.

Sounds like you've got something special planned for your 911. Make sure you keep us posred here of progress - this should be interested to watch.
In topic "Brewnog's 1977 Project Car "
Welcome to the forum.

You've taken on a big one there but its going to be a great project to follow.

So what are your detailed plans for the body?  Keep it original or go with a back date look or maybe an RSR look?

And plans for the engine?  I guess you need to establish what you have before you decide what to do with it....

We need lots of pics so feel free to show us lots of before during and afters  :agree:
I think that colour is Mexico Blue.  Not sure though.  Does look great.  There is also another blue used on the early 911's called Arrow Blue.

How about a 1973 RSR Look:

or a 1974 3.0 RSR Look:

or a 1974 RS look:

Lots to choose from and all look awesome.

Have a look in the for sale area of the forumk for body panels and other things you might need.
Mexico is a great colour.

Don't forget to post some pics of the car in its current condition so we can see progress.

Fibreglass panels are a direct bolt on replacement for front wings doors bonnet engine lid spoiler front and rear bumpers.  Like most fibreglass panels they will require a little fettling but should be all straightforward.

Looking forward to seeing this one develop  :agree:
Awesome work James.  You really are getting your teeth into it.  This is proper hardcore and im loving everybit of it.

I'm really looking forward to it developing more.

Here's another idea for how it might look (C)

PS - I have just implemented an uprade to the forum software and so punctuation bugs, and others, have all been fixed!
Hey James -

Im with Davy.  A 3.2 transplat or even a 3.6 transplant will be more cost effective.  My engine started life as a 3.2 and I have have used it as a basis for creating my race engine.

The 3.2 is pretty bullet proof.  You should be able to pick up a 3,2 with engine management and loom for c. £2,500.  It will deliver far more power than the 3.0l and it will give you better fuel economy and will lay down the power more smoothly and evenly over the rev range.

Like you say, you can offload your current engine and get some money to pump into your project.  :agree:
Hey James -

I think you have made the right choice.  Get he body domn and driver her for a bit to see how she feels and then decide from there.

The wheels look good.  Very nicely done.  Get some tyre wall silk on there an they'll as new.

I did a refurb on my Fuchs.  Here's my guide.  This is for Fuchs but there may be some tips in there that you find useful.

Keep up the good work.
Nice work James.

I always find cold beer a good incentive to do work, but only if you limit the numbers, or it has the opposite effect  :blush:

How are you doing the painting.  Aerosols or a proper spray gun?
Hows the project comming along James?  Any more photo's?
that looks great. its really comming along nicely. i had a sumilar problem on my roof. i stipped it back and rubbed it with sporot andall was well.

the wheels look good.

so what is next on the agenda?
Looks like your making some real progress. 

I like the early look front and rear bumpers.  Did they go on easily?  You'll save quite a bit of weight with those.

The 3.2 carrera engine will make a huge difference.  Is the engine standard or has it been tuned in any way.

Keep it up and you'll be on the road before you know it.
Light weight plus a 3.2 - you will really notice a big difference in the car when you get her all back together.

A chip, exhuast and cam could make a massive difference.  Wort thinking about foe the future.
In topic "Rofgol's 2.7 Golden Delicious."
Very nice example of the early 911's.  Mine started as a 165bhp 1975 911.  What are your plans for the car.....leave her as standard, restoration or modification.....
Nice work Raf.  She looks fantastic  :agree: .  I love those Porsche decals on the side against the gold paintwork. 
In topic "my 3.2"
Hi Kenny

Am pleased you managed to post some pics of your Targa.  She looks a beauty.

Sounds like your a hands on guy so it will be good to see your projects as you get underway fiddling with the car.

What are you going to do in the exhaust department?  Are you going for sound or power gains or both?
There are so many things you can do to these cars to improve them and its even better if you can do them yourself.  Maybe a cam, exhaust and chip as a first upgrade.  Is certainly the cheapest to do and gives the biggest bang for your buck.  Perhaps a quick dyno run before you start to see how many horses you've got to start with.

A strut brace, turbo spec ARB's and maybe just a set of decent pads and brake fluid.

Sometimes a good set of pad's and brake fluid is a good (and cheaper) upgrade compared to the expense of bigger calipers and discs.
In topic "Davy-D's 3.2 Powered SC Track Car"
Hey Davy -

The Targa looks great.  Was it always in such good condition or did you do any work on it?

The project car is a fabulous idea.  Light weight SC body with a similarly light weight 915 gearbox and a hard as nails 3.2 engine.

So what are your plans for this car from here?  Is it just track or will it be for road use too?  what about brakes, suspension, aerodynamics and cooling?

most imp-ortant of all, whats the budget for your 911 track monster?
In topic "New boy to porsche"
Hi Pete and welcome to the forum. 

Your 911 sounds awesome.  You cant post such a teasing thread and then not share any photo's with us. 

Any engine mods or is she standard.

Cant wait to see it.
Clay baring eh..  Good stuff.  I recently did mine.  Here's my little guide for clay baring....

Claying your 911

See here for child car seats:

911 Child Car Seats

Looking forward to seeing those photo's  :agree:
Tell us more about the wax you use.  Maybe start a thread over in the car care section of the forum.
In topic "MJ's new toy"
Welcome to the forum Mark.  She looks really nice.

Is it a club sport or has it just had the stickers and Fuchs painted.  Either way it looks great.

Any mods to the car from the previous owner and any plans for mods in the future.

Let's see some more pics when you have time.  Cant have enough pics I always say    :agree:
Nice video Mark.  Done by a professional no doubt!

I love this photo though:

So, hows the new Duck tail comming along.....?  Any updates?
Hi Mark - sounds like your having a bit of a nightmare.  Have you got any pics.

The only other place I know is in Charlton, but he's very good and a bit of a perfectionist.
In topic "'72 3.5ltr RS Replica"
Hi Boyders and welcome to the forum.....

You cant bore us with 911 stuff, so post away.  We love it.

This looks like a wonderful car.  306bhp in a 970 kilo car.  It must drive like stink!

Seems like we share the same taste in Polished Fuchs  :agree:

What have been the main changes to get the wieght down to tat figure?

Dont be shy - open up some other threads to show off some of the rest of youe collection  :agree:
Have you got any close up pics of your carbon fibre panesl.  Im interested to see if the weave is noticeable through the paint.
In topic "My 1989 3.2 Carrera"
Hi Dave

Welcome to our little 911 Forum. 

Thats a cracker of a car and 3.2 is IMHO a great choice of 911.  If tey are loked after they are hard to beat.

GPW is an awesome colour and she looks a beauty in the pics.

Any questions please ask away, there's plenty of people on here who are ready to help
Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Jan 05, 2010 6:38:59 pm
Quote: MarkJ at Jan 05, 2010 6:03:45 pm
Very nice Dave, great colour choice ;)

Wildsie seems to have a picture of mine above before it was lowered, its a spitting image  :)

Is that you Jammo flaunting your black beast?

Uuuuuummmmmm, yeahhhhh :blush:

Kev aka, Dirty Fuchs, aka, Jammo. :agree2:

Busted  Confus02.gif
Hi Dave

They look brilliant.  Sounds like a great a trip.  Loads of miles in your favourite toy!

By the way, take a look at my new site

Its a video and picture sharing website for all things Porsche.  You should upload some photo's there and some video if you have it. 
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Hi Andy

No need to reduce the pics to 50kb.

The best way is to do what everyone else here does and post pics via a third party host.

have a look here: A Guide to Posting Pictures

Give me a shout if you need any help.
The paint waork does look stunning.  Is it all original or have to had any work done on it?
Hi Andy -

I see you've added a few more pics of your beauty!  She's definitely a looker.  Very nice!
In topic "My 3.2 Carrera"
Welcome Hu.

Nice old girl you have there.  Nice find too to get one in such good condition and low mileage.

Your mods make sense too.

What are your plans?  Keep it most OEM or mod her a little more in the power department.
Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Jan 09, 2010 12:41:22 pm
Mod her a bit in the power department Pete??????? disdain025.gif

You wanna try catching the thing disdain023.gif

Regards (and blown off)

D disdain023.gif irty Fuchs

Really.  Tell more please....  How much power is she running?
Quote: hukent at Jan 09, 2010 12:59:01 pm
Quote: Pete at Jan 09, 2010 12:38:29 pm
Welcome Hu.

Nice old girl you have there.  Nice find too to get one in such good condition and low mileage.
Your mods make sense too.
What are your plans?  Keep it most OEM or mod her a little more in the power department.

Apart from what I've already done, no nothing.
I would like some 8 or 9 X 16 Fuchs for the rear,
Probably have more luck finding some rocking horse poo!!!!

I did 7s and 9s on mine.  Tokk me forever to find the 9's.  Worth it though.
Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Jan 09, 2010 12:47:09 pm
God knows,,,,, but it's bloody quick.
Hu was half way through his bacon sandwich by the time we got to Builth Wells.

Dirty Fuchs :agree2:

Maybe he's just a better a driver than us  :happy07:
She sits reall well Hu.  The wheels and ride height really make her look planted.  Nice work!
Hi Hu.  Here's your video from

Hows the 911 these days Hu.  What have you done to her lately!
In topic "Dilwyns 911 SSE"
Hi Dil

Is she all completely standard, or has she been upgraded in anyway?  Do you plan anything for her.

Have you decided to go with the white Fuchs?
Quote: Dil1232 at Jan 10, 2010 6:41:09 pm

Hi Pete, the only changes are mirrors and I got a nice Nardi steering wheel, I have had the seats refurbed even though they were quite good, They are half leather with blue pinstrip but I decided to keep it original, I put a K&N AIR FILTER IN HER, iVE RENEWED THE AIR VALVES (OLD ONES WERE RUSTY)
The service history shows the car had a complete engine rebuild 3000miles ago by specialist cars Maldon,(Strasse being one of the others)
:happy013:  in fact most of the servicing has been carried out by them.
They had sold the car twice in its history.

I had a new windscreen fitted as there were marks on the old one.
I have just purchased a by pass pipe on the exhaust after reading one of your messages as mine still has the cat.
As a new owner 6mths old, any pointers what to upgrade in the future.

Cheers Dil

She's a looker thats for sure.  Nice find.  Seems she's been looked after too! 

There's not too much to upgrade.  The brakes are pretty awesome on those and the suspension and roll bars are all good as standard.  They are a good unit for tuning.  Obvious upgrades might be a map, exchaust, intercooler.  Some people have these running at awesome power levels, not that they havent got plenty of power as standard!
In topic "The Blackbird..... By popular demand.."
Kev - your a star mate.  I really love tis car.  Looks awesome and is dont absolutely brilliantly.  Its such a credit to your hard work and skill.  Keep it up fella.
I agree.  Your car is under priced Kev.  Its worth way more than your asking.  Maybe relist it but at a higher amount.  This might have the effect of attracting proper buyers, who are both serious and appreciate wat it is they could be buiying.
Quote: coxy at Jan 23, 2010 5:57:35 pm
Tell them to ram it Kev. Anyone in the know and worth there salt will pay the asking price.

Pete... Am i still a Newbie??????????????????????????????

Yup, still a Newbie.  When you've made 50 posts you'll be promoted to Apprentice  :happy013:
Quote: coxy at Jan 23, 2010 6:44:12 pm
On with it now, as I single finger type.

Love it mate

I really cant believe some people.  Your advert was really detailed and quite specific.  Yet people still drive hundreds of miles, spend money on petrol and then insult you with a stupid offer.

I say put it up for sale again and add £10k to the asking price.  That will get you into the serious buyer market!
Quote: hukent at Feb 04, 2010 6:51:45 pm
It appears 'Blackbird' has been SOLD !!!

Really???  Kev?  Did you get a decent price mate?
In topic "Jon's '74 Carrera Coupe"
Welcome to the forum Jon.  That is a truly fantastic looking 911.  Is that mexico or gulf blue.  Really looks good on an early 911. 

I like the double indicators, they look good. 

So what have you done to this car? 
In topic "My 911 Supersport"
Hi Paul and welcome to the forum.

That is a great looking Supersport.  I dont think Ive seen a Targa Supersport before.

I cant believe you've had it that long and only done 500 miles!

Wat are your plans for the wheels?  Lets see some more pics......    :happy013:
Hi Paul

You asked about possible Performance enhancements for the induction section of your supersport.

There’s a few options, but not all of them cheap.

-          some people change he airbox for a K&N air filter.  It’s the cheapest induction change, adds a nice sounds but I don’t think adds any real power;

-          then there’s a hot film MAF sensor change.  I think there are good for a few BHP, but are quite expensive;

-          You can have the inlet manifold balanced for equal air intake and is a few single digit bhp increase;

-          the ultimate is to go for a set of throttle bodies, but that is not only expensive, but requires a lot of engine management changes;

-  You can definitely chip them. A chip on its own is good for about 10% bhp increase.  Steve Wong chips seem to be popular, but I have no experience of them.  A chip matched to an exhaust and cam is probably the biggest bang for your buck, but then your getting into an expensive area again.

- There are lots of other performance options, but Unfortunately / Fortunately Porsche did a great job with the 3.2 engine in the first place and make’s increases in power expensive to achieve…..

Im sure others will chime in with their thoughts.......
In topic "Dils 911 "
You've been holding out on us Dil.  She looks superb.  White seems to be the new black  :cool:

She looks to be in lovely condition. 

So what have you done to her?
In topic "craigs 911 SC targa (spenner)"
Hey Spenner, about time you started your own 911 thread  :agree:

You've been busy, so looking forward to seeing those photo's.

I noticed youve changed the indicator, main beam switch.  They will go time and time again.  Now its all new you need to do a relay upgrade on the main beam, dipped beam circuits.  Save yourself a fortune in the long run.
Craig - check out this thread by JK on here.

JK went down the HID route and he says they went really well.
Right then, whereare these pics Craig.  Got to see your machine!
Nice one craig.  Ouch at the price of the fuel pump, but that should see you solid for a good many years!  The cover plate is a heavy old thing and takes a bashing, so I bet the powder coat looks great! 

Looking forward to seeing those pics.  Im sure someone will help  :agree:
It doesnt matter if its a necessity - it's just gotta be done.  Here's wat I did to mine:

I got the geometry all set properly on mine and it makes the world of difference.  "Needs Tracking" - what a laugh.  Some people.  It probably could do with a complete corner weight and balance and alignment.  Worth every penny.

I had mine done by Gwyn on tis forum.  Here's the results:

First up the total weight if the car:

I was surprised at the weight of the car at 1205.5kg.  I thought it would be slightly lighter than that.  It had about 26 litres of fuel which weighs in at about 19.6kg.  No surprises on the front and rear weight distribution at about 60/40 which is correct for a 911.

Then there was the corner weights and balancing.  This is the most important of the total package of work.  It is probable accountable for about 75% of the overal perfromance gains to be had from everything in the alignment and balancing department.  So getting it right here is key.  Here are the results:

The final split in weights and difference accross the axles looks good and Im pleased with the results.  The spliyt accross the rear was improved from c. 4% difference to just 1.8%

The diagonal cross weights are now veery impressive:

The delta has moved from 4.6% to just 0.2%. Personally I think this is pretty amazing and tells me the car is very balanced.

The castor results showed no adjustment was necessary:

The camber results were as follows:

The front camber didnt need adjusting.  A camber of 1 degree neg on each of the front wheels is a good setting for fast road.  If the car was a track warrior then Id be looking for as much as I could get, perhaps 1.5 or even 2 degrees of neg.

I was trying to get 1.25 degrees neg camber on the rear, but it proved difficult to achoeve as the cam on the spring plate run out of movement.  But the difference is small and neither here nor there and Im happy with the final result.

Now we come to Toe.  This took a long time to get right.  The RSR spring plates made life easier in this department, but it still took a few iterations.  Here's the results:

While the fron wheels had an equal 0.5mm of toe in which is perfect, the rears seem to be pointing in different directions.  The difference game me a thrust angle of 5.5mm.  Not good!

However, the results were great.  After alot of iterations of adjustment and measurement, the rear toes is now an equal 1mm for each rear wheel.  More imnportantly the thrust angle is now 0mm and gone from thr equation.

Driving home after the day of setting up was pretty amazing.  The car is much steadier on the road and very stable at high speed.  The corner weights have also inmproved the braking performance and she brakes steady and even under hard braking.

All in all a good thing to have done.
Quote: spenner at May 03, 2011 8:50:26 pm
well, since my last post not much has changed. Which in a way is good because it means we are still going well really. I still use the old bus for work every day and have started giving it a weekly wash now spring had finally arrived at last. Keeping an eye on the blistering under the drivers headlight has revealed it has  proggressed a bit in the two years I have had it, although not bad I dont want things to get out of hand and I cant afford to be without a car while working on the wing, sooooo after umpten months of ebaying I have finally bought a replacement wing, one small dent and a tiny bit of surface rust on one edge. The plan is fettle and paint the wing then swap them over on my days off (prob next year at my rate of progress) The down side has been the wing is in Burnham on sea!! its took two weeks to get the sellers address  and a weight for delivery, today I sorted delivery paid up front and tonight found an email stating they attended the address for collection but no sender. AGHHH!! Update to follow  (wallbash)

Ah mate, that's terrible.  I hope you didnt pay too much for the invisible wing.  Have you reported it to ebay, paypal and the police?  I really feel for you.
Quote: spenner at May 14, 2011 7:10:50 pm
(M) Well after a lot of hassle (very long story) the wing turned up :) However after £150 plus delivery £17 I am not happy, described as structural sound with a small dent and minor blemish to one edge. The description must have been written by stevie wonder! The dent was shown on the photograph and was fine, the minor damage was the visible top edge of bottom flange rot, there was damage to other flanges and rust galore. (M) I cant go back to e bay as I bought it outside e bay, I was given a second chance and offered less than what it went for. I feel I have been scammed, either a "friend" drove the bids then dropped out or the real purchaser saw how bad it was and got a refund. So I now have a lengthy wing refurb to tackle, after £150 I cant leave it. But I did get a good boot lid with a turbo "tea tray" spoiler which is now fitted.  :) So I have a decent boot lid, whale tale spoiler in good nick and a refurbed heat exchanger to sell.

What a load of hassle.  They are some right horrible gits out there ready to scam the honest, hard working Porsche enthusiast.

Get those spares advertised on
I think for between £7k and £9k it's alot of car for money.  I know some parts can be expensive and I know there are a few rip-off mechanics out there.  But, these old 911's can be quite economical to run and delivery a lot of smiles per mile..... :agree:
Nice one mate. And cheap too!  Let's some pics of the process! 
Quote: spenner at Dec 17, 2011 9:10:45 pm
Cheers fellas,

here is the best bit, the panel backing board came off the packaging from a fridge freezer I bought earlier in the year and the foam was off some other packing too. :)

Both a hoarder and a tight wad  (rofl)

Great Stuff fella. 
Wow.  I never new that could cause a speedo problem. They are easy to change though as Hu says. 
Quote: spenner at May 28, 2012 9:05:59 pm
Hi mate, I like the blue peter bit, it did make me smile  :D. Unfortunately I didnt make the short shift kit but bought it.(I would have though if I could have I promise. and it would have been out of an old washing machine part or something)
I cant recommend the short shift kit highly enough, what a difference to the reach of the lever, its more like a "normal" car instead of reaching out ofthe seat when changing forward or taking out the passengers leg when changing backwards  :happy07: I would rate it as one of the must do upgrades, i particularly liked the oem kit as it doesn't look any different inside the car, the only thing to remember is to buy the bush kit for the bottom of the lever as the kit doesn't come with it.


Did you take pics of the short shift kit while you were installing it.  Be nice to see.
Great Work Fella!  I agree the 101 book is worth the money!
That's a nasty story mate.  Costly but you got there in the end. At least its back on the road now.!
Nice one.  It's often you get to take the roof off in this country :)
Yep, they seem to know when its Christmas !!!
Oh bummer.  Is it firing at all?  Any idea what the problem is?
Oh bummer.  That's not good news.

Maybe do it long term if you can.  Might be a rewarding project ?

Bad luck mate
Your a brave man mate, but it will definitely be worth while. Love the £400 for the Puma.  Bargain!
Quote: spenner at Mar 17, 2014 5:50:23 pm
Maybe brave but then I've no choice really,  can't afford to pay to have it fixed and can't have it turn into an expensive ornament either.  The pumas been great, cd player, heated windscreen and electric everything all for so little,  oh and after running the 911 daily I love now getting about 40 to the gallon, I think the 911 needs to watch out ;-)

Haha - yeah, the thirsty old 911 better watch out.  My old girl returns about 20 if I take it easy.  I have an Audi A8 4.0 v8 diesel and see gets me 47 to the gallon,.......
Oh mate, that's awful. I feel for you.  What about getting a second hand engine?
Hello mate.  Sorry to hear your news, but on the plus side you get a new woman and keep your 911.  There's light at the end of the tunnel afterall  :agree:
Yep, a compression test is essential.  Like you say you dont want to buy scrap. What engine are you getting and how much are they asking?
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Hi Paul - yes I saw your other thread, here:

A 2.7S, very nice.  Have you any pictures to share?  You can join to upload you pictures, then you can embed them into your posts here.

Can you tell us a little more about the current condition of the engine.  What failed?  How it was behaving in the lead up to failure?

Are you planning to keep your "S" standard or do you mind modifying a little?
In topic "Got one at last!!"
Hi Matt -  welcome to the forum, and what a beauty.Ive always liked the 993, but the widebody looks even better.  But you got one thing wrong - mine is the best Porsche ever made  :happy07:
In topic "my '73 2.4 coupe"
Hi Costin and welcome to the forum.  Your 2.4 looks great.  I bet its alot of fun to drive.
In topic "my baby - 996 C4"
Hi Pete

I see you had some trouble uploading pictures of your 911 to the forum.

The forum works like most other sites, in that you have to upload your pictures to a hosting site and then post a link to them in the forum.  I have created for sharing pictures and videos.  Please create an account there and upload as many pictures as you like.

Once you have done that, here’s a guide for how to include a picture in the forum.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or need any help.
In topic "Phil's Carrera 3.0"
Hi Phil - She looks great.  I do like the Carrera 3.0's.  They are getting rarer and rarer.  There were only 3,000 or so made, so I think they can only go up in value.  Nice revvy engines, and given they only weighed in at just over 1,000 kg's they are quick too.

I'm looking to watching your project.  Good luck.
You can see more progress on Phil's car here:
In topic "993 targa"
Quote: targa at Mar 19, 2011 5:27:51 pm
picture of my 911 993 targa purchased last year.  Having had a boxster previously this blew my mind lol :)

Haven't had any problems as yet apart from rear tyres and have now got it all sorted.

Great stuff.  Feel free to post some pictures. 
In topic "My 911"
Quote: Surlysurdi at Apr 16, 2011 8:04:25 am
Hi guys, a few pics of my 911...

sorry having some trouble uploading, chose the pics but nothing showed up!

Hi Fella- sorry your having trouble. 

Like most forums these days, you need to have your pics uploaded somewhere on the internet ona  hosting site, then you can post them here.

If you open an account on and upload a few pics you can then show them on here (and other websites) without having to re-upload. 

Once you've uploaded, here's how you show them here:

All the best
In topic "my 911 sc .....long awaited "
Hi Happyguts and welcome to the forum.  Sounds like you've found a gem.  It would be great to see some pics!

To post pictures here wy not sign up to our sister site  If you upload pictures or videos there, they can be included here as many time as you like without the need to re-upload.
Great stuff!  Looks great.  I like the bug too.  I guess I'll allow it.  It has Porsche heritage after all.  :agree:
In topic "my porsche 911 s2 convertible tip"
She looks great Craig.  Nice colour too.  What colour is that......

So did changing everything at the front solve your problem.......
In topic "996 C4S Tip S"
welcome to our little forum.  She looks great.  very nice condition.  Is she all standard or any mods?
In topic "Pictures"
Welcome Wing nut - You need to have a picture hosting account somewhere to post images on the forum.

If you get an account at and upload some pictures, you can then post them here or in any forum without re-uploading.

Once you've uploaded some pictures, have a read here for instructions on inserting pictures into forum threads.
In topic "Dil's SSE with RUF wheels"
Hey Dil  They look great.  I do like the Speedlines. 

What size did you go for and what tyres did you manage to squeeze on them.
Very Nice Dil.  I really do like the speedlines.  I know they are heavier than Fuchs, but at least they are unspring mass.

I have bought some Ruf front and rear bumpers which I hope to install one day.  If I do, then I need a set of speedlines like yours!!!
Quote: Dil1232 at Jan 10, 2012 8:03:15 pm



They are great wheels and great build quality.

The kit I bought is second hand.  It did take me a while to find one.  You can get them new from RUF (very expensive) or you can buy fibreglass replicas for a few hundred quid.
In topic "Le Mans classic"
Hi Dil

Yep, that was my car.  Many thanks for the complement!  Here's a few pics I took on my phone of the photoshoot.  Not great quality im afraid: 

London's Calling Photo's

I wished I had gone.  Everyone tells me ow great it was.  Please do upload your pics and photo's.

Here's how to do the photo's:

and here's how to do the video:

In topic "930 Martini Turbo"
Hi Paul - Technically I don't think there was an official Porsche Martini Turbo.  Take a look here:
The best way to load pics is to first host them over on and then embed them in your posts here. Here's how
In topic "Carrera 3.2"
Looking Good.  I think the 964 kit is great! 

Dont forget you dont have to use photobucket for your pics.  Thats part of the reaason I set up Channel P101tv.  Upload your pics there and post them on any forum!

Nice 911!

In forum "The Engines"
In topic "My 3.5l Motec engine"
Yes, I did mine myself.  Having it built to the specification I have with engine management would cost £30k and upwards.

Building it yourself saves loads.  I bought all the parts in the US when the exchange rate was favourable.  The final budget depends on spec, but you could probably build a basic 3.5l for £5-£6k. 
Hi Kieron - there are a few schools of thought on this one.  Some people just buy a second hand 3.6 engine from a 993 Varioram and transplant that with a the ECU into a 3.2 and away you go.  They are great engines and this is a relatively cheap way to get to 300bhp.

Or you can do what I did and buy a 3.2 engine and rebuild to a 3.5 twin spark.  I prefer this option.  I think the engine pulls better, but it is a more expensive option.  Here's how my car sounds with this engine:

Or you can tweek a good 3.2 engine.  An exhaust, chip and cams will make a world of difference to the car.  If your keeping the exisiting engine management, then maybe go for a pair of 964 cams, steve wong chip and a turbo thomas exhaust.  This is a good spend of money for the biggest change in power and torque.  Once you start going beyond this the money starts to dissapear!
In topic "Engine options"
I have to say that option 1 is fastest, cheapest and the sensible choice but my heart would go for option 2.

While option 2 is far more expensive you would be getting (hopefully) a stronger engine better equiped to cope with the demands of a trackday drive, plus it would produce more torque.

I had a similar dilema.  I had a 3.2c donor engine to modify with 3.5l mahle P&C's, Jenveys and motec etc, or I could have bought and fitted a 993 3.6 litre and chipped the engine management for bargain basement prices.  The difference would have been about 60bhp.  I ended up doing the mahle conversion as my passion got the better of financial common sense.
Teo -

Have you decided which route you are taking with the engine?  Would be great to what adventure you are going down next.
In topic "Now thats an engine"
A Porsche RSR 3.9 engine

In topic "Snapped Throttle linkage"
Went out for a blast in the sun today and it lasted all of 15 mins.  Floored the car and then sudden loss of power.  Looked under the car and the wire that goes from the spigot on the gearbox up to the engine throttle lever had snapped.

Has this happened to anyone else.  In all the years that I have been driving my 911 this has never happened. (wallbash)
After some exploration I have established what caused the problem. 

The throttle linkage from gearbox to engine bay is different for a 74-83 car, then differnet again from 84-86 and then different again from 87-89.  The linkage pivot on the gearbox is also diffrtent for theese three different eras.  The changes seem to be designed to accomodate the early 915 gearbox, then the 3.2 915 gearbox and lastly the G50 gearboxes.

The throttle lingage was rubbing on the bigger drive shafts of the G50.  So I have now installed the correct linkage from a G50, which has a profile designed in to clear the drive shaft.  All fixed and running perfectly again  :cool:
Quote: JK at May 25, 2009 9:11:29 pm
What a coincidence, I had the very same issue last Sunday. Called the Rac and they managed to fix it. Must be a resonable common failure.

You were lucky that they fixed it at the roadside.  I had my car transported back home and fixed it there.
In topic " camshaft choices"
I thought we needed a thread on camshaft options and choices. camshaft selection is a black art as far as I can tell. The choice of camshaft profile really will more than any other modification define the character of your car.  For example the early 'S' cam profile makes the early 911's very revvy and produced all their real power at the top end of the rev range.  This is fine is you spend you time flat out everywhere, but not the most convenient characteristic for daily driving.  However, the same cam on a 3.2 carerra will not produce such a peaky power delivery.

post here about your experiences of cam seletion, including reasons for choice, expected change and what you got in eventuality, power gains and power delivery etc.

For my part, I chose a Porsche 911 GTII profile.  Yes thats a profile for a turbo car and mione is naturally aspirated.  That doesnt matter - I chose the profile because the lobe centres were similar to a 3.2 profile helping to avoid iverlap and reverberation, but they also had high lift and log dwells.  I still had overlap, but not as much if I would have gone for lobe centres close to 100 rather than 112.  This means I gained a power deliver curve that was continuous accross the rev range as you can see from my dyno below.

The cam selection was also dependent upon piston pockets and timing.  The 3.5Mahle pistones have the deep pocket to give you more valve clearance and the lobe centres and dwell let you work out the phase shift between the piston sine wave and the valve sine wave and there if you are going to get any overlap and pistons colliding with valves.....

Here's a list of some of the early air cooled Porsche 911 camspecs to help make the choice:

In topic "My 3.0 isn't quick enough!"
This is one of the best questions you can ask and the whole topic is really exciting.....

There are so many options and the answer is a mix of how you want to do things and what power levels your looking for....

A 3.2 engine IMHO is a pretty bullet proof and you'll be able to extract some decent power from it.  You could do a 3.6 transplant from a 993 or go the Turbo route.

I guess you need to ask yourself a couple of questions first.

- budget (this can get really expensive);
- How much power you are looking for;
- NA or Turbo.  There's more room for power from a Turbo engine but sometimes its not going to be as usuable as you might think.  On a twisty track for example will you get the opportunity to get the power really going.  I personally like the grunt that an NA engine offers from low down in the rev range.
- How its going to be used;
- are you doing it yourself and paying for someone else to do it;
- Depending on the increment in power, what else you might have to do around the car to help tame it.  Brakes, suspension, trasnmission etc, etc.....
Awesome.  You are like the majority of people on this site.  Genuine enthusiasts who need to spend wisely  :agree:

The 915 box will bolt straight onto a 3.2 engine.  I ran mine that way for a while.  You just need to notch the bellhousing so you can get the TCD sensor in there!

A 3.2 with cams, chip and exhaust should see you for 250plus bhp and that would be the most cost effective route for a 3.2.  Not sure what a 3.2 would cost you these days.  Probably £2,500.  I would say a pair of cams (964 profile maybe) US$600-700.
Definitely an option.

This is my engine and is based on a 3.2:

.......................... but I went a bit crazy.

You should also consider maybe a 3,6 trasnplant from a 993.  That's been done a few times and that has the modern varioram.

If you get the 3.2 make sure you get the engine management unit and wiring loom to go with it if possible....
I did spend a few quid on parts.  But I bought wisely from the states when the exchange rates were better, and generally shopped around when it came to getting bits plated and powder coated etc.  The big ticket items were the 3.5l pistons and barrels and the MoTeC engine manageement......

I did think about a 3.6 transpant, but I really wanted to get stuck in and build it from a 3.2.....Like you I had read that the 3.2 unit was a strong reliable unit as a base.

The buy it now price of £2250 is pretty good if it comes with loom and engine management.  I guess you have to plan on doing some basic work on the engine to make sure its ship shape.  Does the ebay add suggest what condition its in?

If your 3.0 is standard and in good running order, I would say it has to be worth £1,500 to £2,000.  As always it all depends on whose out there looking at the time.  One way of finding our what you could get is to ring someone like Douglus Valley Breakers and ask how much to buy a 3.0l.  They will always be at the top end of the value.
In topic "how not to change a fanbelt"
Amazing.  You have to watch this:

In topic "Engine covers"
Hi Alcat.  Can you explain a little more, I cant cant get my head around your problem.  Do you mean the tinware that goes around the engine to seal the inside from the outside?
Hi Mate

I think this is what you mean:

If so, then this should only really cause a major problem when at stationary or moving slowly in traffic.  Ideally though you need to replace the tinware as it gives a nice gasket between underside and inside.

I have only eveer replaced these wit the engine out so Im not 100% sure if you can do them with the engine in place.

(Right click on the image and save to your PC so you can see it in full size)
Quote: MarkJ at Feb 10, 2010 11:49:14 am
i had some of the tinware replaced on mine when the engine was out to replace the oil cooler. The longer bottom side plates are £40 from Porsche OPC. The worst piece rot-wise was the part above the pre-muffler/CAT as the heat from the exhaust destroys it over time.
The P-specialist (GT One) did say its not absolutely necessary to seal the engine bay but it does prevent warm air from the exhausts being sucked up into the engine bay and into your air box. It also stops all the crap from the road splashing up into your engine bay.

I bought mine in the sates.  They were about US$30.....  big saving and postage was cheap as I had it sent snailmail.

MArk is right tey do prevent the warm air from comming into the engine bay, but I think its minimal when you are moving.  Its main job for me is in keep the crap out of the engine from the road.
In topic "Noisy cams"
Hi Alcat

Your car sounds awesome.  Lets see some pics.....Start a thread on the car in Readers Cars in the Gallery.

Camshaft choice is a really tricky question.  It depends on so many things.......

Have a read of this thread, which may help you make the right choice....

Camshaft choices
In topic "info needed on 911 engine rebuild"
There are plenty of people on here who have rebuilt their own engine and so they should be able to help you along the way.  Building a 911 engine is very technical compared to any other engine.  The book says circa 40 hours for a straight rebuild.  I modified mine and as a result I probable doubled that time.

A good book to read is : How to Rebuild and Modify Porsche 911 Engines 1966-1989 by Wayne Dempsey.  I think it costs about £14 and available from Amazon.  Well worth every penny. 

Good luck with the build.  Post your progress here.  Im sure everyone will be interested in the journey.  :agree:
In topic "Engine stalls when oil cap is removed"
Spenner is right, but is that fails you may be missing the vacuum restrictor thats supposed to be in the oil tank vent hose going to the airbox.
In topic "engine rebuild"
Hi Paul -

A 2.7S, very nice.  Feel free to open a tread on your car in members gallery and share some pics and info.

Can you tell us a little more about the current condition of the engine.  What failed?  How it was behaving in the lead up to failure?

ARe you planning to keep your "S" standard or do you mind modifying a little?
Hi Paul -

The 'S' engines are very cammy.  The power seems to come later with not that much at the bottom end....

If you dont mind modifying an 'S'  engine then I guess there are a few things you could do:

- cams.  Not sure about SC cams.  I can see where thats comming from. No overlap and a big lop centre distance.  I would investigate a bit more though to make sure there would be no loss of power.  But a cam with that profile would certainly spread the power more evenly.  Maybe talk to someone like John abd DRC Camshafts in the states.  He is full of good advice and is always willing to help in choosing the right cam;

- ignition.  You could go twin spark.  This will improve the balance of the combustion across the piston face and more importantly will help reduce the amount of advance needed releasing more power;

- you could go for digital ignition, but I think thios is more for efficiency rather than anything else and doesnt come cheap anyways.

- crank case.  While your in there maybe gas flow the crank, hone and bore align and maybe shuffle pin.  The most important for me is to shuffle pin... 

Aside fromm all the normal stuff like balancing and polishing, new rings, new bearings etc I think thats as far as I would go......

What's your budget.  Are you doing it yourself? 
No problem Paul.  Your very welcome.  Please keep us up to date with progress.

I got my experience from building my own car and engine.  They are fantastic engines to work on, but a bit on the technical side compared to other cars...
Hi Ian - welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about your head studs.  Unfortunately this is a common problem and not one that is fixed foreveer.  It can happen again, but it might not.  If they are fitted properly and torqued up correctly there's every chance they will go on for ever.  I had a 2.7l engine with 150k miles on it and the studs were absolutely fine. 

If you are keeping the engine, then have it repaired and fit divlar.  If your not too worried, then retofit a bigger engine.  The 3.0 Carrera is a good engine, but still light on power.  You could take the plunge and go higher up the engine range.  A 3.2 Carerra engine will go straight in.  This will also give you the flixibility of engine management.  You could even go a step further and transplant a 3.6l engine from a 993.......

Please feel free to start a thread in Gallery>Our Readers 911.  Be nice to see some pictures of your car.

Quote: Paul Vidler at Oct 29, 2010 12:11:57 pm

got one fronm Europarts in the end , new for £140


That's a good price Paul.  How's the rebuild going.  Any pictures to share?
Quote: Flat6 at Oct 31, 2010 10:47:25 pm
Hi. Had my SC for 15 years and it's finally time to sort the stud problem. Engine out and top end stripped by local specialist (who is very good) but don't have cash to pay for the rebuild so am planning to do it myself (like many others on here). Where on earth do I start? Have got the 'book' already and '101 projects' too so now making plans on what to do next. Eeeek.  Specialist has check specs on crank, conrods etc and all looks good. Motor only has 66k on it from new with history so just about run in! Any pointers greatfully received. Thanks

Hi Flat6 - Well, youve made the first big descision - "to do it yourself".  Now you just need to get organised and on your way.

-  Have you got "How to build 911 engines" from Wayne Dempsey.  Very good book.  I used it as a source when I was rebuilding mine.

- Are you keeping it standard or modifying along the way

- are you just doing the top end or everything?

Open up a thread on your car / engine and let's get planning.  Prep is everything  :agree:
In topic "2.7 Injection engine and 901 gearbox for sale?"
Hi Paul - welcome to the forum.

Sounds like an interesting set up to me.  A £1,000 bill would buy you the basic parts for the gearbox plus labour so it sounds about right.......  Maybe buy and non running 2.7 and replace the engine and gearbox and then you have your 911  :agree:

Once you pick the car and engine and box up, you'll know more about it and have more to tell the guys on the forum - including some pics and engine and gearbox numbers etc.

You can also advertise to the Porsche boys for free on our sister site

Keep us posted.....

In topic "930 Engine rebuild"
The US can be a very good option.  I waited until the exchange rate was really good and bought all my pictons, barrels, rings, valves, bearings etc.  Even with shipping I saved a small fortune. 
In topic "Oil warning light"
Sounds like the sender until to me.  I had one go recently.  Simple job to replace and for once quite cheap.
Yep, thats the one.  It can be a little bugger to get to.  I think I paid £20 for it.  Make sure you get OEM.  The aftermarket ones fail all the time.
Its a common problem and easily fixed as you discovered JK.  Good work!
In topic "Head gasket"
Hi Mate - this is for your 996 correct?  I havent done a water cooled Porsce before only my old aircooled old girl.

I cant imagine it would be overly difficult.  Perhaps a Bently manual would be a first Port of Call. 

If you do manage to get it done, then please make a guide or video and maybe upload it to Channel P101tv

Good luck

In forum "Video"
In topic "Brands Hatch GP"
Nice work MrG.  Very impressive stuff!
In topic "996 RSR at Donington Park"
In topic "964RS at Donington Park"
In topic "Laguna Seca"
In topic "Thruxton on 997 Turbo"
In topic "Porsche 997 GT2 Nürburgring Lap"
Here's how its one.  Nice bit of kit.....

click here
In topic "Porsche 917 Starts After 30 Years"
Amazing.  Now thats a piece of engineering:

Part 1 engine start:

Part 2 engine start:

In topic "Porsche 917 Driven on the Street"
Amazing stuff.  This is not something you are likely to see every day  :)

In topic "GT3 Rally"
Check this out.  A GT3 Rally on snow.  Listen to that sound.

In topic "New Porsche 911 GT2 Video"
In topic "RUF Yellowbird and the Ring"
The world famous RUF CTR or "Yellowbird".  Considering its a 1987 car, what a car!

In topic "Me with Porsche Club Denmark "SlalomCup""
Sounds like you had a lot of fun Brian.  Good work.

Your son is pretty handy with the camera.  He's started early - perhaps another 911 owner in the making.
In topic "Porsche 911 RSR Promo"
It makes you really want one

In topic "Happy Tailed MArtini"
This is a very happy tailed Martini 911  :agree:

In topic "Porsche 997 GTII"
Amazing car.  The 997 is the first 911 for a while that harks back to the 1974-89 cars.

In topic "Porsche 911 (997) Turbo vs Ferrari 430"
Clarkson finally loves a 911  :agree:
In topic "Porsche GT3 Rallying"
This is quite a good watch.  A GTIII strutting its stuff.........

Its interesting to hear a modern 911.  Its less of a growl and more of a high pitch F1 like noise.  You can also see the modern driver aids like ABS and traction control working hard to help the driver out.

In topic "Top Gear - Porsche 911 vs. Ferrari 430 Jeremy Clarkson"
In topic "2010 Porsche 911 GT3: First Video"
I want one :happy01:

In topic "Ferrari vs POrsche Sound Off"
Have a look, or rather listen to this.  The Porsche just wipes floor with the Ferrari.  No contest.

In topic "Porsche 956 at the Old Nurburgring"
Here's Derek Bell in a hot lap of the old Nurburgring in an awesome 956,

In topic "Porsche 911 Tribute"
In topic "500hp 3.9L Porsche 911 GT3RS"
NAF music but a totally awesome car:

and here it is versus a standard Porsche 911 GT3RS

In topic "Vintage Porsche Racing"
This is great stuff.  Definitely worth ten minutes of your life to look:

In topic "24h Classic - Porsche 934/5 fastest lap in race 9:23min"
This is definitely worth a watch.......cant beat those 934's.  What a car!

In topic "Porsche, Racing not Posing"
What a great little vid:

Thats weird Boyders.  You should be seeing an embedded Youtube video.

Here's a link to the video on Youtube

Racing not Posing

Can you see the other Youtube video's embedded in the other "Video" threads here:

If not then there may be a problem with you browser.  Which browser do you use?
In topic "2010 Porsche 911 GT3 RS facelift - Extreme Truth"
I definitely want one of these:

Quote: Dave T at Jan 08, 2010 11:58:06 am
Now that is what you call a track day car!

Spot on.  This is Porsches idea of a track day car.  Shame I cant afford one  :sad019:
In topic "A Family Gathering"
A family gathering.  What a collection !

In topic "Porsche GT3 in the Snow"
This is how its done

In topic "Porsche 935 at the Nurburgring"
Awesome.  Well worth 9 mins 27 secs of your life!

In topic "BMW Z4 M Coupe vs Porsche 997 RSR at the Nurburgring"
This is definitely worth 9mins of your life to watch, a BMW Z4 M Coupe vs Porsche 997 RSR at the Nurburgring 24 Hr Race.  The Nurbergring is a scary looking place.  Those barriers leave no room for error  :o

In topic "2 Wheel Drive Rally Cars."
Great find Hu.  That was definitely worth a watch.  If only I could drive a fraction as well as those guys
Quote: hukent at Feb 01, 2010 6:56:21 pm
Quote: Pete at Jan 31, 2010 10:04:35 pm
Great find Hu.  That was definitely worth a watch.  If only I could drive a fraction as well as those guys

Didn't I post it properly again!
Sorry Pete. LOL

No problem Hu.  That's what I'm here for  :blush:

For Youtube its just a matter of clicking the red "Tube" button on the advanced edit button, then entering evering after the v= on the youtube code.
Havea look here:

How to embed a youtube video
In topic "How to Ruin a 911"

In topic "Porsche 911 GT3 (997)"
In topic "Porsche 917 Restoration"
This is definitely worth a watch.  The restoration of the awesome 917.......

In topic "956 at the Nurburgring"
If only I could drive just a tenths as good as this.

This is Derek Bell in a Porsche 956 at the Nurburgring

In topic "Porsche 936 at Le Mans 1977"
This is great onboard footage in a 1977 Martini 936 at Le MAns.  Makes the 935's look slow.

In topic "Porsche GT1 Flip"
Th driver was OK, but this is an amazing back flip......

In topic "964 Turbo"
Tiff Needel testing a 964 Turbo.

In topic "vintage porsche footage"
This is cracking stuff from the Porsche archives!

In topic "the candy shop"
Wouldnt you just love to spend some time wandering around this place:

In topic "The 25 bhp Porsche"
Here's something you dont see every day!

In topic "Porsche Speed Painting"
This is really cool.  I love this one.

but this Cayman is great:

The guys has some real skills.....
In topic "996 C4 Cabrio"
Nice little video appeared on p101tv, so thought I'd put it ere too:

In topic "Early 911 on the race track"
Nice to see.  Here's a video of a 930 at this years Classic Le Mans

In topic "P101tv Member's Cars Volume One"
Here's a selection of some of Channel P101tv's members Porsches.  Volume 2 soon

Quote: Steve at Dec 11, 2010 2:41:59 pm
Some fantastic Porsches on P101tv Pete....

Thanks Steve....  I'll be making volume two soon  (C)
In topic "P101tv Members Cars Volume 2"
Here's the second installment of Channel P101tv member Porsches.

In topic "GT3 versus 1974 911"
Just goes to show that you dont need a brand new GT3 to be quick  :agree:

In topic "Nice Drive in the Sunshine?"
Amazing Hu.  Do you know this chap or is it something you found.  Nice one either way.
Quote: hukent at Jan 30, 2011 9:23:22 pm
Just found it, he's a renownd American Pikes Peak expert,
still gets stuffed by the european rally drivers though.


Here's the same video embedded:

In topic "The Porsche 912, Every bit a 911 "
I know it's not strictly a 911, but the 912 is very much based on a 911 and in many ways kept the company afloat while the 911 founds it's place in the market.  Here's a little tribute video:

In topic "Porsche 964 RS"
At a recent club meeting I met a guy who owned a beautiful 964 RS.  He had done alot of work on it to give it his own unique look.  Primarily he removed some weight changed the colur scheme slightly with the orange hilights and added the 3.6 RS rear wing.  The engine has been tinkered with.

Amazing look:

In topic "Random Video Thread"
This is for any completely random thread.  Porsche related or not.  Everything goes, within Reason  :happy013:

Ok, so this one is Porsche related, but it's one of my favourites:

and this one:

Check this out.  The Police in Utah closed a road and recorded the speed of some bloody fast cars......

Quote: spenner at Jul 29, 2011 8:07:22 pm
I wouldn't fancy a re run in the enzo having seen it in that many bits  :happy07:

You and me both.  Apparently he got it re-built and went ba and did 137mph !!!!!  Balls of Steel comes to mind.
Check this one out.  A fantastic high speed spin and save.

Quote: glenjones at Jan 17, 2012 5:59:55 am
OMG!! What a spin Man!! Had a lots of fun by watching this videos!!

I agree.  It's pretty amazing.  Especially not getting a single dent  :happy013:

you can see the guy's other videos here:
In topic "My Martinibird at the Nurburgring and Nordschleife"
Hey Brian - great stuff.  I watched it over on Channel P101tv.

You can embedd P101tv videos on here too.  here's how.

embedding P101tv videos on m911 forums

Great run though Brian.  Looked scary in the wet !!!
In topic "A Prize Worth Having"
This is an old video, but worth a watch. 

VIDEO: A visit to Ruf and a drive round the ring

This guy apparently won a price from a magazing to visit th Ruf factory as well as get a drive in a Ruf CTR1 around the ring with Stephan Rosser at the wheel.

What a prize
In topic "GT3 Versus Lambo"
This is great little video!

Quote: hukent at Feb 16, 2012 4:04:14 pm
Nice, but a little too contrived for me.

I  thought it was a little pre conceived too.  Still entertaining though.
In topic "Porsches on Track"
A great little video of Porsches where they belong - on track!!!

In topic "911 Ice Driver"
Now this looks like alot of fun.

In forum "Steering and Suspension"
In topic "Strut Brace"
Everyone has heard of a strut or tower brace, but most only talk about it in terms of providing a bit of stiffness at the front.  So how does that do for your 911?

The concept of a strut brace is to prevent movement or flexing between the two front suspension towers during high loads when cornering.  These loads are exaggerated when on track.  The best way to think about is by preventing movement of the suspension towers you are allowing the suspension to do its job properly.  This means that with a strut brace your 911 should feel more stable, improve your turn in and grip when cornering.  The term improvement however is a bit misleading.  What you are actually doing is allowing the suspension to do what it was designed to do.

Note: the early 911s can be a challenge to get decent amounts of camber on the fron suspension.  The strut brace can be used to pull the towers together giving a slight increase.  Caution needs to be taken here to make sure you dont close the gap too much preventing proper closure of the bonnet.

What about a strut brace for the rear.  In most cases you do not need a brace for the rear suspension as the loads on the rear suspension towers is much less when compared to the front of the car. For the hard core amongst you hwoever a rear bar will add some additional stiffness and provide some benefit to the rear suspension performance.  The problem with the 911 is lack of room in the engine bay, so a rear strut bar looks a little different.  Normally rigidity is provided by the addition of strengthening ribs welded to the suspension towers and the adjacent chassis member.  In extreme applications a tube can be welded between the two towers.

A strut brace can therefore clearly benefit the 911s on the track, anyone can benefit from the ability for a front suspension to remain constant at all times.

When considering which aftermarket strut brace you should consider the following points:

    Protection of the physical suspension strut tower;
    No excessive pivot point joints that would allow the bar to flex or bend and therefore be ineffective.
    Adjustable to allow for suspension changes.
    The bar should be straight with no bends as this is more rigid.
    Made from the optimum materials. It needs to be lightweight but also have low expansion properties. remember it takes only small fractions of changes in alignment to make quite big differences to your handling.
In topic "Front Wishbone Bushes"
I am having the front wishbones shot blast and powdercoated.  This will ruin the existing OEM bushes so I need to replace them.

What are my after market options for this replacement bearing in mind my car is both road and track use.
Hi Andrew

I have managed to find a number of alternatives.  Elephant racing in the states do an OEM type rubber solution as well as a polyurethane and bronze. 

I also managed to source a company in the UK selling polyurethane ones.  The company is SuperPro.

The latter is much cheaper at £50 set.  The ones in the US start at US$300
I have ended up fitting RSR Spring plates at the rear.  This has no bushing and relies in a rose joint bearing:

I bought the ones in the gold passivate colour.

For now I have used the dtandard bushings for the front wishbones and roll bars. My thought here was given I have RSR coilovers I need to be careful how much compliance I remove from the car.
In topic "shocks!!"
Very nice set up.  Do you know what the damping specs are for those beauties? 

As usual where's the PICs?  Get posting those photo's fella.  This car of your's is sounding good.
In topic "Rear ARB Minimum Clearance for 3.2C"
Im making up some spacers for my rear ARB and want to make sure I provide enough clearance between the ARB and the gerabox cross member.  The engine and gearbox clearly move around on their joints but Im not sure by how much. 

So what shgould be the minimum say 5mm?

Research suggests that about 6mm with stock gearbox mounts should be fine.  Harder mounts would allow a closer clearance of say 1mm. 

Im going to go for 8mm to be sure.  I'll post pictures of the spacers when they are finished and painted.
In topic "ARB's for 911's 1974 to 1989"
To my surprise there are three profiles of rear Anti Roll Bars (ARB) for the 911's between 1974 and 1989 instead of two.

There is a single straight profile for the 2.7 the 3.0C 3.0SC and early 3.2C.  There are then two bent profiled ARB's.  The smaller offset for the 3.2C G50 cars and a large offset for the Turbo cars.

In topic "Effect of ARB's on Handling"
Anti Roll Bars (ARB's) can effect the handling characteristics of your 911 quite dramatically. Porsche have given the following guide of combinations and settings:

Larger stabiliser or tightening at the front = increased understeer
Smaller stabiliser or loosening at the front = reduced understeer
Larger stabiliser or tightening at the rear = increased oversteer
Smaller stabiliser or loosening at the rear = reduced oversteer
In topic "New Rear ARB and now a squeak"
I have just fitted new rear ARB rubbers and now I seem to have developed a squeek.  Is this coinsidence or do the rubbers squeek sometimes?
In topic "911 carrera handling"
The geometry can make a huge difference as can the corner weights and balancing.  I have seen cars handle terriblly that after a good alignment and corner balance handle like they are on nails. 

Have a look at some of the reports over in 'corner weights and balancing' and 'alignment'.

It's hard to say what it could be as there are a number of things that are all interlinked.  Maybe start small and check the anti roll bars.  If the rear is the same or bigger in diameter than the front it would have the effect of loosening up the rear.

The camber and toe will also have a dramatic effect on handling.  Corner weighting will also have a massive effect.  I have seen 911's with apparant braking issues be cured by a proper balance.  Getting this right will allow the tyres to do their job properly.....
+ 1 for SO2's. 

I have been using them for ages.  They are great set of tyres and perform well both in wet and dry conditions.
I'm getting mine corner weighted and balanced and the geometry done with a laser alignment jig.  Ill report back on how much out the current setup is..............
In topic "Which Strut Brace"
There so many opitions for a strut brace out there I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread to discuss some of the options.

Here's one that I've seen that looks like a very nice solution:

Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Jun 02, 2009 10:35:08 pm
Hi Pete,
strut braces - I\'ve always built my own on all the porkas. If you think about it, that\'s all you really need to do is stop inner wing to inner wing flex (in a simplistic way). I ensure the camber settings are correct first then build a brace to go between both side\'s mountings - I still like the \'compliance\' to be in the strut mounting, not a lot, but there for a reason.
If you think about it, the most rigid is the \'weld in type\' and that is primarilly to stop inner wing \'flex\'. Though I have built these and fitted them, I find a straight tube between the pre-affixed settings Mountings) does the trick.
I will post some pictures - painted satin black with a sticker or two on makes £10.00\'s worth look, and more importantly work, as good as some costing twenty times that amount.
Never had a moment\'s trouble with them and built them for some serious rally cars in the past.

Dirty Fuchs.

Nice post Kev - I look forward to seeing the pictures.  Peter Bull, one of our members, wrote a pice on this sometime ago and I'll post here again.  Hopefully he will chime in when he sees it:

The most common is the one to the left. It has a hinge in each end which makes it very easy to mount and you can add some tension in it to increase static camber. Whether that is good or bad I don't know, but I woun't do it. Since it has hinges all it does is transfer load from the outer strut mount to the inner.

The type in the middle has fixed mounts. The good thing with fixed mounts, IMO, is that it resists bending thus transfers a little bending moment into the bar. This type is therefore a little stiffer than the previous type.

The last type is the triangulated one. Since a triangle is statically determined, or stable, it does not need to have fixed mounts. The diagonal does that job through tension or compression. This type is the stiffest one, but it also adds most weight.
This is great Pete.  Excellent work.  Hopefully we'll some reproductions of your good work here  :agree:
Quote: Dil1232 at Jan 10, 2010 6:54:23 pm
Hi Dirty Fuch, can you explain to me as you are obviously a very serious porsche guy and I am only just scratching the surface as a new owner . I had the impression that brace was for serious racing, does this have a benifit just for normal useage?
I would be pleased to Know as I intend to upgrade and woundered what to upgrade alltogether.

cheers Dil

A strut brace is an absolute must for a race car, but IMO a strut brace offers alot of benefits for a road car too.

It has the effect of binding together the front dampers.  This makes the geometry of the car at the front change together rather than independently.  This means you get the full benefit of the geometry setup.  The car will handle slightly better and turn in better too.  The car will also be stiffened up slightly.

You can also use the strut brace to get that extra half a degree of caster, if thats what you are looking for!
I like rennline, but IMHO a home made one will do the same job.  Ultimately a cross brace between all four corners of the luggage bay is best, but this kills the practicality aspect.

Here's the one I would have for practicality and performance combined:

I'd probably go for option 2 myself.  No need for the whole thing IMHO.  Not for the everage person anyway.
Nice one Mark - Be careful when you pull the towers in to increase camber.  Too much and the bonnet wont close.  :blush: have you got any pics of the mounting points?
ow sad are we Porsche nutters - comparing our braces  :agree:

I cant go to spa.  Please take lots of photo'd and video.....
In topic "Alignment and Cornr weights"
Im planning on having my 911 corner weighted and balanced and all the alignment set up properly.  I have seen amazing results on other peoples 911's when they have had this done properly.  It should have had this all completed within the next couple of weeks and will report back with pics and description of the process and results of the all the work both technically as well as the feel of the car after it has all be done.

More soon.....
In topic "Bump Steer"
So what is buymp steer.  Well, bump steer refers to changes in wheel alignment (i.e., toe, camber and caster) as the wheel moves through the suspension range. Steering is effected resulting from toe or camber changes as the suspension moves up and down. Wheel alignment and general geometry is set with the car stationary, so bump steer affects must be properly considered to ensure that suspension movement does not cause adverse changes in handling or grip.

Ideally there would be no change of toe as the suspension is raised or lowered.  Bump steer is often the cause of that unexplainable wiggle or twitch.  Getting the suspension right to minimise bump steer is the difference between a good car and an excellent handling car.

On a lowered 911 you will want to to get the tie rod back up level with the steering rack.  This could be done by heating and bending the tie rod, or you can use one of the emerging bump steer kits which effectively do the same thing.

I have turbo tie rods and they will only serve to tighten things up a bit at the front and they will last longer too over the originals.

As you lower the car the need for bump steer kits start to increase.  How does she feel to drive at the moment.  If she's handling OK then maybe leave her as she is. 

If you plan to have the geometry all setup, then you might spot any changes to the geometry that might warrant a bump steer kit.
Quote: NickH at Nov 02, 2010 8:22:26 pm
Sorry, dodgy spelling in last post, don't think any car has "bumbsteer"...!!!

Some do  :agree:
In topic "3.0 SC lowering options"
Hi Jay

Lowering the front is easy as you say.  Just a couple of adjuster bolts on the fron cross member.

You have to be careful with the front though as if you go too low you will suffer with bump steer.

Check out this thread on Bump Steer.

Ill dig out some diagrams on rasing and lowering the rear for you.
I have done a complete coilover conversion on my car.  I hace as a result removed the front and rear torsion bars.  Addtionally I have added RSR Spring plates at the rear.

I went for a frim ride and used RSR Shocks and Coil springs all round.  Its nbot cheap though from memory.  I bought mine in the US when the exchange rate was at its best!

There are some pics in the thread on my car: Pete's MoTec 3.5 911
Im afraid I dont know about pricing for a basic setup but it is going to be a few undred quid though.

You dont need RSR spring plates for a coil over conversion though.  I believe you can stay with the original (just remove the torsion bar).

I would recommend that you re-inforce the rear strut towers at the top in the engine bay with some welded fins though.  easy to do and was something that POrsche did with their RSR cars.

In topic "Steering."
Oops, I just amended the forum to "Steering and Suspension" - cheers Hu.

I did the turbo tie rods, its definitely worth while.  Better frond end feel too!
Founds a pic of my old OEM tie rods along side the new turbo tie rods before installing:

yeah, piece of cake Hu. when you take the old ones off, measure tem and set the new ones to the same length or your tracking will be off.

also, make sure you get the originals made by lem forder. there are other ones but they are crap.
Lemforder is a must.  Good call Hu.

Are they all fitted.  How did you find it?
In topic "3.2 LOWERING OPTION"
Hi Dil - Lowering the front is easy.  Just a couple of adjuster bolts on the front cross member.

You have to be careful with the front though as if you go too low you will suffer with bump steer.

Check out this thread on Bump Steer.

Ill dig out some diagrams on rasing and lowering the rear for you.
Hi Dil - you should also check tis thread out:
In topic "Creaking sound from front suspension"
Hi Mark

Does sound like work or dried out rubber bushings on the wish bones and or anti roll bars.  Silicone spray will eliminate the noise for a while, but if they are worn then the noise will return.  Probably best to check them and replace/upgrade them.

Have a look for superpro bushes.  A little harder and provide better positive feel to the car.

How did you get on Mark.
Quote: janiharley at Jul 25, 2011 8:44:39 pm
OK, 2nd try!  Lost the first reply. New to this! Had the same problem with my newly-acquired Carrera 2, 2001, with 80k on the clock. Was quoted over £1000 for replacement coffin pillar (lower?) wishbones, but was told that you can inject the bushes, with engine oil via a syringe.  I had it done for free by a local speciaslist, and it only took a few minutes, and works a treat.  They had apparently been done before, so don't know how long it will last, but so far, so good!

Good luck,


Hi steve - nice fix.  I know this works for roll bar bushes.  Mine had developed a squeek, so I managed to squirt some silicone spray.  Stopped the squeeked instantly.  That was months ago and it has never returned !!!! 
In topic "track rod problem"
Hey CD.  Welcome to the forum.

Like spenner says, this is likely to be a track rod issue.  Sounds like your Toe is out from Spec.

What Porsche have you got?  Find out what the Toe should be and either do it yourself (Takes a while with string, chalk and a laserline) or take it somewhere to get it spot on.  You'll also find with the incorrect Toe settings you can wear tyres ut quickly. 

You might also look at the "Thrust Angle" of the car to make sure it is correxct.

Definitely a geometry problem IMHO.

Let us know what Porsche you have and maybe start a thread on your car in the Gallery section of the forum and maybe post a few pics.  :agree:

PS - Dont forget to clikc "Watch Topic" at the top right of this thread.  That way you'll get an email when someone replies to your question.
In topic "Bilstein front struts?"
Hi Mate.  Bilstein or Boge.  From memory one is yellow and the other is green.  I cant quite remember which way around though.  Hopefully someone will chime in.
The RSR set up is great. Its very firm, sometimes a bit too firm on the street, but it comes into its own on the track.
In topic "997 Steering Rack Leak"
Is the hydraulic leak from the power steering?  If so, it will certainly make it harder to turn the wheel as the fluid escapes, but is not dangerous per se.  I'd definitely get it fixed rather than use it on the road. £1,700 seems alot, so its well worth shopping around.

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Many thanks
In topic "How do I embed a youtube video"
This is now quite easy.

There is now a red "Tube" icon avaible in the message post options.  After clicking on that icon enter the youtube code that comes after the v= characters.

If you cant see the red "Tube" icon, then click advanced.
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      In topic "How to embed P101tv Photo's"
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      Here's a step-by-step guide:

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      In forum "Track Clothing"
      In topic "What do you wear on track"
      What race clothing do you wear on track and why?  Share your experiences here.
      What are you feeling on crash helmets?  Arai always get a good review.  Is it full face or open?
      I have been looking at the Bell ones and will probably end up there.  Also must have a fire resistant banaclava.  Just to be sure.
      Quote: hukent at Feb 02, 2010 7:59:59 pm
      ALWAYS wear Cotton clothing, if the worst happens, it burns not MELTS to your skin.

      Good call!

      In forum "Transmission"
      In topic "Clutch and Flywheel options for G50"
      As many of you know I am in the middle of G50 upgrade from my early 915 gearbox.

      I have stumpled on a problem/opportunity.  I have the pre-G50 fly wheel so I have to upgrade in order to fit a G50 comliant clutch.  I had already sourced a light weight KEP clutch but it turns out I was sent the wrong one.  So I can either:

      (i) get the right G50 clutch fo the right flywheel; or
      (ii) go for a different fly wheel and clutch combo like a 964 RS fly wheel and GT2 clutch.

      The latter would require a different starter motor too.

      What your thoughts?
      In topic "Rebuilt G50 TRansmission"
      I am undertaking a G50 TRansmission conversion from the Standard 915 transmission.  The donor transmission is now complete.  The gearbox was blueprinted as well as having a quaife LSD installed.  The gearbox case was also ultrasonically cleaned to an as new finish. 

      Here's a few pics of the start to finish process:

      Here's the donor G50 gearbox

      Here the gear box at mid re-assembly

      Ready for the LSD

      LSD being lowered in

      completed G50 ready for install
      In topic "Lsd for a 915"
      What 915 are you running - early one or the one from the early 3.2's......

      Ive just put a LSD in my G50.  I went for quaife which cost a small fortune, but there are others out there.
      I like LSD.  I have fitted one to my gearbox recently and it tames the down a bit.  You can also jump on the power earlier out of a corner.
      In topic "Short Shifter"
      That looks like a bit of a bargain.  Is it an OEM part?

      Is it for a G50 or 915 box?

      Let's see some pics.  Have you fitted it?  Wat is the reduction in the throw.
      Quote: hukent at Feb 01, 2010 8:07:03 pm
      It arrived TODAY!!!!!!
      I only bought it on Friday, three days from the States via DHL, WOW.
      Nice quality, looks a great bit of kit, the first bit of nice weather and I'll bung it in,
      and take some pics. and do a 'How Too' of the installation

      That was damn quick.  :cool:

      Looking forward to seeing it installed.....
      that's not the best of starts. i hope you can get it to work how it should. keep the faith.
      so it all turned good in the end. good work. any pics worth sharing.
      That's good news Hu. Money well spent is always a good thing.  Where was your angry sessions?  Ontrack or just a nice twisty bit of road?
      Quote: hukent at Mar 18, 2010 9:08:25 am
      I was MSA Steward on the Tour Of Epynt,last weekend, so gave it a good blast over the Epynt Ranges, which I know
      VERY well!!!!!

      Awesome Hu.  You certainly get about!  How much travel reduction do you think you got with the kit?
      In topic "Wevo shifter"
      Nice buy.  Any pics?

      I used swepco in my old 915 box and the difference was amazing.  I never got round to fitting the short shift kit so I cant comment on how good they are.
      Quote: MarkJ at Feb 08, 2010 11:34:32 am
      This is the one i went for:-

      Will post pics once its installed too.

      That does look nice..... Wevo do some great products.  Hu has just bought a short shift kit so hopefully we'll see some pics of that soon!
      Quote: MarkJ at Feb 19, 2010 10:44:39 am
      Weather permitting i am getting mine fitted this weekend so hopefully i can report back on my findings :)

      Nice one Mark.  Looking forward to seeing and hearing more/  Good weather this weekend, so hopefully you'll get it done.
      Good work Mark -

      Sounds like a good update.  Any pictures?

      Why don't youapply some heat to the drain plug?  Heat normally does the trick.
      In topic "Broken clutch at 300+kw"
      Sounds like the OEM clutch just doesnt have the clamping force needed to do the job.  Will be interesting to see what your mechanic finds when he strips it down.

      Sachs do a good power clutch and if not there are quite a few other clutched systems around which have plenty of clamping force.

      The trick is to try and keep the rotating mass to a minimum while getting adequate clamping force.....
      In topic "G50 gearbox and flywheel problems"
      Welcome to the forum.

      What car are you putting the G50 into?  A 964 starter shouldnt fit a G50.....
      Quote: Bishop6354 at May 07, 2011 3:26:33 pm
      It's being fitted into a Vw t25 camper, I now know I need a new flywheel so I'll have to find a 911 g50 type starter to, shame as I have an older type starter and the 964 one! More money hey!

      Great project - I've always wanted to do that.  There's a PET catalogue in the tech reference section of this forum so you can get the part numbers from there.  I had to getr a new flywheel when I did a G50 conversion on my 911.  It wasnt megga money.......

      Have a look on, you might get some parts come up on there.

      Good luck with the project!
      I seem to recal I got a new starter.  I think there are differences between the 915 and G50 gearbox on the 3.2 series from 84 to 89.  There are also differences between the G50 of 87 and the other years.

      One starter you could consider if you have to buy one is a light weight high torque starter like the one offered from Cambridge motorsports.  I beleive its called the edge.  This guy fitted one:
      In topic "Auto gearbox not shifting"
      Welcome to the forum Nicholas.  Hu's definitely onto something there.  Clean oil may help.  You might even put some flushing oil through it first.  Good luck and let us know how you get on.
      In topic "911 996 tiptronic bell housing gasket"
      Quote: garyhibberd at Oct 07, 2011 8:08:24 am
      ive just been told that the gasket on the bell housing of my tiptronic gearbox of my 2004 996 is leaking and that it cant be bought you have to buy a whole gearbox .

      the mechanic did say its a mercedes gearbox but wasnt sure if the gasket they do will be the same ? anybody had this done or knows of anybody who does

      thanks gary

      Hi Gary

      Yep, Porsche arn't the nicest of people when it comes to spares for the 996.  especially in the gearbox area.  I have heard this stroy a couple of times.

      Speak to Tony at Wrightune (just google the name).  If anyone know's he's be able to help you.  He's a nice guy.

      Good luck.
      In topic "short shift kit"
      I  know the one you mean.  I cant quite place it right now. I'll try and think where Ive seen it.

      I know Porsche do one and I know wevo do one......
      If you have the 915 box then weltmeister do an OEM looking kit

      Quote: spenner at Apr 14, 2012 6:42:32 pm
      I have saved my pennies  disdain023.gif and have splashed out on a full oem kit, just need to fit it now. How easy is it to fit?  :agree:

      Nice one mate.  The job is pretty straight forward.  Shouldnt take too long at all.  I think you'll be pleased with the results. :agree:
      In topic "Cold Weather Gear Changes"
      Very interesting article.  If you use the correct viscosity as recommended by the manufacturer is that good for all year round?  Is it better to have one oil for the winter and one for the summer?
      An oil change certainly can't hurt.  I had an early 915 gearbox on my 2.7 911.  I had a similar problem wit second gear.  I changed to Motul oil and the problem was improved a great deal.  Worth a try maybe.

      In forum "Induction"
      In topic "Plenum Chambers"
      I have Jenvey throttle bodies and air is first filtered through a standard itg like sponge filter with pipercross filter oil impregnated into the spong filter.

      This is a great set up and contributes greatly to the performance of  my car.  Howeveer, better or optimal perfromance is only going to be achieved from plenum chambers.  The plenum provideds a relatively speaking static source of air and increases inductive performance.  The amount of increased BHP is unknown but I would hazzard a quess at 5-7bhp for my car and maybe similar amounts of torque.

      The problem is that these plenums dont seem to be readily available off the shelf for a setup like mine (unless anyone knows any different please let me know), so I have started discussions with a designer and fabiricator of plenums for a bespoke design my my engine.  I will of course post here to update everyone on progress.
      In topic "Cold Air Intake"
      Unlike front engined cars the 911 has more difficulty in getting cold air into the engine bay and more importantly into the intake system.  The GT1 has an air scoop incorporated into the roof panel and RUF with its yellow bird cut an air intake into the rear quarters to feed the intercoolers.

      What ideas or solutions have you all heard about?
      Nice work.  Thats exactly what we need on here - more technical stuff.

      Given the size of the temperature drop I would say there must be more BHP.  It would be interesting to see a before and after dyno.  My estimate would be a 5bhp increase. 
      Hi Andy

      Welcome to the forum.

      What sort of power gains are getting with that mod?  Sounds interesting.
      Hi Kev - You rock buddy.  Totally hardcore. 

      What a great idea.  I have a turbo spoiler on mine and air is a much need accessory to my set up.  I think I'll get out there and do the same.  What did you use to cut the hole?

      Have you done any more with the temperature proble to see if there is a difference in general engine bay temperature?

      I think the turbo boot lid had a bigger apperture?  I could be wrong, and your intercooler :agree: reminds me of the the 935 setup.  Great work Kev.....
      Kev -

      I think the cut out is a great Idea.  Im set to do the same.  Youve convinced me.

      Next time you have the lid off, maybe take a pic with a tape measure in the pic so I can scale it off the picture.

      Nice work mate  :happy013:
      Nice tan  :cool:

      Im definitely going to do the air mod to mine.

      What tool did you use to nibble it out.  Im gonna need to get myself one of those to do the job.

      Im also going to get myself a finbreglass relica turbo spoiler.  They weigh in a 30kg, so I'll do it all in one go......

      Did you notice a differnece in power or just sound, or both?
      I definitely think your onto something Kev.  Look at the intake for a 997 turbo.  Porsche have put the cone filter further back to where your new added ventilation would be.

      Maybe the next step is to divert a pipe to the area infront (or as close as possible) of the engine fan?
      Here's another opition to get some cld air into the engine bay.  Not sure I like the overall look of the spoiler but you can see how you can get some RAM air effect and then channel it on the underside direct to the vici nity of the intake.

      Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Oct 06, 2009 2:14:12 pm
      Pete, not such a bad idea is that spoiler, though a tad on the dear side. :blush:
      Mate has one on his and we piped both sides (used drain pipe across the rear inside the spoiler) and both side intakes feed off into one flexy pipe on the inlet on the o/s of engine. Does it work??? I dont know really as Greg doesnt go fast enough and he wont let me drive it.
      The theory behind it works though - I have yet to see a race car without some form of cold air or rampipe system fitted. I am positive if you can seperate the engine temp from the intake temps your onto a winner - nearly every new Porsche (and others) have some sort of similar system.
      Mine seems 'snappier' since the mod but I have done several all at once so hard to tell.

      Dirty Fuchs :agree:

      Im totally with you on that one Kev.  It has to be right tat if you can seperate the two air temps as well as prove a cold air charge to the intages you have to see an improvement.
      In topic "Air blower ducting"
      Yep, youve discovered the wonderful world of expensive Porsche heating system parts.  When the heater works it works really well.  When breaks it costs lots of cash.

      Let's see some pics of the new bits.  I think we still need to see a thread on your car  :agree:
      In topic "2006 Carrera Airbox"
      This is quite an easy job.

      - First you need to unclip the MAF connector;
      - Next undo the hose clip at the top;
      - Undo the M6 bolt at the back;
      - then just lift the whole assembly out.

      The airbox has two plastic locator pins on the underside.  These pins go into two rubber grommets on the main body. Check that both grommets are there before you put it back, or it will rattle when driving. Putting a smear of silicone grease on the pins helps to stop the pin dislodging the grommet when you put it back in.

      Hope this helps.
      In topic "Air Filter or Not?"
      That's really interesting Hu.

      There's so many people claiming massive increases with aftermarket filters or cones.  This goes to show two things.  (1) Porsche knew what they were doing in the first place, and (2)  leave it alone  :blush:

      The only air change that makes a real difference is throttle bodies, but they cost a fortune....
      The only problem with throttle bodies is mapping the air fuel ration at low revs/idle in the cold.  Other than that they are fine.
      The stock system is best

      In forum "New Members"
      In topic "New Forum Members Say Hello"
      I'll start it off.

      My names Pete.  I own a modified 1974 911 coupe.  My 911 is show at the home page of this forum. I live in Kent with my family (who dont seem as enthusiastic about 911's as me).
      Welcome Gra - any details and pics of your car?
      Welcome to the board Wildsie.  Its great to have you on board.  You sound like a definitie Porsche head but with racing pedigree to go with it.  There's another racer on here who I am sure will be pleased at your arrival - his user name is Carlbon.  Im sure you two will have much tp speak about!
      Hi Jeff

      Great looking SC and some very nice and sensible mods and a very warm welcome to the forum.  Feel free to start a thread on your car in the Gallery>Readers cars and share some more pictures.
      Let's see some more Pic's Jeff.  Start a thread on your 911 in the gallery.... :agree:
      In topic "New Here"
      Hi there Arbola and welcome to the forum!  Our friends from accross the pond are always welcome.

      Dont forget to tell us a little about your 911 and post a few pics and details in the gallery section of the forum.  Aside from that there should be a place on here to answer any questions or share you experience of the 911.
      Yes thank you.  That will be very helpfull.

      Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your 911 in the gallerie  :)
      In topic "Hi All - I'm new here."
      Hi Mate and welcome to the forum.  Glad you have come on board.  I'm looking forward to your thoughts and comments in the various threads.  Its small at the moment but everything has to start somewhere I guess.

      Black is best mate  :cool:  She's definitely a looker.

      You should definitely post some pics of your car in the gallery.  Any trouble posting a pic let me know.  There is a short guide here to help: A guide to posting pics.

      Tell us more about your cold air experiments in the induction section.....

      I have just started a small technical reference section so members can share their 'how to guides' as well as technical literature diagrams and specs.  Sounds like you've got a lot to contribute there.....

      once again welcome......
      In topic "Porsche newbie"
      Welcome to the forum JK.  Awesome car fella.
      In topic "New Member"
      Hi Andy, welcome to all three of you  :agree2:

      I look forward to seeing you around the forum.  Lets see some pics of the 964 in the Galery.  Just create a new thread here:

      Readers 911's
      In topic "new member :-)"
      Hi Tony

      Welcome to the forum.  Its always good to have new members join in  :agree:

      Sorry to hear that you are Porscheless.  That's not good....  You need to fix that as soon as possible.

      Looking forward to seeing your next one and seeing around te forum.
      In topic "new member"
      hi Spanner -

      welcome to the forum. greemy is a top man!

      your SC sounds nice. they are great cars and i look forward to seeing more about it in the form. feel free to start your own thread in "our readers 911's". be good to see some photos
      Quote: spenner at Jan 03, 2010 5:59:41 pm
      Cheers Pete, I will have to learn how to get photos onto here as I dont have a clue with computers. I am going to start a new post/thread and if I get some advice and info I will start my next job on the cars list.
      Cheers, :agree:  Craig

      Hi Craig -

      It can be a little tricky at first, but it's not too bad.

      Theres a general help section here:

      Getting Help

      and here's some hints for posting a picture:

      How to post a picture on the forum

      Good luck fella  :agree:
      In topic "New Member"
      Hi Chris

      it was great to meet you at Brands. good venue!

      i enjoyed the chat. the 964 looked awesome.

      look forward to seeing you around on the forum.

      why not start a thread for your 911 in "our readers 911" section.

      Be good to see a few pics of the car and hear more about the car!
      In topic "New Member"
      Hi Hu and a big welcome to the forum.

      Nice Targa.  She looks great.

      Please open a thread just for your car in "Our Readers 911" section in the gallery.  Post up lots of pics of your car and some info.  Im sure everyone would love to see more your car!
      You can now see Hu's own car thread here:

      Hu's 3.2 Carrera Targa Thread
      In topic "near future 911 owner.."
      Hi Cowan

      Im glad you didnt go down the Boxter route.  I think you would hahve been very dissapointed.

      Do you have £20,000 for the car then another £5,000 for repairs / upgrades, or does the £5,000 have to come off the £20,000.  Either way should be able to get a very nice 911.

      If its £15,000 that you can definitely get a nice clean 964.  The 964 is still a proper aircooled 911 and was the first to have ABS etc, if that is important.  You can do alot to te 3.6l engine to get more power or change thw sound.  If its £20,000 you can then enter the 993 territory and maybe get a C4 or a C2S. 

      You could go old school and get a 3.2 Carrera.  A late 1987 to 89 car is within budget and they are fabulous cars to drive, but no driver aids.
      In topic "Newbie Porshe owner"
      Hi Brenin

      Welcome to the forum....  Let's see some pics of that beauty.  Perhaps open a thread in the Gallery>readers 911's.

      Meantime, lets try and fix your problem.  Does the central locking still work?  Is it just the drivers door?  How does the door release on the outside feel compared to the one that works?
      In topic "Hi everyone"
      That's very multi lingual of you Hu - nice one!

      A very warm welcome from me too Costin.

      Check out Costin's 911 here:
      In topic "Virgin again!!"
      Hi Steve

      Welcome to the forum and nice to see your a 911 driver again.  996 Targa sounds nice.  Just enough time to make the most of the last days of summer !  What did you drive before?

      Please feel free to open a thrrad on your car on Gallery>Our Readers 911's and maybe share some pictures  :agree:
      In topic "Hi"
      Hi Flat6 and welcometo the forum.  The old stud problem keeps rearing its ugly head.  If you take your time you will get there.  I did mine for the first time.  Took me a while but I got there in the end. 

      Why not open a thread for your car, get some photo's uploaded and then start discussing the project....
      Tim - here's a PET Catalogue as Hu suggest which could be very helpful.
      Hi Tim

      Before you start I think maybe you should decide what you want to achieve.  Your options are many, but here's a few ideas:

      - keep it a standard SC engine;
      - upgrade/engance the SC engine for more power/reliability etc;
      - transplant another Porsche engine.  Options include a 3.2 carrera engine or a 3.6 engine from a 964 or 993;
      - build a hotrod, maybe using a donar 3.2 Carrera engine and putting on 3.5l barrels and pistons and engine management etc.

      I would think those options through, weigh up the pro's and con's of each (including budget) and decide which is for you.  Once you know where you want to be, how to get there will be easier to figure out. 

      Just my thoughts....
      Hi Hu

      Sounds like a plan to me.  The gearbox wont take 3.2 internals.  You either have to rebuild the 915 or do a G50 conversion, the ;atter being very expesnive and time consuming so I'd get teh 915 sorted instead.  It's lighter than a 50.  Although you could look at a 915 from an early pre- G50 3.2?

      As far as engine concerned then maybe this could be some plan options:

      - new piston rings and little ends (while your in there...)..  Check the barrels for wear first of course.
      - Twin spark?  Tandem fire from existing coil;
      - Porsche 964 Supersport cam profile;
      - re-furbish the head (guides etc), tripple seat valves;
      - ARP springs and retainers;
      - Not sure Gasflow will give you much in the way of improvement.  Porsche really knew what they were doing and an attempt at gas flowing can reduce power rather than improve it;
      - As for air, this is a very contenscious issue.  The Porsche airbox is a good one.  A cone filter might make it sound better but give nothing by way of power increase.    ITB's are best, but again these are exoensive.
      - ARP head studs;
      - Maybe a Turbo thomas exhaust or a hayward and scott....
      In topic "Introduction"
      Hi Nick

      Welcome to the forum.  Hope you enjoy your stay!
      In topic "Carrera 3.0"
      Hi Phil

      Welcome to the forum.  The '76 and '77 Carrera 3.0's a great 911's and are quite rare nowadays.  I'm definitely looking forward to watching that one.  Will you keep it RHD or put it back to factory?

      There is the famous 'husborne crawley autojumble'.  Just give that a google and you'll find it.  Where are you based?  The autojumble is just south of Milton keynes. About 5 mins from the M1 motorway.

      It would be nice to see some photo's of her now and during the process.  Feel free to open a thread in 'Gallery/Our Readers 911' and tell the story.

      If you want to show some pictures in your thread then just sign up to our sister site, then upload your pics which you can then immediately share here.  There's a little guide for posting pictures in the help section, here:
      I really like that Phil.  She's a nice looking 911.  I'm really looking to following this project.  Don't forget to start a thread for your project in Galler>Our Members 911.....

      You can tell the photo is older compared to the digital ones because of the grainyness.  It wirks though.  Makes it look even more classic  :agree:
      In topic "Dream come true!"
      Hi Nic - Like Hu says these cars were built for competition use and handle extremely well. 

      The reputation for massive overstear is very missleading.  If anything they understear because of the reduction in weight at the front compared to the back.  So, in a tight bend if you feel its understeering correct it with a dab of throttle and get the back to come round a little.

      The weight distribution is roughly 60% / 40% (the 40% being at the front).

      I think the only differnece between a 911 and your M3 is that with the added weight at the back is that you will encounter lift off overstear - so once your in the bend and for some reason you lift off the throttle you could encourage the back out. But, this is more so with the older 911's.  The newer ones will have all sorts of driver electronic aids. 

      Are you driving a C2 or C4?

      Check this video out of an old '74 911 versus a new GT3.  They are hard on it and hand beautifully.

      There are plenty of other Porsche videos here:

      In topic "Just joined the Forum!"
      Hi Steve

      Welcome to the forum.  Always good to welcome a new member with a newly aqcuired Porsche  :agree:

      Looking forward to seeing some pictures.  Feel free to open a thread on your 911 in the Gallery>Our Readrs Cars.... and maybe show us some pics....
      In topic "New to the Forum"
      Hi Ian

      Welcome to you adn your Porsche to the forum.
      In topic "Newbie here"
      Welcome to our forum.  What model of Porsche do you hope to buy?
      In topic "horn on 1995 has a mind of its own"
      Craig is right.  Sounds like a loose wire is touching the brass horn ring inside the stearing wheel.  It happend to me once before.

      In forum "Oil"
      In topic "which Engine Oil for a 3.2?"
      My engine is a modified 3.2 which now has 3.5ltr mahle pistons and barrels and produces 330bhp.  I have been recommended to use a good 10w-50 synthetic such as the Silkolene Pro S 10-50 for all year round use, as is ideal for track use too.

      Previously I had been using Mobil 1 15w-50.

      The first difference is the cold crank viscosity of the oil, the 10w of the Silkolene will flow better from cold then the 15w of the Mobil. In addition to this the Silkolene is an ester/pao blend oil, the Mobil is a straight pao. This makes the Silkolene oil a group V synthetic (as good as it gets) the Mobil is a group IV.

      I just invested in 11 litres of Silkolene Pro S 10w50.  Total cost including VAT and carriage was £90.  Bargain!
      you might want to read a couple of topics I have put together regarding understanding oil which might help you check which oil is best for your 911.

      engine oil numbers explained

      and this one

      the truth about engine oil
      I agree mate.  Oil must be one of the most technical and baffling subjects in automotive engineering.

      I have done some research and you'll find a few articles I have written to try and make it less complicated to understand.  Feel free to jump in those articles and add any thoughts/experience.
      In topic "Which Gearbox Oil for a G50"
      I have recently had a G50/00 completely rebuilt and updated with a quaife LSD.  The oil I have been recommended from various independent suppliers as well as other Porsche enthusiasts is Mobile 1 as follows:

      - for normal street use, it seems M1 75w90;
      - for track use M1 mobilube SHC 75w90 (sometimes called delvac).
      Hi Gwyn - I havent had any experience of that oil.  Whats the spec for oil?
      In topic "Engine Oil Numbers Explained"
      To most people Engine oil has become a complex subject to understand.  You only have to look at the bottle and you see a vast number of letters and numbers.  How are we expected to know what these mean. Fortunately this is standards based industry so there are standards bodies to explain the jargon.

      So what about those numbers

      Typically on the front of a bottle or can of engine oil is the viscosity rating of the oil. Viscosity can be thought of as the oils thickness and therefore indicates the ability of the oil to flow.  For modern engine oils the viscosity ratings will appear as two numbers separated by a W.  Examples include but are no means limited to: 0W30 5W30 10W40 15W50 and 20W50 and so on.  These are referred to as multigrade engine oils.  Simply put this means the oil contains additives to modify the oils viscosity at certain temperatures. The multigrade oil is essential as the temperature range the oil is exposed to in most vehicles can be wide ranging from cold ambient temperatures in the winter before the vehicle is started up to hot operating temperatures when the vehicle is fully warmed up in hot summer weather and for people reading this in stressful trackday conditions at high RPMs.

      So if we take an example of a muligrade viscosity of 15W50. The first number of the code 15 indicates the lowest operational cold temperature range while the second 50 signifies the highest operational temperature range.

      For single-grade oils the viscosity is measured at a reference temperature of 100 degrees C in units of mm/s (or the equivalent older units centistokes abbreviated cSt). based on the range of viscosity the oil falls in at that temperature the oil is graded as an SAE number 0 5 10 20 30 40 50 or 60. The higher the viscosity the higher the SAE grade number is. These numbers are also often referred to as the weight of a motor oil. The reference temperature refered to here is meant to approximate the operating temperature to of the engine to which oil is exposed.

      And the letters

      The Viscosity rating will often be preceded by SAE which stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers. This is the body which sets the viscosity standards to determine the numbers above. The governing SAE standard is called SAE J300. This "classic" method of defining the "W" rating has since been replaced with a more technical test where a "cold crank simulator" is used at increasingly lowered temps. A 0W oil is tested at W22;35 deg C (W22;31  edgF) a 5W at W22;30 �C (W22;22  deg F) and a 10W is tested at W22;25 deg C (W22;13  deg F).

      W stands for Winter not Weight designating their "winter" or cold-start viscosity at lower temperature.
      In topic "The Truth About Engine Oil"
      Oil or more specifically engine oil is a very complex thing these days and is a nightmare for the average punter to work out which oil offers best value for money.

      There are essentially four types of engine oil namely:

      1. Mineral oil - (conventional base oil derived directly by refining crude oil);
      2. Hydrocracked oil ? (extra highly refined base stocks);
      3. PAO oil - (pure synthetic hydrocarbon SHC); and
      4. Ester based oil - (fully synthesised from a reaction between acids and alcohols).

      The more you go down the list from 1 to 4 the better the performance of the oil is but also the higher the price is.

      Whats more important is that you should remember that IMHO opinion there is no such thing as a cheap synthetic engine oil.  Hydrocracked oil which is a very high quallity mineral oil can be marketed and sold as synthetic oil so you need to be careful when making your oil choices.

      Click here for more information and background on this topic.
      In topic "The Colour of Oil"
      How quickly does your engine oil turn black and does the colour of the oil indicate its quality?

      Let everyone know your thoughts and experience on this one.

      There are a number of varioables to consdier of course.  If the engine is old and the frequency of oil changes has not what it should be then there will have been sufficient time for dirt deposits to build around the engine producing black sludge.  So even after putting fresh golden engine oil in after a service it wont take very llong for these deposits to contaminate the oil and turn it black.

      This doesnt necessarily mean that the oil has lost its lubricating qualities.  Quite the oppisitie in fact. Modern high quality synthetic oils have a number of additives some of mwhich are anti dispersents.  This means that rather than let the dirtt form into sludge it holds the particles  in suspension.  This does a number of things:

      - prevents the buildup of sludge; and
      - enables the particles to flow around the oil system and get caught in the oil filter (where they should be);

      but this has the side effect of turning the oil a dark colour. So in essence if your oil turns black quickly its doing its job properly.

      There is another reason why your oil can turn black and that is blow through.  The combustion gasses cam pass or blow by the gap between piston ring and bore and get into the oil turning it black also.  This is quite natural especially on high compression engines or at high rpms.
      In topic "1980 911 turbo oil cooling"
      There is no reason why you couldn't change the brass pipes for copper but I would say that copper isnt as robust as brass.  It will be lighter but not as strong against impact etc.

      The cooling pipe work from the oil tank through the thermostat to the front oil cooler is a reasonably low pressure system.  The Thormostat opens at about 96 degrees before allowing the oil to flow through the cooler. 

      The 911 engine runs very hot and the Porsche cooling system is very effective.

      In terms of modifying the cooling what ideas did you have in mind?
      In topic "Oil advice and recommendations here"
      I  use 10w-50 synthetic Silkolene Pro S 10-50 for all year round use, and is ideal for track use too.

      Previously I had been using Mobil 1 15w-50.
      Quote: oilman at Jul 23, 2009 1:53:11 pm
      Pro S 10w-50 is a great oil!

      I have been very happy with this oil.  Im on my second lot in my 911. 

      Guy, can you tell us more about this oil, its perfromance properties and why you think its better than the competition.
      Hi Joe

      I ran SWEPCO in my 915 and I thought it was great.  It improved shifting over other oils I had used.

      I think your engine oil is a little thin for a Carrera engine.  Remember these cars run with no gasket and they run really hot and prone to oil leaks if the oil is too thin.  I  use 10w-50 synthetic Silkolene Pro S 10-50 - brilliant stuff, but I'll let the oilman explain why.
      In topic "Oil cooling 911 964 C4"
      Hi Andy

      It doesnt take much to cause an overheat on our aircooled 911's.

      If the fan moves freely then its clearly not seized.  It could be a relay to control the fan or even a fuse, so definitely start with those.  You could also run a 12v supply directly to the fan just to make sure that the fan motor is OK. 

      Next check that the oil lines near the fan under teh front wheel arch are getting hot when the engine is hot.  This will confirm if the oil thermostat is working OK and sending oil to the cooler.

      This is going to be a simple fix, just need to isolate the problem.

      Keep us updated Andy
      If the engine is definitely up to temperature and the oil lines to the coller are not hot, then it does seem like the thermostat.  I think the thermostat is on the offside wheel arch below the oil tank.  You should see a casting with the hard oil lines flowing from there to the front of the car along the sill line. 
      In topic "which oil filter for 1974 to 1989 911"
      This is a really important issue.  £10 for an oil filter or £15k for engine build.  Its that type of choice. 

      You need to mdecide on Porsche, Fram or Mahle OC 54.

      Here's an interesting article by Alan Caldwell, 1992.

      In topic "Oil system on 1990 964 C2"
      Hi Howard

      Welcome to the forums.  Its nice to see another 964 on here.  Hope you enjoy your stay.  :agree:

      I have to say I have never heard a sloshing sounds from the oil tank.  Is this something you hear when you are in the car or standing at the back with the engine lid open and the car at idle?

      andyc69 on here has a 964 so he may be able to comment better than I.  These are dry sump systems so the oil is scavenged from the engine case and pumped back into the tank, which may make a little noise.  Are you running a standard Porsche oilfilter.  Do you know when ity was last changed?  Perhaps the oil is foaming in the filter. 

      Maybe andy can comment some more.
      we need to see some pics of your 964. start your own thread for your 911 in gallery and post some pictures.
      In topic "Discovered an oil leak today"
      Today I discovered the dreaded spot of oil on the garage floor.

      It's not a big leak.  I guess there was less than a tea spoon (5ml) of oil on the floor.  It's on the drivers side midway between wheel arch and car centre line. 

      The thing with oil leaks is that the oil normally travels all over the place before it hits the floor, so the location of the oil on the floor is usally nothing to do with the location of the leak itself.

      The usual suspects are cam covers, oil sender and the oil switch.  The cam covers are probably not the cause as I have the turbo covers and are less prone to warp - but Im not ruling thsat out.

      I'll do my investigations over the next few days and see what I can find....
      Found the culprit.  After much searching, I discovered it was the oil pressure warning light switch located at the back of the engine in front of the rear suspension cross member.  Ordered a new one from Porsche, Part Number 911 606 230 00.  Cost of £18 plus VAT.

      Should be a quick and easy job.... :agree:
      That's weird Hu.  I have been told tat while the Porsche ones do break as a common fault, tat the aftermarket ones also fail, but more catastrophically.....
      Changing it out was very easy.  Took me ten minutes all in  disdain023.gif

      But, it was easy for me as I have ITB's.  For a standard car you might have to remove the airbox to get at it.

      I rebuilt my engine only a few thousand miles ago and the sender was brand new then.  So its crap that it would go already.  I spoke to a couple of Porsche mechanics and they say it's common for them to go and for the aftermarket ones go go even more often and in a more explosive fashion (spraying the engine bay in oil).....
      That's interesting Hu.  What aftermarket ones had you been thinking of.  Ive seen some as cheap as £6.....  I paid £18 plus VAT for an OEM one. 
      So, here's my quick guide to changing the oil pressure switch

      In topic "oil leak on 996 3.6"
      Hi Garry

      Looks like the photo didnt upload.  I've created a sister site for hosting Porsche video and Pictures, called  If you upload your pics there, you can post them again and again in forums and blogs without having to re-upload.

      On to your problem.  Unfortunately an oil leak on a 911 engine is hard to find.  The drips on the engine and on the floor dont necessarily mean thats the precise location.  The oil can travel away from the source.

      As a few pointers, it could be:

      - Oil Pressure warning switch;
      - oil sender unit;
      - cam covers;
      - oil filter
      or just a spil.....

      You'll need to get in further for more investigation.....

      See if you can get some pics on here for a better look....
      In topic "oil light"
      I think you right Dil -

      The speed sensor is a crappy little thing that tends go wrong fairly easily.  Happend to me a couple of times.

      Hows your poil pressure?  All good?  The light is probaly due to a sensor.

      What was the other light?  Charging?  Mine is on at low(idle) revs then as you put your foot down it goes out.

      Im glad its all sorted.  Here's a little video i made when I did mine.
      Glad its all fixed Dil.  Good work!  Glad the video helped, albeit a bit late.

      In forum "Porsche Pictures"
      In topic "Porsche 962"
      The Poprsche 962 is a real monster: 3.0 lite engine, 700 plus BHP and 215 mph.  Post your pics of the 962 here:

      Wow yes you are a lucky chap indeed.  I think the saying goes "i'd give my right arm" for a drive like that. 

      I'm sure you deserved every mile of it Mike.  I take it thats you behind the wheel in your signature yellow helmet?

      Tell us a bit more about what its like to drive a monster of a Porsche like the 962.
      Thanks Mike.  Thats definitely not a ramble in my book and if it is then its a great one.

      I absolutely love those Prototype Porsche.  The 962 is awesome as is the 917.  I'd love a PAX lap or even better a drive in either.

      Thanks for the description of what they are like to drive.  Most of us will never know so its great to hear it first hand from someone that has done quite a few hours in one and at some fantastic circuits.

      Here's what one sounds like:

      In topic "Interesting Porsche"
      I came accross these.  No idea who put them together but they look great.  Perhaps Porsche will take note and release them.  I want one.  :)

      In topic "Porsche 917"
      This has to be my ultimate all time favourite Porsche.

      The Porsche 917 is the racecar that provided Porsche its first outright wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in both 1970 and 1971. The car is powered by the Type 912 flat-12 engine with either a 4.5, 4.9, or 5 litre options. The long-tailed version was capable of a 0-62 mph (100 km/h) time of 2.5 seconds and a top speed of more than  254 mph (407 km/h). Awesome.

      In the 1973 Can-Am series, the turbocharged version Porsche 917/30 developed over 1,100 bhp (820 kW), and as much as 1,580 bhp (1,180 kW).

      Please post your pics of the car here:

      In topic "Porsche 935"
      Here's a bit of a monster.  The Porsche 935 came out in 1976. Essentially is a racing version of the 930, prepared specifically for FIA-Group 5.

      The 935 raced very successfully in various championships including  the IMSA GT championship and the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft. No other manufacruruer could challenge the 935. The huge turbocharger was controlled by mechanical fuel injection which provided equally huge turbo lag.  These cars produced flames out of the exhaust as a result of the turbo size and fuelling which is impressive. The 935 cars had enormous amount of power at, typically, 900bhp.

      What an experience that must have been.  Have you got any more you can tell and some pics maybe?
      In topic "Your Favourite Pictures of your Porsche"
      Let's see em.  Post your favourite pictures of your beloved Porsche here.

      I'll start here's mine:

      Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Apr 08, 2009 6:51:12 pm
      This is Coxy's car - the one car I have fallen in love with (in a wiered sort of way) for some time now. Must be one of the best looking super sports around with a fantastic engine built by the man himself.
      You look after my wheels Coxy! :P

      Dirty Fuchs. ;)

      weird can be good..... :blush:

      let's see your favourite pic of your 911 then
      Here's another of my favourites

      Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Dec 14, 2009 9:14:13 am
      Here's my little bundle of joy now she is all finished and grown up.


      Dirty Fuchs :agree:

      Those RUF rear arches really do make a world of difference.  She looks awesome Kev.
      Hi Boyders and welcome to the forum.  What a collection.  Nice choice of cars, must have taken a while to collect.

      Why dont you start a new tread in "Our Readers 911's" section and call it something like "Boyders 911 Collection" or something then you can have a place to post pics, progress and general chat on your cars.  I could move these pics there for you once you open the thread?

      Welcome once again
      In topic "Porsche 911 Classic Collection"
      Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Apr 16, 2009 4:47:41 pm
      cracking pictures - especially the 'flying porsche'. Take a look at the guy sitting just about roof level -  (confused)
      In what ever language he his thinking we all know what it is...... :blush:

      Dirty Fuchs

      I was thinking just the same thing.  I wouldn't want to be the person responsible for cleanng his pants.  :blush:
      In topic "JK's Track 911 in Action"
      So how did she fair against the other cars on track?  I would image given she's a lightweight version she held her own pretty well.

      These cars were designed to be driven to the track thrashed round and then driven home.
      In topic "my picts"
      Have a look here for help with posting pictures.

      A guide to pisting pictures in the forums
      In topic "Photo's of Carerra RS Replica's"
      Its a common trend these days to backdate or recreate some of the rarer models of 911.  So I thought it might be a good idea to have somewhere to post pictures of cars that have been backdated or turned into a relica of the 911 Carerra RS.  Please post any pictures and specs you can find.  This may be useful for anyone wanting to embark on their own recreation project.

      In topic "Random Porsche Pictures"
      I thought it would be a good idea to have a random photo section to post an interesting posrche pictures you might come accross.  I'll start:

      And a long nose.  Dont these early cars look awesome....

      That must of really hurt  Confus02.gif

      and's amazing what you go achieve with fibreglass:

      God knows how this came about.  Must be hard to get a 911 that high off the ground

      In topic "Porsche Screensavers"
      I thought it might be a good idea to have a screensaver section where you can post links to your favurite screensavers.

      I have also worked out how to create screensavers, so I'll be making a few and post them here.  You can then download and install on your home computer and watch your favourite Porsche pics on your screen when your PC is idle.

      I have started off by creating one of my car.  If you've got any suggestions for others let me know and I'll do my best to put it together.

      Just download to your PC by clicking on a screensaver link and then click 'save' on the popup box.  Once downloaded to your PC, double click the file for automatic installation.  That's it, your screensaver will be loaded.

      Pete917's 1974 3.5l 911 Screensaver (8mb)

      Coxy's 1987 911 SSE Screensaver (2.6mb)

      MyPorsche911 Members Cars to 25th June 2009 (2.8mb)
      Quote: JK at Jun 24, 2009 9:00:17 pm
      Quote: Pete at Jun 23, 2009 9:41:46 pm
      If you've got any suggestions for others let me know and I'll do my best to put it together.

      Good idea Pete, I wouldn't mind a screen saver of my car on track!

      No problem.  Post a few pics of your car in the gallery under your car's section or in your track action thread and I'll do the rest.  More the merrier!    :happy013:
      Youre all very welcome....

      Its great looking at all our cars slowly passing across my PC screen.

      If anyone wants a screensaver of just their car, then make sure you post lots of good pics in your own car thread in the readers cars section of the gallery, then let me know and i'll sort something out.

      Also, if there is a particular Porsche theme you think would look good as a screensaver post the ideas here. 

      In the 'Porsche pictures' section of the 'Gallery' there are a number of themes that I've started: 962, 917, 935 etc. If there's a model that you have a particular passion for, then start a new thread and then as more and more of us post relevant pictures in there I can create a screensaver.
      In topic "The RSR Picture Thread"
      Post your pictures of the RSR Monsters here.

      Here's my first post.  This is truly a beautiful car, a 1972 RSR:

      In topic "My 3.5ltr MoTec 911"

      A couple more...........

      I did this one today:

      In topic "Amazing Drawing of 911 using MS Paint"
      This is absolutely brilliant.  This man truly has skills.  He has managed to draw an awesome picture of a 911 using nothing more than MS paint.

      Its worth watching the full ten minutes.

      Here's another.  This time a Porsche GT3

      In topic "porsche versus VW beetle"
      You dont see this every day  :happy013:

      In topic "Porsche Babes"
      Thought it might be fun to have a Porsche babes picture thread.  Here's a few to get us going  :happy01:

      Thats a nice collection there Coxy  :happy01:
      Here's another:

      Quote: hukent at Dec 12, 2010 9:01:33 pm
      Two of my favourite subjects, I'll start the ball rolling with these two,

      the first one is my mechanic, the second one is my sister.............................................(I WISH)

      Hu Mate - I dfinitely need to work with your mechanic, and if your sister needs a  friend let me know  disdain023.gif

      In topic "Porsche 1:18 Scale Models"
      I've not really ever taken much notice of scale models of Porsches, but these are just brilliant.  The photography is great and some even look real.

      Have a look at these:

      Porsche Scale Models
      In topic "Porsche Posters"
      I've been doodling with photoshop and thought I'd create some posters.  Here's one I did for P101tv.

      there's more here:

      My Porsche Posters
      Here's another I put together today:

      Here's a Porsche original. 

      You have to admit, it looks great.....
      Quote: MarkJ at May 27, 2011 2:16:31 pm
      Nice job Pete, posters look great  :)

      Thanks Mark....
      In topic "British Bulldog"
      Here's my 911 in British Flag Decals

      In topic "Porsche artworks"
      This is great stuff.  Shin draws these by hand......

      Here's an example of the Porsche 935 Moby Dick

      You can see more of his stuff

      here:  Shins Porsche Artwork

      and here: More of Shins Porsche Artwork

      Here's a little picture video of his work:

      I really like his work....
      In topic "Porsche Cars & Girls."
      Hey, Hu.  Can you put me in touch with your mechanic.  I need some work done :blush:

      This 911 has a nice rear end too:

      Just realised there's another thread on this fantastic topic, here: Porsche Babes
      Yep, I'll copy them accross.....
      I'll close this thread now then and direct everyone here to continue the discussion:
      In topic "If Batman Drove a Porsche"
      Maybe this is what it would look like:

      and now in Gotham

      In topic "Porsche 50th Anniversary Pics"
      Here's a few pics I took while at the Porsche 50th Anniversary festival on Sunday.

      It was a great day with some fantastic Porsches
      In topic "Porsche Cruelty Pictures"
      Let's the pictures of Porsches that have been ruined by thir owners.  I'll start off.  I found this thing posted on ebay:

      Why oh why oh why?

      In topic "Picture Hosting on the Forum"
      If you want to post pictures on this forum, then like most other forums, you need to have a picture hosting account with one of the many free picture hosting websites.

      We have our own picture hosting company,

      Please feel free to create a free account on p101tv and then follow the instructions in this thread to post your pictures on the forum:
      In topic "Incredible Line up."
      Great find Hu.  Truely amazing machines!
      In topic "Alluminium Porsche made from model"
      Looks awesome....

      How did you make it?

      Please feel free to upload some pics to our sister website Channel P101tv
      That's great work.  It's been a few years since I played on a CAD CAM machine.  I started on CNC when it first cam out.

      You've done a great job.

      Please feel free to upload to P101tv.  The guys on there would love to see it I'm sure.

      In forum "Electrics"
      In topic "1975 Wiring Diagram"
      I need to get hold of a colour wiring diagram for a 911 1975 coupe.

      If anyone has one they could scan for me I would be greatful.

      Thanks guys.
      Ive manage to locate a colour version.  I now have a scanned copy if anyone needs one.
      Quote: bullit_09 at Feb 21, 2011 11:02:34 pm
      Im in desperate need of one for my buddy's 76 911s we are re wireing the whole car and are having some confusion with the black and white one if you could send it to me it would be greatly apreciated

      I'll have a look for my colour copy and post it in the referenc library if I can find it. 
      In topic "MoTec & Early Crank sensors"
      I have a MoTec M48 pro installed on my car.  I have had a problem with the crank sensor breaking down after only a gfew months.  The signs are misfires at high RPM's.  Its not always noticeable but on a dyno it very onbvious.  Analysis has shown that the sensor by design seems to have a weak magnetic feild. This field decays over time but this is accelerated by the heat cycles it experiences sitting near a hot aircooled engine as well as being sited near the exhaust.

      At idle the sensor produces a 3v square wave.  As the engine spins faster the voltage increases upto perhaps 10v.  If the sensors manetic field is decaying this can produce a smaller dc pulse than the MoTec unit is expecting and results in misfires.

      There are two potential solutions which Im playing with at the moment. 

      (i) replace the sensor with a more modern sensor.  I have ordered a Marelli sensor and will experiment with that; or
      (ii) reduce the number of teeth on the sensor wheel attached to the fly wheel.

      The latter option will be more reliable. The stock wheel has 128 teeth and this just exaserbates the issue.  Reducing these teeth to 60 will provide more room for error in the sensor.
      In topic "Which Battery"
      If you not going for a weight saving battery then I would recommend Yuasa Batteries.  I just managed to get a 70ah 680 cold crank with a four year warranty for 70 inc VAT.  Can't go wrong at that price!
      In topic "Speedometers"
      This is a very simple job. Im not sure if your's is a mechanical speedo or electronic.  The speed just pulls straight out of the dashboard.

      You have two options:

      - find a good second hand speedo and just swap them over (ten minute job maximum); or
      - send yours away to have it screen sprinted with kmh rather than MPH.  All the recalibration can be done.

      The first option is obviously cheaper!
      They are definitely plug and play.  I have had my guages in and out more times than I care to remember.

      I think that if you buy a second hand speedo it would be possible to have the mileage set to correspond to your actual mileage.

      You could also think about having your speedo recalibrated for MPH and then recalibrated.

      There is a company in the UK which I use which provide a great service. They are REAP Automotive.  I Just had them recalibrate my speedo for a max speed of 180MPH up from 150MPH.
      IMHO I dont think you should consider paying more than about 110 for a speedo thats in very good condition.  There are always some on ebay but they tend to be overpriced. 

      I got mine from the guy that runs MBS car parts.  (  Talk to Jeremy and ask if he has any old ones available.  He's really helpful.
      In topic "Speedo Upgrade and Recalibration"
      After completing the G50 conversion from my 915 transmission the speedo needed changing from three perspectives:

      1. cable drive to electronic drive;
      2. increased speed range from 150 mph to 180 mph; and
      3. refacing in white to match other instruments.

      Here's a an electronic speedo which I got from a late 3.2 carerra:

      and here's the same unit after the refurb work:

      I also had to run new wiring from the gearbox sender unit through the central tunnel to the back of the dash.
      In topic "starter motors!!! or none starter motors!!"
      Awesome Greemy.  Is that the company I recommended?  Lets see some pics mate.

      Gotta love that weight saving fella  :)
      Here's a little guide for posting pics.  See how you get on  ;)

      A Guide to Posting Pics
      In topic "Upgrading headlamp output"
      Its no secret that pre 1990 911's have pretty poor headlight output.

      A lot of the problem is attributed to the fact that the headlights and mainbeam have no relays for delivering the required current. Rather the current is drawn through the headlight flasher switch on the steering column. This switch has flimsy readt type switch contacts and it is common for this to burn out as a result of the high current loads. They are also very expensive to replace.

      There is an aftermarket relay kit by sucro which is relatively innexpensive. I have not personally installed these so can't vouch for their quality.

      I went for an OEM look upgrade. I designed a circuit diagram for the upgrade using standard porsche relays and relay holders. I worked out which fuses were required for standard and upgraded headlight bulbs. The diagram is located in the 'porsche reference library' section of the forum.

      The difference is clear. After the upgrade the output was noticably brighter.

      I also upgraded the bulbs to Philips H4 Xenon +80% which are all legal for MOT purposes.

      Here's the diagram location:

      911 headlight wiring upgrade

      Here's the OEM relay and relay holder:

      And here's a summary of what I did:

      - installed Philips +80% xenon H4 bulbs;
      - run a fused (20amp) supply to feed 2 new OEM porsche relays (i've read of some people using 30Amp. This is far too much and wont blow for the circuit. Even using 100w bulbs you should only need 28Amps);
      - run the switched feed from headlight switch and main beam switch into control side of two seperate relays;
      - then run the switched output from the relays back into the OEM wiring.
      - For my wiring in detail see my earlier post in this thread with a detailed before and after wiring diagram.

      The most tricky thing was mounting the OEM relay holders into their mounts. Just a very tight fit. Tototal wiring time was about 30 mins. I know the Sucro kit is much cheaper but using the this approach keeps whole thing looking completely OEM.

      The costs:

      - Philips +80% £24.99
      - 2 x relays £30.00
      - 2 x relay holder £56.00
      - mini blade fuse holder £3.00
      - fuse £0.55
      Total £114.54
      In topic "LED Lighting Upgrade inside and Out"
      I have now finished a complete overhaul of the 911's lights inside and out (not including headlights) with LED's.

      My plan here was to get rid of the dim tungsten glow as well as relieve the over stressed electrical system with low drain LED's

      I have the say the effect has been brilliant. (no punn intended)

      I have changed the festoon interior bulbl for Xenon (6000k) bulbs including glove box light
      I have changed the side light bulbs for high intensity Xenon LED's
      The indicators including repeaters have been changed. This also reqiured a new flasher relay designed for low current LED's as the OEM one made all the lights flash too quickly
      I have also changed the rear stop and tail lights.

      The overall effect has been unbelievable. for the coloured lights i have used coloured LED's. Becasue the wavelength of light from these LED's is only the colour that is desired you get a brighter more defined colour. The indicators have an instant on off effect with no after glow.

      I have also replaced all of the dash board/instrument lights with LED equivelents including both gauge lights as well as instrument indicator lights.

      I guess Ive spent circa �140 but i reckon its been worth every penny. Especially given the Amp drained will have reduced significantly. (no more flat batteries if you leave your lights on.

      Here's just the side lights:

      Here's the dashboard:

      Here's the bulbs that I used for anyone who wants to get them:

      - Dash Gauge lights (white) UBA7W
      - Dash gauge warning light (blue) U286B
      - Dash gauge warning light (red) U286R
      - Dash gauge warning light (green) 286GB
      - Sidelight bulbs UBA9WHP2
      - indicators U38235A
      - brake light/ rear light U38020R
      Absolutely......I think they are awesome.  They are brighter, crisper in colour and use much less power. 
      Quote: Aldo at Nov 22, 2009 8:56:25 pm
      Hi Pete,
      I will be upgrading to LEDs for the following: Rear stop/tail, Reversing, Interior/luggage/engine compartment  bulbs, Fog light,

      Ultra LEDs only seem to do this one now:

      Can you post some links to the correct bulbs for me please mate,


      Hi Al

      These are the Ultrled Part numbers I used:

      - Dash Gauge lights (white) UBA7W
      - Dash gauge warning light (blue) U286B
      - Dash gauge warning light (red) U286R
      - Dash gauge warning light (green) 286GB
      - Sidelight bulbs UBA9WHP2
      - indicators U38235A
      - brake light/ rear light U38020R

      If they dont do all of these then I suggest calling them and asking for their latest equivelent.  They are usually very helpful over the phone.
      Quote: Aldo at Nov 22, 2009 10:23:50 pm
      Thanks Pete, I will give them a call tomorrow,

      How did you get on Aldo?
      Quote: JK at Jan 05, 2010 8:01:44 pm
      Those two dash shots look amazing! Time to order some Led's I think.

      Its the only way to go Jay  :agree:
      Hi Goyders

      That's strange.  I ordered mine a few months ago now and the guy on the phone was really helpful.  He knew I was a private buyer and was happy to sell me the bulbs.

      That's a shame as they are great little bulbs and are so much better than the normal tungsten ones.

      His loss, as we can start sending our business elsewhere........I'll have search and see if I can find an alternative.  I might email him too and let him know that his service isnt what it should be.
      I have just sent Ian an email telling him about our problems and so hopefully I'll hear back soon.  I'll post is answer here.
      Hi Guys -

      Here's the answer I just received from Ultraleds.  Not good Im afraid.


      None of the products you have listed are available anymore and we do not do similar replacements. We stopped taking orders for car parts over the telephone over a year ago. Unfortunately we used to get many calls requiring a lot of time for very low value orders. Of course we value our automotive
      customers, but operate more on a self-serve basis these days. 



      We'll have to look for an alternative supplier.....
      I agree, thats a pretty poor result.

      Well that his loss.  I have written back and said that we will take our business elsewere.  We just need to find somewhere else. 

      If anyone finds somewhere please post a link here.  I'll look also.
      How about this site for starters:

      AutoBulbs Direct

      Here's their Dashboard LED's

      Dashboard LED's
      Quote: WardAlven at May 22, 2012 9:35:54 am
      I bought 2 interior LED lights and I have no clue how to install them. I want to get them to turn on at the same time I turn on my headlights. Help?

      Hi and welcome to the forum.  What LED's have you bought and where are you wanting to install them?
      Do you mean the two interior lights above the doors in the headlining trim?
      In topic "Lazy Electric Windows Fixed"
      Over time I have notices that my electric windows have become slow to close.

      I spent a few hours playing around with thw wiring and established the cause as dirty and corroded spade connectors - especially the earth.  Soldered new spade connectors in place and new rubber shields and replaced the odd piece of wire where the PVC coating looked past its sell by date and everything runs like new again.

      I had initially suspected the motors were on the their way out.

      At last something that hasn't cost me any money  :happy013:
      No problem Alcat.  What model and year of car is yours and Ill see if I have a diagram somewhere.
      I would think the SC would be the same or similar for your year of car.  Have a look here:

      SC Wiring Diagram

      or this one:

      1974-76 wiring diagram

      I'll keep look for a 930 diagram but i think these will be OK for the windows.
      Quote: Alcat at May 04, 2010 2:53:54 pm
      Cheers mate.

      How did you get on - all fixed?
      In topic "aerials boosters and little black boxes."
      I had a similar problem.  You are right the aerial is a thin wire in the windscreen.  The aerial comes out of the screen on the drivers side in a RHD car in the bottom corner.  This wire then plugs into the booster box.  The aerial lead from your bosster box then goes to the stere.  The booster box also has a power supply.

      So I would check:

      - no broken wire from screen to booster box;
      - power supply is going to the booster box;
      - aerial lead from booster to stereo is ok and not broken;

      then if all esle fails you'll have to swap out the booster box as that could be faulty.

      In topic "Current Drain with ignition off"
      Despite having a new battery I found my battery completely flat after only a couple of weeks in the garrage without starting.

      When I measure the current drain with the ignition of I was registering a huge 190mA. 

      With the ameter inline with the battery earth I removed one fuse at a time until the current drain dropped to something more like normal. I isolated the drain down to fuse 18. Wiring diagram shows this as the luggage light, glove box light, interior lights and clock. When I investigated however some idiot (previous owner) had also wired in the power windows and the electric seats to the same fuse.

      Searching for one problem and you find another you never knew you had  disdain025.gif

      So. Ive given the power windows and and electric seats a seperate fuse each and left fuse 18 how it should be, but this time with a 5A fuse and not an 18A fuse as I found it to be.

      Anyway, having moved wires to their own fuses, it turns out that my current drain was either:

      luggage light;
      glove box light;
      interior lights; and

      I elimate the clock as I measured the power drain on that seperately as 10mA. I also eliminated the luggage light, as I dont have one.

      So its either the glove box light or interior lighting circuits.....or someone before me has wired up something I don't know about.

      I checked everything on the fuse 18 wire and it turned out to be the speedo. The speedo live feed comes from the clock and therefore is always live. I have ended up with a paltry 40mA down from 190mA, so the speedo was consuming 160mA just sitting there.  I wired the live feed to the speedo from the rev counter so its only supplying feed with ignition on.

      This means that the battery wont drain flat in 14.5 days, but now a massive 72.9 days.......

      So the 40mA must be being consumed by the internal clock, the alarm and the stereo memory.  Job solved....
      In topic "ecu re maps"
      Wong has a good reputation but so too does scofiled.

      I have never chipped a 3.2, I ended up changing the whole engine management. 

      Have a think about what else you might change before you chip.  A good performance package is an exhaust, cams and then a chip optimised to match......

      What power increases have you been quoted?
      theres no reason why you shouldnt get towards your target. with a cam youmight even get more. do you know how muc power your starting with.
      In topic "Non Starter 3.2"
      Welcome to the forum Bespoke.

      I have a 74 with a 3.2c engine transplant.  I also had similar problems as you.  I have to say that if you have no spark and now no fuel and you have tried the DME then it could well be the ECU.  Mine exhibited similar characteristics and a straight ECU swapped cured it.

      Before you try sourcing another ECU or even buying a new one, try to establish if there is someone with a 3.2 who would lend you their ECU to test.  A second hand one will cost you £250 and a new one £600 exchange (I think), so if you can find a friendly owner all the better.

      It would be good to hear a little more about your car, see some pics and and find your plans for her.  You can start a thread on your car in the readers gallery and show your 911 off  :agree:

      glad your on the case.  Sounds like it is your problem.  The symptoms were very similar to mine.

      Looking forward to seeing the results from your bodywork.

      Maybe you could start a thread now and show us what she looks like now as a before and after comparison.

      Good luck
      Here's a link to the wiring diagram for a 1974 911 in the technical reference section.

      1975 wiring diagram
      In topic "wiring diagram 3.2"
      Quote: bespoke at Aug 20, 2009 1:29:57 pm

      i was wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram for a porsche 911 3.2, 1984-85, i would really appreciate it, if you could send it to my email, also does anyone know where the ignition coil module is located in the car.


      I'll see if I can fnd a 3.2 wiring diagram.

      Can you say what you mean by ignition coil module?  If you mean the actual ignition coil, then its located in the engine bay on the near side behind a plasitic cover.  The cover is removed with a small butterfly screw.
      In topic "Hid conversion"
      Hi Mate

      You can do a HID conversion and there are plenty of kits out there for £150 ish.  HID is great in terms of the amount of light output, but the problem with fitting them on an earlier 911 is that the lenses are directional and for some reason has the effect of lighting up the whole road including the eyes of oncomming drivers.

      You could consider doing what I did and free up current flow to the headlights by fitting dedicated relays.  Here's what I did:

      Headlight relay upgrade

      Here's the wiring diagram I put together for the relay upgrade:

      early 911 relay wiring diagram

      You can also fit LED's for the side lights.  See here:

      LED upgrade
      A HID kit will definitely light up the road.  I dont have anything against them at all. I personally like HID, but my thought is that the lense may not be able to direct the beam as it would a normal tungsten bulb.  Ive never seen one done in the flesh so I could be very wrong. 

      Keep us posted on what you decide to do.  It maye take me down that route too . . . . :cool:   
      Quote: JK at Aug 25, 2009 7:43:50 pm
      After a quick search on "another" site I have found a few people using them on early 911 and 964. I am going to order a set tomorrow so I will keep you updated and get some pictures whilst I am fitting the kit.

      Cheers Pete.

      Sorry we couldnt help you out here.  Look forward to seeing the results though!  :agree:
      Ouch!  That sounds painful. 

      Great job though.  I'd be keen to see some pics of the installation and maybe an after dark photo to see how bright they are.

      Where did you get the kit from, who makes it, and how much was it - £80???
      Any pictures JK.  Am looking forward to seeing the difference.  Ive been considering doing a HID conversion on mine for some time.
      They look great Jay. 

      The photo has definitely convinced me that I need a HID conversion!  Just a couple of questions:

      (1) Is there a delay when you switch from low beam to high beam, Ive read somewhere that some kits have a delay due to the design....

      (2) Is the HID light beam focussed/directed to the left or does is scatter?

      (3) any pics of the ballast boxes installed in the front?

      Great work!
      Quote: JK at Jan 04, 2010 7:56:36 pm
      Pete, I will get some more pictures of the install up at the weekend.

      The light beam is perfectly focused and where is should be, and there is no delay between hi/low beam, the switch is instant.

      That does it for me then mate, I need to get it done.  It would be nice to see where Im going at night!!

      Who on ebay did you get them from Jay?
      I've these guys who seem to be popular: HIDS 4U
      Thanks mate.

      Fo you have any pics of the balasts, wiring and back of bowl mods to share?

      Hi Mate - did you ever get any pictures of the wiring installation, or is it too late now with the rebuild going on?
      In topic "electric seats"
      Hi Craig -

      Which seats did you get?

      In general the electric seat wiring should be fairly simple.  All each seat needs is a positive and negative supply.  The switch on the side of the seats will invert the supply for backwards and forwards as appropriate.

      Have you got a picture of the connector/wiring comming from one of the seats?

      If you need a wiring diagram for an SC, there you can find them in the Specs and Diagrams section of the forum, here:

      Porsche 911 SC Wiring diagrams

      Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Jan 03, 2010 8:52:52 pm
      Hi Spenner - welcome.
      If I recall right, I think the third wire is for the heated elements and the two large wires are as Pete says the main live and earth return - operations by the switches.
      Generally though, browns are the earths - check with guage.

      Dirty Fuchs. :agree:

      Kev is right, the third wire is very likely to be the supply to the heater element!
      Yes Craig, I would say

      Red = +12
      Brown = Earth
      Black = +12v

      Have a look at the undernieth of the seat and double check which wires go where.  Im guessing you'll see which pair go to the motor.

      Im not sure where the heated seat switch is on an SC.  Is it not on the side of the seat itself.  Failing that, you'll have to put a switch into te circuit.
      This is sounding tricky.  I still think the wiring colours above are likely to be correct.

      In terms of fuse rating, I'd measure the current using an inline meter.  Sit in the sit to put a load on it and then switch the seat on and see what the current is.  Then go slightlt above with the fuse rating.

      I'll see if I can find out where the SC heating switch is locted normally.

      Are you 100% sure the seats are heated models?

      In topic "heater control unit"
      Oh no.  Not a productive day at.  Especially given you spent the day in the snow to work on the car.  Dont give up and hang in there.  Once you get it right you'll be happy again!

      Get the part number off the old unit before you get another one.  I assume the seller will take the unit back???

      I've the changing the light stalk.  Pain in te arse with the wiring, but ive done it three times now so it doesnt take too long.

      Hang in there fella and try and keep the faith!  :agree:
      Where there's a will there's always a way!

      I think the part number is on a sticker, so you'll have to go by year.

      Have a look in a PET and see what the part number should be, before getting another one....
      Hi Mate, Just for you I have found an OEM PET Catalogue for an SC.  Hope it helps.....

      It's in the technical section, here
      Quote: spenner at Feb 07, 2010 10:54:44 pm
      Douglas valley sent the replacement and it was the right one, it sat on the kitchen table for a couple of weeks so I bit the bullet the other day and fitted it. It worked fine straight away, its prob` the first time in a lot of years since its had a working heater. The passanger side gets luke warm and the drivers side barley gets warm, but this is a massive improvement over icy cold I have put up with over winter. Ive got a hole in the drivers side heat exchanger so guess I am blowing my precious warm air onto the road. Despite this I HAVE LUKE WARM AIR yippie


      Nice one fella.  Good work.

      Despite wat people say, these heater systems can be made to work quite well.  Work your way trough the system and check everything.  Look at the heater control units that are connected at the end of the flexi pipe from the H/E's.  They rust like hell and replacing those can make a massive difference.
      Quote: spenner at Feb 10, 2010 6:03:51 pm
      No no no no why cant things ever go right with this car!! Two days of the luxury of luke warm air on the passenger side and today going to work its packed in again, today is bl**dy freezing and snowing. Back to square one me thinks!! :sad019:

      Arghhh......It might just be the cold air today preventing you feeling the luke warm air.  Check the flapper boxes at the back and make sure they are not all rusty.  Make sure they open and close properly.....Keep the faith.
      Quote: spenner at Feb 11, 2010 10:19:17 pm
      The amount of work creeping up on me is beggining to dishearten me with this car, so I thought I would take a look straight from work. Armed with a torch and a multi meter I found a bad connection on the middle fuse in the heater relay and fuse box under the engine bay. I found power to all three fuses but only back  out of two. I tried to fix it but its in poor shape with oxidised cable ends and siezed fuse connectors, I fitted a temporary fuse holder to by pass the middle fuse and caught the screwdriver causing sparks everywhere, (should have disconected the battery I know) half an hour later still no joy now I have power in and out of the bottom fuse and middle fuse but not the top. The whole thing looks in rather tired shape, so I waggled the wires and removed and replaced the relay loads of times and theres still no power to the top fuse, BUT we have a heater again??? so logically I called it a night. Tonight I have been on the internet and ordered a new fuse board for the heater bit, fuses and wire, I am going to upgrade it to blade fuses with a new fuse box. While I was at it I ordered another new blade fuse box, wire, conectors, insulation ect so I can wire up the new seats I bought. All in about £33 delivered to do the heater and seats, not bad I thought. With your moral support and tech help I am giving the old girl another chance.  :)

      Way to go mate.  She'll gre in the end for sure with that positive attitute and hopefully some helpful input from the guys on the forum.

      btw, we still need to see some pics of your car  ;)
      In topic "MIG Clock in a 911"
      I hear now that people are fitting a clock from a Russian MIG into the dash of their 1974-1989 911's.  Here's the clock they are fitting:

      I havent seen one fitted though.
      apparantly the clock is the  same size, but you have to make a couple of recesses for the dial buttons
      Quote: MarkJ at Jan 28, 2010 2:21:16 pm
      Very cool, but shouldnt it be a Focke wulf clock or similar ? ;)

      loved the Tag clock in that American 911 conversion in PW recently.

      You mean this one: The Singer 911

      Awesome car.  Great TAG clock too  :cool:
      Quote: hukent at Jan 29, 2010 8:12:53 pm
      Cost $2000 !!!!! for the clock.

      What for the TAG / Singer one?  WOW, and that's just a mock up that doesnt work.
      In topic "DME upgrade?"
      That's a new one on me Hu.  Never seen that one before.

      Are you going to give it a try?

      The DME's are expensive to replace so you dont want to bugger your one  Confus02.gif
      Ah.  Nice one.  What power does yours put out now then?
      In topic "wipers"
      Quote: spenner at Feb 09, 2010 9:41:45 pm
      I am not alone then with this problem, I never thought of a relay I didnt know there was a delay relay, do you know where it is?

      Im not totally sure.  I think it may be on or near the wiper motor unit.  I could be wrong though.
      In topic "How to remove gauges?"
      As per Hu - they are just held in with a ribbed rubber ring.  The ruibber can dry out and make it a little hard to prise out, but they will come out.  There are no screws at all.  If all else fails reach from the bonnet area and push them through.
      In topic "Battery change"
      You shouldnt have a problem with a battery change.  You might lose the code for your stereo, but thats about it.

      If you want to be safe, then I would suggest running a parallel 12v supply while you make the change over.  However, I'm pretty sure you'll be fine as Mark says.
      In topic "Electric windows just stopped working"
      It seems strange that both have stopped working at the same time.  It could be the motors, but it might be a single switch causing problems.  The drivers door switch provides power to the passenger side, so check that.

      Another thing to check is the earth connections.  There is a terminal block at the bottom of the door inside the door pannel that can get corroded.  Take all the connectors off (one at a time), clean them and put them back. 

      I think this is going be a continuity problem IMHO.  Its the cheapest place to start anyway.  Good luck.  Let us know how you get on!
      Good luck Plym -

      Its either the switch, or switch wires or the earth block then.  Lets us know how it goes and good luck.
      Great Stuf Plym - its always nice when its something simpl :agree: e, and relatively cheap to fix
      In topic "wipers"
      Does it park itself in more or less the same place every time if you switch it off and let it come to rest?  Was it always like this from the time you bought it?
      Found it.  The relay is located behind the fresh air blower unit.  Pain the in the arse, but you have to take it out to get to it.  You could try going in though the speedo or rev counter and maybe you can reach through...  Good luck.
      There are also contacts on the steering column that cause this to happen.  A bit fiddly to get to, so probably best trying the relay (location in my previous post) and then moving on from there.  Also try the motor contacts as Mark suggests.
      Your welcome mate.  Glad we could help!
      Hi Navi - welcome to te forum and good find on the wipers!
      Quote: spenner at Nov 11, 2010 12:58:22 pm
      Thanks for the pointer Navi, and yes Pete I still havnt cured it yet, the other week I got the relay from Douglas Valley, its now sat on the kitchen worktop. Due to work and stuff i havnt had the time to have a go at swapping it over, although having read the Pelican info from Navi it looks like it may be the motor all along. If I am off (which isnt often) its always raining and when working outside I dont do rain. Fingers crossed I will have a go this weekend as the mrs is away with friends and I am looking after the kids, so rain permitting I will give it a go.
      Update on skinned knuckles, frustration and hypothermia to follow.  :D

      Good luck fella.  Looking forward to the update!
      Quote: spenner at Nov 12, 2010 4:25:55 pm
      Well I bit the bullet today and had a go, what a pig to get to, the whole air/fan unit had to come out. SAD news though, the relay was fine. I swapped mine with the two spares I got and it made no difference. Looks like a replacement motor then.  :(

      What a bummer mate.  Maybe clean the fan while you in there  :blush:

      The wiper motor isnt so bad, but its a bit of a pain in the backside.  You have to take the front air box cover out and the airbox and you have to sit in the front luggage compartment to work on it.....  You need a nice dry dat though.  Not sure when the next one of those is comming along.... :sad019:
      Hi Mate - I did mine a few months ago.  They are a PIA to fit as you have to take the blower box out and sit in the front of the car.  Good luck fella.
      In topic "heating / ventilation"
      Hi Howard

      Welcome to the forum.

      Can you tell us a little morte about your car.  What model is and year.  Hopefully we can help once we know what we are dealing with.

      Hi Howard.  Thanks for that.

      I cant see the picture.  I would recommend joining a picture hosting site and then embed the picture.

      Why not join where you can upload pictures and videos etc, and then embed then back here, or anywhere else for that matter.  It would be nice to see a pic or two of your 964.

      I'll also gove some thought to your heating problem.
      Hi Howard

      Please try  Upload your pictures there and then embed them here.  I've done it this way to save server space for the forum.  Its very easy to do...

      Hi Howard - congratulations.  You posted a pic.  Its easy when you know how  :agree:

      She does look nice.  How long have you had her?  Have you done much to her?

      Anyway, we should try and fix your heater problem.  Did the heater stay on after you switch the fan on and then it wouldnt go off, or did it just come on then stay on?
      My feeling is that there are three potential areas to investigate:

      (1). The heating control unit.  They are pretty simple units and there may be a short circuit.  They are not too tricky to remove and inspect.  A straight swap would be the cure.;

      (2) A short in the blower unit.  Accessible from the front luggage area, its a bit of a pain to get to.  This is less likely to be the problem, but worth a look;

      (3) a short in the wiring loom from the control unit to the blower assembly.  I think their is a four/six pin plug at the bottom of the blower unit. 

      I cant be much more helpful than that, but investigating the above should help you isolate the problem.
      Quote: howardmarkallum at Jun 11, 2010 4:35:38 pm
      It seems that the problem lies in the final stage of the control system which is a little box of electronics fixed to a great big heat sink up against the firewall. The part is £410 = VAT in UK, but I've found one on eBay in the USA for $125.00

      Glad you found the problem Howard.  It always seems cheaper to get parts in the USA.  I gues the exchange helps too!
      In topic "Alarm won't turn off !!!!! "
      Hi Carl and welcome to the forum.  Always good to see someone getting their first Porsche.  Especially a 911  :agree:

      Hopefully we'll be able to help you sort your problem.  Meantime it would be nice to see a few pictures of your 911.  Feel free to create a thread for your car in the Gallery>Our readers 911's section at the top of the forum.

      I have managed to find a wiring manual for the 996 which may be helpful.  I havent looked through it yet, but there might be some clues in the there. I posted it in the Technical Reference Section of the forum.  Have a look here:
      I know what you mean.  Electrical diagrams see like a complete foriegn language......  Hopefully they will fix her for you without too much trouble.  Personally, I would consider getting rid of the standard factory unit anyway.  There are lots of aftermarket systems that are better IMO.

      Looking forward to seeing some pictures of her in the Gallery  :happy013:
      In topic "Steve Wong chip fitted"
      Awesome fellas'  Steve Wong gets good reviews for his chips.....

      Where did you get yours Hu for less that £250....  Mind you even at £250 its a cheap upgrade.  What are the stated figures for his chip.
      In topic "Won't start and split cab window all in one day!!"
      That doesnt sound good.  A couple of things you could try.....

      ....When you turn the ignition on is there a clicking noise?  If so it could be the starter motor solenoid....

      .... look for the DME relay.  These can go and kill the engine.

      Also take a peak here:
      Quote: marklinzey at Mar 16, 2011 4:22:29 pm
      Well sounds expensive!

      The problem was the alarm control module. I now need to get the car to Bournemouth tomorrow on a low loader and get a new unit fitted plus the cost of two new key fobs. Looking at spending £675.00 at the dealer if i'm lucky and they fit it in one hour!!

      I understand that this can only be done at a Porsche dealership....Yipeee :-(

      Oh no.  That's not a nice way to enjoy your Porsche.  Maybe you could consider ditching the Porsche Factory Alarm and getting an aftermarket one.  You could get some very good fitted for half that money.

      I feel for you....
      Quote: marklinzey at Apr 09, 2011 8:10:26 am
      FYI took the car to porsche to have alarm control unit fitted to be advised that this was not the fault! Autotechnics had got the diagnosis wrong. Unfortunately alarm unit fitted and keys coded so had to pay!! Problem was an £84 ignition switch. Walked out with a bill for over £1000!!

      Oh man, that's outrageous.  I think I agree with the guys, you need to have to protest - very strongly.  Maybe give citizens advice a ring and see what they recommend......  That's too much money to sweep under the carpet.
      In topic "SPEEDOMETRE/SENSOR 1979 . 911"
      Hi Ed.  If yours is 1979 then I assume its a 911.  Probably an SC.

      I'd give mattew a call at type911.  It's likely to be the sensor in the gearbox that your after.
      In topic "2003 911 window fault and no fuel gauge, help!! "
      Hi Adam

      Welcome to the forum.

      Sounds like a problem with the window closer regulator or the switch that tells it to drop the window.  Not sure where its located on your model.  Have a look in the electrical manual.

      Thye fuel guage mayube the ender unit on the tank.  Probably worth checking if there is a signal being sent to make sure before investigating any further..

      Your welcome to start a thread on your car in the Gallery and share a few pics. 

      You might also like to join our sister site to host your pictures.  Once youve uploaded pics there, you can sow them in treads here as many times as you like without having to re-upload every time.
      In topic "930 wiring diagram + fuse pump problem"
      Hi Martino - Welcome to the forum

      What year 930 do you have?
      i cant find anyrhing at the moment, but ill keep looking.
      In topic "997 ignition barrel faulty, any one swapped one? ( DIY )"
      Hi MJ

      Im not totally sure fir a 997, but on a 2004 996 its goes something like this.

      The basic process is pretty simple. The switch can be accessed from under the dash. It's a little tricky to get to the two small slotted screws holding it in place so you need to at least remove the section of duct running across the dash.

      1. Romove the key or leave it in the 0 position if at all possible
      2. Under the dash and remove the big duct. Compress it and it should easily come out at both ends.
      3. Pull the wiring harness off the back of the switch.
      4. The screws you need to remove are covered in bright red paint. Scratch off the paint with a small screwdriver.
      5. Unscrew the two screws with a very small slotted screwdiver. If you're having trouble getting to them you may need to move the other duct out of the way too.
      6. You also don't need to unscrew them all the way, just enough for the heads to extend slightly past the bracket holding the switch.
      7. If your key was stuck in the ignition you should be able to remove it now. The new switch will only go in if the key is in the 0 position.
      8. Install new switch.
      9. Replace the wiring harness. It only goes on one way.
      10. Replace any ductwork you moved/removed out of the way.
      11. That's it.  Your done.
      In topic "Dead electrics"
      Hu is right.  Dodgy earth.....

      Years ago this happend to me.  Turned out to be a loose earth strap on the battery terminal.
      In topic "fuel gauge fuse"
      Hi Bob - Im afraid Im not overly familiar with the 2006 model.  I agree with yoou, its either the fuse or the sender unit.  More likely the fuse.  If you cant tell which one, perhaps use an ohmmeter to run across each until you find it.  Shouldnt take too long.
      In topic "Ignition Wires"
      Good question.  There are lots of aftermarket wires out there.  I used Nology wires which I have been really pleased with.  I have had them on for a few years now and they have proved very reliable. 
      Some people say you can beat Porsche originals.
      In topic "Indicator fault"
      Hi mate. Could be the the pulse generator. It under the bonnet drivers side tucked right at the back in the far corner under the windscreen. Did you use standard bulb or different spec?
      Itts nice when it  turns out to be something simple.
      In topic "engine bay fuse box"
      Nice work mate.  I hate electrics.....  It's like a game of cat and mouse

      In forum "Porsche Parts suppliers servicing repair"
      In topic "Read this First"
      This part of the forum is for members to post their experiences and make recommendations of companies or people whom they have used in cause of looking after their beloved Porsche.  The intention is to create a directory of useful names and contact details for other members to consult when looking for a supplier of parts or a service.

      Please note this is not for traders to post advertisements.
      In topic "Recommended 911 parts suppliers."
      Quote: Dirty Fuchs at Apr 13, 2009 8:53:02 pm
      Three main 911 parts suppliers I would recommend - good fair prices and just as important fast delivery.
      2. Berlyn.
      3. Early911.
      All on the net.
      I have tried most of the others over the years but these take some beating.
      Hope this helps.

      Dirty Fuchs ;)

      Plus 1 for those plus I use Type11 as well.  Matthew is a great guy and always helpful.
      Quote: hukent at Feb 10, 2010 6:30:22 pm
      It suprising how cheap the OPC can be for some parts!

      Yeah your right.  Sometime I ring and am amazed at their pricing, but I have to say sometimes I ring and im shocked! 
      Quote: hukent at Feb 19, 2010 1:37:32 pm
      I did say ''some'' parts,
      £10,000 for a new Targa Roof is a bit of a urine extraction !!!!

      No Way, really?  Damn.... you can but a 911 that  disdain025.gif
      I read somewhere that Porsche are set to re-manufacture Fuchs......  That's going to kill the second market.  Especially for 9's
      Quote: T911UK at Jun 25, 2010 1:43:35 pm
      Genuine Porsche 9" x 16" Fuchs are now available £721 + vat each

      Damn.  Thats gong to increase second hand value not reduce it..  Shame    :(
      In topic "Free Brakes for ever"
      I saw a TV advert today from Qwik fit, saying that if you had brake pads fitted by them, then they would fit all further brake pads to the car for as long as you owned it.

      So if you took your 911 alng and had pads fitted all round, then you'd never had to buy a set of pads again - the dilema of course is if you want Qwik Fit anywhere near your pride and joy  :blush:
      Quote: T911UK at Jun 29, 2010 10:49:36 am
      And do you want Korean pads amde from cereal boxes?

      haha........... and that would be the top end ones  disdain025.gif

      In forum "Weights & Measures"
      In topic "Seats"
      I have just taken my leather 3.2 electric sport seats out.  They weigh in at 50lbs each.....  That's a huge 100lbs.  Definitely worth thinking about some light weight Recoro's  ;)
      In topic "Mirrors"
      Just removed my OEM flag mirros and replaced them with OEM Aero mirrors from a 964/993.  The weights are very different.

      Flag mirror (inc base): 1700g each (3400g per pair)
      Aero Mirror Iinc base): 975g each (1950 per pair)

      Total weight saving: 1450g

      Not a massive saving but every little bit helps.

      In topic "Engine Lid Spoilers"
      I have just got myself a fibreglass 930 Turbo lid to replace my OEM one.  It weighs in at 12 lbs.
      I havent weighed the original as its still on the car.  As soon as I get round to chaning it over ill weigh it and report back!  Should be a big saving though  :happy013:
      Hi Mate

      Thanks for that.  Cant believe the original is 19kilos.....  I'd better get mine on fast! 

      Like you I want to loose the bumper and over riders.  Too heavy.  I have bought some RUF f/g front and rears.  Just need to get round to fitting and painting them. 

      The painter I really like and used alot has moved away down to the coast.  For the spoiler I guy in Gravesend area and he did a good job.  I'll try and get some photo's and post them so you can see the results.  He also did all the prep and was really reasonable on price.

      Where are you in Kent?
      I used to go to school in Meopham many years ago  :blush:

      My family still lives down that way and Im there alot.  Im now up towards Orpington/Chislehurst.....

      PP's at Cost.  How did you manage that.  Im after a pair of those!

      I used a polace in Northfleet/Gravesend industrial estate.  Small place but they did a good job and very cheap too!  I'll dig out the name and telephone number as I cant remember!
      In topic "Car weight - 1986 3.2 carrera"
      Thats pretty good for £4.

      I had mine weighted and balanced etc recently.  Here's ow mine came in on weight:

      It had about 26 litres of fuel which weighs in at about 19.6kg.

      So with no fuel she weighs in at about: 1185.9kg.

      I haven'tput her on a diet yet.  I have removed the torsion bars, but I have put coilovers in teir place.  I removed the steel underbelly pan and replaced with an Ally one.  I have yet to replace the rear engine lid spoiler and well as front and rear bumpers and valence with f/g, so I have a few kilo's to lose yet.
      Lots of weight loss.  Great stuff.  She should be pretty lively after that diet!
      Wouldnt it be nice to get our 911's down to about 1,000kgs - there wouldnt be much on the road to touch them.

      I had a blast with a BMW E46 M3 yesterday, and Im pleased to say that he lost.  The BM's are powerful, but at the end of the day they are heavy at 1,549kgs....  Just goes t show what a diet can do for you.  At 1185kgs that makes my 911 a massive 346kgs lighter.....  :happy07:
      Hey Mark - that sound proofing sounds good.  Tell us more. I've started a new thread called: Soundproofing 101 in the "Bodywork" section of the forum. 

      Pst some info on what you bought....
      In topic "Soundproofing (1974-89)"
      Some weights for soundproofing in 74-89 cars (weights in lbs)

      here's the rear parcel shelf/firewall pad that mark was talking about.

      and here's the dynamat Extreme:

      Quote: MarkJ at Apr 19, 2010 9:49:39 am
      A guy i know who works for Ferrari Formula 1 team in composites has highly rated the Dynamat stuff. He said they used it on the Mclaren road car as was best bang for buck soundproofing. Cant get a higher recommendation than that !

      I'm going to investigate whats under my rear seats at some point this week. :)

      Cant get much better than that....(apart from if he worked for Porsche  :cool: ).

      Im going to go with Dynamat extreme like the picture I posted above.  Pretty much cover the entire back seat and parcel shelf and side panels.....
      Quote: MarkJ at Jun 10, 2010 2:30:08 pm
      Been reading up some more on the various soundproofing materials:-

      It turns out that both Secondskin damplifier and Damplifier Pro come out above Dynamat Extreme in terms of quality, lighter weight and less expensive according to several tests and testimonials. Interesting and handy to know! :)

      The best soundproofing option is to lay the butyl sound barrier first, stuck to the metalwork (ie one of the 3 listed above). Then use  a rubber mallet to hit the panel in various places noting the resonance back from the hit. You can lay successive layers of the butyl over the first, repeating the mallet test until you think you have achieved a required sound damping. Obviously more layers you use the heavier it will be, so down to your preference really.

      Then ontop of the butyl sound barrier you should/can use a 'sound absorber' using closed or open cell foam materials. This top layer is to help soak up any sounds still resonating through your barrier layer. It also provides a decent bedding to your carpet when its laid over it.

      The two layer combo listed above should weigh much less than your existing heavy old rubber matting/jute combo and be far superior at soundproofing.

      Its a project i really want to do on my car as hate the thought that i am carrying around 35kg of duff old soundproofing. Will accumulate the materials and new RS carpet set at some point and when i feel brave enough, attack it !

      If someone else feels likewise we may save a few quid on sharing the cost of the soundproofing material  :)

      Sounds like (no pun intended) that you are becomming the resident expert Mark. 

      I wonder what the weight of what you describe will be compared to the 35 kilo OEM rubber mat?
      Have a read of this article.

      Looks like there are some very real good alternatives to Dynamat.
      Quote: MarkJ at Jul 08, 2010 11:11:52 am
      Quote: Pete at Jul 08, 2010 10:52:20 am
      Have a read of this article.

      Looks like there are some very real good alternatives to Dynamat.

      see my second post in this thead Pete...already linked to that !  LOL


      Damn, Im an idiot.  Well spotted fella.  I deserve the hammering  disdain025.gif
      In topic "Door Panels (1974-94)"
      Some weights for door panel components on 1974 - 94 cars

      In topic "Trim & AC (1974 - 89)"
      Trim and AC weights for 1974 to 89 cars (lbs)

      In topic "Bumpers & Interior (1974 - 89)"
      weights for Bumpers & Interior components (1974 - 89).  Weight in lbs.

      In topic "Luggage Equipment (1974 - 89)"
      weights for luggage bay equipment (1974 - 89).  Weight in lbs.

      In topic "Unsprung Weight"
      Given the importance of unsprng weight to handling I tought it might be nice to see if we can collect data on this whole subject.  If you find infor on sprung weight, inlcuing factory figures that would be great.

      In forum "Bodywork"
      In topic "Aero Mirrors Refurbed"
      I bought a second pair of aero mirrors.  These were produced for the 964 and 993 cars but fit perfectly on the 1974 to 1989 cars.  I have comnpletely dissmanteld them and stripped them of their old blue paint and repainted them in Porsche A1 black.  I have also wet and dried them as well as polished with a G10 compound.

      Here's the mirror hopusings and bases:

      and here's everything that needs to be re-assembled after painting:

      In the middle of the pic you'll see a bolt and a number of washers.  This is a tool I made up in order to remove the base from the mirror housing.  There is a very powerful spring that holds the two pieces together and requires alot of force to compress them before you can take them apart.
      In topic "Rear Engine Spoiler Preference"
      So what engine lid spoiler do you prefer.  For me its a turbo spoiler (from a 3.3 Turbo) on my narrow bodied car.  Even though I dont have a turbo body I think the Turbo spoiler looks great.  I do like the Duck Tail's but either way I couldnt go no spoiler.

      Nice one mark. 

      So like this:


      I notice the new 997 has a retro duck option:

      nice one mark. looking forward to seeing it fitted. does the damper still work with such a light lid?
      Quote: hukent at Apr 12, 2010 6:02:46 pm
      Quote: Pete at Apr 11, 2010 1:13:56 pm
      nice one mark. looking forward to seeing it fitted. does the damper still work with such a light lid?

      I use a Carbon Fibre Golf Club shaft,(a broken one)light as a feather strong as steel.

      Nice one.  I wonder if you can get gas rams with lower force to suit a lighter lid?
      Thanks Hu.  How are they rated?  Is it in terms of the weight they hahve to lift?
      I was thinking of maybe getting a light weight bonnet too, so Ill need to order these all in one go I think....  I prefer that to the broom handle supports Ive seen  disdain025.gif
      Nice one Matt
      Quote: MarkJ at Jun 24, 2010 12:30:57 pm
      Just picked up my ducktail from the paintshop. Looking forward to getting it on the car and shaving off another 15+kg :-)

      Takes me down to 1135kg...and counting ;)

      How do you undo the strut thats attached to the hinge? Do you undo the bolt at the hinge end or the firewall end? Do you have to physically thump the pin out once the nut is off? As un-did the nut before without any apparent effect.

      Could do with a spare pair of helping Porsche hands to swap lids if your about Pete ?

      No problem Mark.  Give me a shout and we can arrange a time to sort you out.
      Quote: MarkJ at Jul 08, 2010 11:09:31 am
      Finally fitted my ducktail last night, job done !

      Weighed the original whaletail lid at 19kg so nice 15kg saving off the back of the car with the f/g duck as predicted  :)

      The lid swap was pretty easy but we had a chore with the latch alignment as the pre-drilled marks in the Pro 9 lid were slightly too far towards the rear of the car. I had to elongate the holes so that the latch could be moved towards the rear screen and engage properly. That was the only real drama that cost us an hour as we kept jigging the lid thinking it was just an adjustment needed.
      Got my modified OEM plastic grill in afterwards and all looks great. Whole job took about 2 and a bit hours.

      I think i need to do a slight tweak again by loosening the hinge bolts to adjust the shut lines very slightly once its settled, but otherwise its a pretty good fit.

      Couple of tips:-  leave the grill off until you have fitted and aligned the new lid in case you need to manually release the lid latch.
      2) buy some extra washers to help with new lid alignment. Mine needed about 3mm more of washers on hinge bolts nearest the rear screen.

      The duck looks good, makes the back end look neater lines wise and classic.

      Didnt get a chance to take pics this morning in mad rush for work, will post when can but away for CLM now.

      Great work Mark - I was on standbye waiting for your call, but it sounds like you got it done no problem.

      I look forward to looking at the photographic evidence.

      Good luck in France next week.  Looking forward to the pics,  And maybe some video ?    disdain023.gif
      Quote: pantsmachine at Aug 23, 2010 8:56:26 am
      Hello guys,
      First post. I bought a 86 911SC in the Spring. I'm having a great time with it. It has the whale tail fitted but no gas shocks to hold lid open. I am currently using a cut down broomshaft when checking oil etc. Can somebody please post a photo of the gas strut position on the boot lid and a general overall shot of the boot area as i'd like to lose the stick and go to strut(s) if possible. I am enjoying the site, had a good read through a few posts and will be a regular on here i think, seems a bit more personal than some of the larger sites.



      Hi P - Welcome to the forum.  I hope you enjoy your stay and thanks for the nice words.

      Im sure you'll enjoy your 911.  They are great machines.

      Please feel free to open a thread for your 911 under "Gallery>Our Readers 911's".

      The gas trut fixes on very easily with a couple of spring clips/pins.  I'll take a picture of mine and post later tonight/tomorrow morning.
      Quote: pantsmachine at Aug 25, 2010 5:51:36 am
      Thanks for that Pete,

      The entire strut, clips etc are missing on the car. I received a quote yesterday as follows

      Lock Clips = £0.34 each (x2)
      Bolts = £0.44 each (x2)
      Spacer = £0.35 (x1)
      Strut = £10.20 (x1)

      Seems like a decent price to get a self propping tail. I also looked at the 'ultimate strut' but it worked out at $69.95 and i can't bring myself to pay that to keep my boot lid open! I will post on my car once i get back from Saudi Arabia. I massively enjoyed driving it over the past few months. I am equally looking forward to working on it over the Winter. I ordered a gear linkage bush set(915 box) yesterday as there is a tad too much play in the stick. I've got a few other things planned for the Winter as well. A photo(s) of your strut and mounting points will be much appreciated.

      Thanks again.


      Sometimes its surprising and parts are quite afordable.  I've not had a chance to get into te garage yet, but I will do as soon as possible and get some pics for you.
      Quote: pantsmachine at Aug 26, 2010 8:36:00 am
      Its Ok Pete, i finally(many google searches over the months) found a picture online showing the strut running horizontally from the engine lid hinge(N/S) into the engine bay. That threw me as i expected the strut to be mounted off plumb vertically. No matter, i won't get to to do the job until i return home in October but at least i now know what i'm doing! I'll post some photos when i've done it to help others down the road.

      Great Work.  Sorry I wasnt faster off the mark  :blush:
      In topic "RUF Blackbird....."
      Kidneys are over rated any way  :agree:

      I say go with the CTR1 look.  The RUF is an awesome looking car.  I think it finishes the 911 off properly.

      I have a pair of RUF bunmpers to go on mine so Ill end up with a Blackbird.

      The Speedlines are great looking wheels.  I remember not so long ago getting some pricing from RUF and to be honest the price wasnt too bad.  They recommend 8's and 9's.  The Yellowbird had 10's on the back but they slightly modified the rear arches.

      Here's my thread on the CTR1:  RUF CTR1 Yellowbird
      You and me both.  I'd die for an original CTR1.  I'll have to make do with creating a blackbird like you.

      The turbo's meant no room for HE's.  I agree the petrol one is too dangerous.  I wonder what else you could use.
      I have managed to get a price on the RUF alloys direct from RUF in Germany.

      for a set of four (2 x 8 x 17) and (2 x 9 x 17) they want 1790 euros plus VAT plus shipping plus import duty.

      Don't they look great though:

      Imagine that on your Blackbird :happy01:
      I must admit the RUF Speedlines are an awesome looking wheel.  I would seriously like a set of those.

      I have the front and rear and RUF kit like yours sitting in my garage ready to go on so I could have a blackbird too.

      Brian - how much do they weigh.  Thats one for the weights and measures section.

      Here's my homage to the CTR1 yellowbird
      So Kev - Hows the Blackbird progressing?  Any new pic's you can post? 

      Am waiting eagerly in anticipation  :happy07:
      Thats pure unadulterated Porn - you can't post porn on this site  (C)

      That looks truly awesome Kev.  You must be pleased. 

      What was the fit like, straight forwrd or did the kit need a bit of jigging around. 

      Tell us more about how you mounted the bumper.  I've go a set of RUF bumpers sitting in the garage so I need all the tips you've got to offer.  Is that a 964 smile?  I've bought a 964 smile in the hope that it will fit.

      Those wheels look good too.  Definitely in the style of the speedlines.........nice work..... :agree:
      interesting that you managed to use the rubber from the original. have you got any pics of that?

      i'd also be inerested to see some pics of the underside, especially the ducting for tbe brake cooling.

      did you record the weight saving. it must be much lighter now.
      kev - your  star mate. that looks fantastic and its a real credit to you and your abilities.

      tell me more about the arches. i knew the yellowbird had slightly wider arches, but never knew what they did. how did you go about replicating what RUF had done?

      have you got any pics of the work you did on the arches?

      so does this mean your aiming for 10 inch wheels on tje rear or are you fitting spacers.

      awesome fella. keep it up mate and enjoy your holiday :agree2:
      You've done a really fantastic job there Kev.  Its a credit to your hard work and skill.

      Have you got some side pics of the arches and maybe some of the process of fitting the extra 1 3/4 inch flare?  Are they metal or fibreglass?

      Keep this up mate, you'll have job a RUF soon.  :agree2:
      Kev -

      Did your front RUF bumper come with air ducts for the brakes or did you have to put them in.  The ones I have managed to get have cutouts for fogs and I'd rather have brake ducts like yours.
      Hi Kev -

      Your the man.  I must admit they do look good. 

      Have you got some close up pics so I can see what they look like.  I like the ideas of the 'seperate' look to the intakes.....

      The second hand bumpers I bought have the cut outs for the fogs, which I dont want.

      Nice work as usual. Youre our resident RUF expert  :agree:
      Kev, your a star.  It looks so good.  Did you do everything yourself, body work, filling, spraying, polishing etc.

      What a difference a couple fo inches make.  It truly is a fantastic job.

      Cant wait to see the final assembly!  :agree:

      Every time I look at your Blackbird I just fall in love with it a little more.  Its a real stunner.  Those extra couple of inches at the rear seem to make a world of difference. 

      Be nice to get a video of the car having a blast so I can hear the sound......
      Tats a great photo!  The paint looks immaculate mate.  Did it get repainted as part of your overall project or was it already like that?

      I have embedded the YouTube video for you.  I get the point.  Think it sounds nice.  Need to do another vid though! 
      Kev - Can you share some details on the heat tape that you have fitted to the rear silencer.  Any pics, prices and where to buy.

      When I do my RUF rear bumper I want to be ready.  I was going  to line the bumper, but I like the idea of putting it onto the exhaust instead.
      Yeah, I spoke to Kev and he said its gone.  He'll miss her for sure, but I understand he's got another 911 ready for a new and exciting project.  Im looking forward to seeing that one.
      Quote: Kieron at Sep 03, 2010 5:23:07 pm
      Pete, do you know where "we" can get RUF bumpers / body kit etc or is another RUF keep looking and maybe one day one will turn up job like the wheels?.

      Hi Kieron - nope, these are definitely available.  RUF sell them (really expensive) or you can go to an aftermarket copy.  One of the better ones are made by M Shaw.  Have a look here

      scroll down half way.

      Alternatively have a search for second hand, but you may have to wait a bit....
      In topic "Differences in Body Sizes, RS, RSR, Turbo and Narrow Body"
      I've always admired the different 911 body styles but have never really thought to look any deeper.  It would be really interesting to know the differences in dimensions of the arches front and rear, what wheels went under them etc.....

      Thought I'd post some eye candy of RSR to spark some interest  :happy07:

      So please post what you know along with Pics, dimensions, drawings etc. 
      In topic "Engine Lid Stuck (help)"
      The engine release mechanism is design to fail safe.  That means if the cable breaks then the engine lid should automatically release.  This leads me to believe that the cable is OK and its a matter of alignment.

      If you can get someone to help you, then one person needs to pull gentle on the release handle on the door pillar while the other gentle pushes the engine lid up and down and even side to side.  This oiften will fix the problem and release the catch.

      Once its released that adjust the catch so the plunger is more direct over the centre of the latch mechanism so it doesnt happen again.  Double check to make sure everything is lubricated before you re-shut the engine lid, including checking the cable is pulling the release latch freely and easily.

      Good luck..... :agree:
      Good luck with it.....

      It has worked for me before.....Im going to move this thread to "Bodywork".

      Let us know how you get on.
      Quote: MarkyMarkW67 at Aug 20, 2009 7:28:23 pm
      On a similar subject, my son appears to have leant on the engine release handle on the door pillar whilst getting himself out of the back seat ... although he says he found it on the floor on exiting the car!!!... on inspection the handle has completely sheared and i'd like to relace or repair it. My problem is that now I can neither access the engine bay as it is locked with no way of releasing now that the handle is off and i'd like to know how to access the mechanism ie; is access to the mechanism (handle end) gained by removing the internal trim adjacent to the rear seat and if so how is this done and are there any diagrams anywhere, in manuals etc showing how the whole release mechanism works or is replaced?... I'm sure I'm probably clutching at straws here as I'm sure not many have experienced such a problem??

      Help please ...anyone!?!?

      Ouch!  I bet your son is popular in your household at the moment  :blush:

      The mechanism is just a straight steel tube that runs from the back of the door pillar where the pull was and runs under the wheel arch atraight round into the engine bay.

      If you cant see the wire and reach it womehow with long nose pliers, then I guess you need to get to it via the tube under the arch.  Get it up on a jack and clean it out with a jet washer and see whats what.

      One other thought, the engine lid latch mechanism is designed to fail safe, i.e., when the wire snaps then the lid should pop open.  If it hasnt popped open then the mechanism is probably just stiff.  As a suggestion you could try gently wiggling the lid side to side while at the same time lifting it.  This is atwo person job and has worked for me in the past.

      Good luck!
      In topic "Rust Free Body at Porsche"
      At the Porsche Weissach factort, they have a 1976 unpainted car out on display.  Doesnt look like a '76
      but thats what the sign says.  No rust though !

      In topic "Blocked Windscreen washer jets"
      Hi Andy -

      It sounds like its either the washer hose or the jet itself.  It doesnt take much to block these systems and prevent them squirting properly.

      Starting with the easiest first:

      - using a small pin pierce the nozzle holes to make sure theirs no grit or debrit in there;
      - remove the plastic washer tube that runs from the nozzle that works to the one that doesnt.  Check for blockages but also look for a split that would mean it loses pressure;
      - check the "T" piece that goes from the washer that works to the one that doesnt for blockages;
      - remove the offending nozzle.  Its either held on with plastic barbs that you need to squeeze together and then pull it from the top, or its a nut and washer or a spring clip on the underside of the bulkhead.

      Let us know how you get on.....
      As an additional thought, it might be a lazy washer motor and is only supplying enough pressure to feed the first nozzle it comes to, but I doubt it.  I would try the things I suggeted in my previous post first.....
      Quote: Chris Taylor at May 02, 2011 4:34:40 pm
      Poking pins into the jets etc sorts the problem for a while. The long-term solution is to replace the jets and tubing downstream of a small clear plastic inline fuel filter, easily bought and fitted in minutes. Problem sorted, plus the clear filter shows you just how much debris is in the system!

      Hey Chris - I like the idea of the fuel filter to get all the crap out of the system.    :agree: Any pics of the install to share? 
      In topic "rear anti roll bar mount"
      Unfortunately this is a common problem on the older 911's.  Fortunately though they are easy to fix and there is an upgrade route.

      Here's a typical example of a broken one:

      Wevo do an upgraded bracket, so do both sides while you are there.  Here's the wevo product.

      Here's the wevo one welded in place

      and here it is all sprayed nicely in black:

      Hope this helps
      buy direct from the us. i do it all the ti,e. it always goes smoothly and prices are great.
      In topic "Petrol tank refurb"
      Awesome job fella. 

      What's that grey coating you used?  Is it a spray on stipple effect?
      Going a bit off topic here coxy, but great work.  :agree:    I like the plate youve used.....  how long did it take you? 

      I did one for mine too:

      In topic "911 996 to 997 face lift conversion"
      Im pretty sure Ive seen tis done before.  I cant be sure but I think some of these parts are interchangeable.  I even think there are some kits out just for this kind of facelift.

      I'll have a look round and see what I cand find.

      I hope others will chime in on this one.
      Hi Kenny

      Looking around I think tere's some fettling to be done for such a conversion.

      I saw a thread on PH's but I see you found that one.  The conversion looks amazing, but looking at some of the pics, It shows you have to play with the panels to get it to work.

      Hey Paul

      Welcome to the forum. 

      I'm looking forward to seeing your conversion.  So, can you tell us what parts you need and how much they cost?

      By the way, you might want to chec out our sister site  Its a place for uploading and sharing pictures and video.  If you upload pics there, you can inlcude them here in the forum without the need to re-upload them.

      Good luck with the project.
      Hi Paul

      Im looking forward to watching youor conversion.  Sounds like a great project.  The price of the parts don’t look too bad.  If your doing the labour yourself then it gets even cheaper :agree:

      Please do post some pics of your current car, then some progress along the way so we can see the transformation.

      Good luck with this project
      Hey Paul

      That looks great.  Did you do all the work yourself.  What was involved.  Were panels a straight swap?  Can';t imagine they were.  What did you do to make them all fit?
      If you feel like sharing the pics, perhaps upload them to  I'm sure they'd love to see them.
      Paul is doing a fantasitic job of the conversion.  You can the pics here:

      Great work Paul.
      In topic "Soundproofing 101"
      Lets have a thread on the options for soundproofing our 911's.  Hopefully we can show modern alternatives that do the job for less weight than the early technology used in our 911's.

      I've seen alot of people mentioning Dynamat as an alternative as shown here:

      Dynama Extreme weights 0.45lbs/sqft, but i'm not sure how that weight compares to the Porsche OEM matting...
      Ah, the engine pad.  I must admit I just took mine out completely.  It makes hardly any noticeable difference to the cabin noise.  Once mine was out, I cleaned it all up and sprayed it in black to match the car!
      I guess every little helps.  I dont want to drown the noise out completely as I just love it, but on longer journey you do need to provide a little cushioning for your ears  :blush:

      I might go for the dynamat as shown above.  I want to loose the heavy rear seat matting, but dont want the added noise.  I dont know how much it weighs though.  We need someone who has theirs out to weigh it and report back.....  The dynamatic is not light though.  It weighs in at 0.45lbs/sqft.  I wonder how many squar feet you'll need to do the rear area?
      In topic "930 lights"
      Personally I would change back to original.  The originals arn't that bright if you intend to use the car at night, but there are options to modernise them.  You can install xenons or just to a relay upgrade to increase the light output.  There's  few threads on this forum so have a search and see what you can find.

      Check the usual places to source the oringals:

      - Stuttgart Exchange
      - ebay
      - or aspecialist shop like type911
      In topic "rear reflector between lights"
      Hi Dil

      I hve never had that happen to me.  I would suggest that you perhaps try lightly rubing the backing down to eliminate any ridges and then painting it again.  You will need to use a platsic primer though to make sure you have adhesi.

      Have you got a picture to share?
      looking forward to seeing thew pics dil. sounds like your making some progress.
      Quote: Dil1232 at May 16, 2010 1:02:15 pm
      Hi Pete, I ended up getting a NOS reflector from the states, as I was having no luck, and I looked at a few second hand ones which were going for around £100 but they were far worse than mine.
      Expensive but looks great get some pic shortly,  :agree2:

      Good work Dil.  Looking forward to seeing the pics...
      In topic "Body colour suggestions"
      Black is a great choice, but then I would say that as mine is black  :blush:

      Here's mine in Black:

      Here's a '72 RS in Black:

      Gulf blue is very nice:

      This is a great colour, Karminrot

      Some colour codes:

      Choices, choices  :agree2:
      Quote: Alcat at Jun 08, 2010 11:02:48 am
      Thanks Pete, as always.

      So what colour takes your eye?
      Yellow, the only cars I have pics in yellow are a 930 with a RUF front bumper and a CTR 1 Yellowbird

      Here's the album with the 930

      and here's the album with the yellowbird:
      In topic "Targa Top Re-furb."
      Sounds great Hu.  Any pictures, or is the local trimmer still working on it.  The link doesnt seem to work  :blush:
      In topic "Light weight Body Panels"
      How about this for a weight saving accessory. 

      Its made by a company called  They do others as well all in carbon fibre and fibreglass.
      In topic "Vynal Decal Wraps"
      Thought it would be nice to look at a few vynal wraps for our 911's.  Here'sa couple I came up with:

      In topic "targa seal"
      +1 for type911.  MAtthew is a top man.  He'll have what you need.
      That's a bummer.  Can you make them perhaps?
      You need to check out Hu's Targa Repairs Manual.  Great stuff and might come in handy for your project
      In topic "Cabrio split rear screen"
      Quote: marklinzey at Mar 06, 2011 9:27:36 am
      Anyone know where to source a replacement rear screen for  a 1999 C4 cab?

      I was going to remove it to refurb yesterday and it split!!



      Ouch!  You could always try a breaker if you looking to get someting a little cheaper.  Douglas Valley have always been helpful when Ive needed something.
      Quote: marklinzey at Mar 12, 2011 10:24:14 am
      For anyone who has the same problem there are a couple of companies in the midlands who offer the repair with a 3 year warranty for about £350

      That does sound alot better.  I cant believe the price Porsche want to charge.  Ouch!
      Quote: marklinzey at Apr 09, 2011 8:25:09 am
      Thanks Craig. Had it done in Birmingham by The Roof Guys for £300 cash. Good job well done. Much cheaper than new hood!!!  :)

      Nice one Mark - Any pics to share?
      In topic "911 3.2 Targa Top - Damaged? Possibly Needs Respray?"
      Hi Pridemoor

      Welcome to our forum.  The attachment didnt work????

      I have built a sister site for hosting pictures and videos or all things Porsche.

      If you create an account there you can uplaod pictures etc, and then show them in any thread on this forum or any other without haviong to re-upload.....

      Anyway, back to your problem.  Have you tried cleaning off the Autoglym?  Maybe use a white spirit or alcohol wipe to get it back to basics, then try waxing it again with a rich wax when the temperature is cool.  Some people have used black show polish.
      Ouch.  That doesnt look good.  I guess the vynal cleaner was too abraisive or caustic for the soft paint.

      Before you get it sprayed you may as well have a go at restoring it.  Depending on how much paint is on there you could try to polish it back.  Try with something mild like P1 GTechniq with a tri foam hand polishing pad......
      If the paint is comming off on the cloth, then it might be too far gone........  The vinyl stuff might have turned the paint....

      You may therefore have to stip the paint and spray it....

      It's a small enough area that you could do it with rattle cans, but the amount of cans you'd need, you might as well get it done properly.....
      That's not such a big job as you think.  Luckily its a descrete panel.

      Im in the south east so I dont know of anywhere.  Greemy or Spenner might be a little nearer you.

      Should cost too much...... 
      Quote: pridemoor at Aug 02, 2011 7:49:03 am
      Cool, thanks Spenner,

      I'll give it a go with T-Cut first and see what happens. I'm not against respraying it in the end, but to be fair I don't trust myself! The car I've got is in absolutely gorgeous condition (minus the targa bar of course) so if I ruined something by being careless, I couldn't forgive myself!

      Will let you know how I get one.



      Good luck tim
      Saw your car over on Channel P101tv.  She looks a real beauty.
      In topic "Making your own Engine Cooling Shroud"
      The engine shroud on the 911 is very exoensive to by OEM, so why not make your own.  Have a look at this guy making is own.  Looks easy enough to me!

      In topic "Noisy sunroof over 70mph"
      Hi Steve

      Glad your enjoying the 911.  That's what they are made for.  We need to see some pics of her when you get time.  Upload them to our sister site then you can show them here too without having to re-upload.

      The sunroof sounds like it either needs adjusting or a new seal.  I don't know the specifics for adjusting your model, but I would think it is fairly straight forward.  I'll see if I can find a manual somewhere.

      By coolant, I assume you mean water.  I have an older 911, so no water required  :happy07:

      First off make sure its nothing serious.  dip the oil and make sure there's no water in it! 

      Other than that, it could be a leaky hose
      In topic "wing repair"
      Hi Mate - No repair panel but they are easily repaired.  You can cut out the rust and weld a repair piece in.  Best leaded afterwards for a perfect repair.
      Its quite an easy job. I did both of miine.  Been done for years and they are still perfect.

      In forum "The Cars"
      In topic "RUF CTR1 Yellowbird"
      This has to be one of thre most Iconic tuned 911's ever and one of my favourite cars.

      Produced in the mid 80's by Alois RUF  CTR 1 was a top speed record breaker in its day.  Nicknamed the Yellowbird by the press the name has stuck with it. It may look like a 1974-1989 911 but the differences are huge:

      - Seam Welded bodyshell;
      - Aluminium doors and bonnet;
      - slightly wider rear arches to accomodate the wheels;
      - RUF own design front and rear bumpers;
      - Multi point roll cage;
      - Cross drilled and vented Brembo brakes;
      - Denloc run flat tyre system;
      - Lowered on bilstein dampers.
      - 3349cc Twin turbo;
      - motronic management system;
      - Ruf's own 5/6 speed gearbox with Limited Slip differential;
      - Top speed of an amazing 211mph
      - no heat exchangers;
      - Eberspacher petrol heater located in the luggage compartment.

      Specification in summary:

      Engine Type: Twin-Turbo Flat-6
      Displacement: 3349 cc
      Horsepower: 469 bhp @ 5950 rpm
      Torque: 408 lb-ft @ 5100 rpm
      Redline: 6800 rpm
      Performance 0-60 mph: 4.0 sec
      0-100 mph: 7.3 sec
      Quarter Mile: 11.7 sec @ 133.5 mph
      Top Speed: 211 mph

      Here's some pics to drool over :

      You have to have a few videos to go with the pics:

      And here's one for sale (its a CTR2, but hey):

      Hi Alcat

      Welcome to the forum.

      Its horses for courses I guess.  Some people prefer NA to Turbo because of the lag, but some people can handle a twin turbo (like the yellowbird) with style.

      Take Stafan Roser driving this CTR at the Nurburgring. Alois Ruf calls him "sideways Stefan"

      If I could afford one, I'd have a yellowbird tomorrow.  But I do love my NA car too!
      RUF Historical videos that are well worth a watch.  Its an hour of your life worth spending staring at some truly awesome cars:

      Part One

      Part Two

      Part three

      Part four
      The yellowbird stands the test of time, even against later RUF cars

      Quote: Kieron at Jul 31, 2010 7:25:22 pm
      Hi, all new to the site today, just put a deposit down on a 1986 Carrera 3.2, should collect in next two weeks, I am sure this question has been asked 1000s of times before, is it poss to still get the RUF alloys as seen on yellowbird ?

      Also I fancy changing the engine cover to a duck tail. can you buy a ducktail  copy anywhere any info appreciated thanks Kieron

      Hi Kieron and welcome to the forum.  Sounds like you've made a good choice of 911.  Be sure to start a thread for your 3.2 in the Gallery/Our Readers 911's.  Be nice to see some pics of your new 911  :agree:

      The speedlines are still available.  You could look around for second hand ones or buy direct from RUF, but they arent cheap.  There are plenty of people making Ducktails.  You can also usually pick them up quite cheap on ebay or

      Markj on ere has just fited a duck so it might be worth contacting him.
      In topic "What's your ultimate Garage Car"
      If you could own any Porsche with money no object wht would you choose to have in your garage as your dream car.

      For me it would have to be the RUF CTR1 Yellowbird.  Now thats a proper supercar!

      I think I have to add the Carrera GT to my list

      Nice choice mark.  A bit like this:

      In topic "The Ultimate Garage Thread"
      We all want a better garage in which to store our 911's as well as have the room for a few tools and some space to work on the car.  Here's what must be the ultimate car garage:

      How about this for a garage.  Great looking gararge but a great three Porsche lineup!!!

      Quote: spenner at Jul 29, 2011 7:59:39 pm
      how cool is the first one, a lift to enter/exit  :)

      I know.  It's the best garage ever  :happy013:
      In topic "The 2.7 Registry"
      If your a 2.7 owner then you might like to visit our friends over at the 2.7 Registry:

      The invetory website for the Porsche 911 2.7l Type G 1974 - 1977
      In topic "Press Release Documentation 917,935 936 924 scca "
      Amazing find this.  I saw this on the web an unashamedly posted here for all you guys to see.....

      In topic "100% Electric 911"
      Has anyone seen this....

      An electric 911

      a sign of things to come maybe.  A scary thought  disdain025.gif

      I wonder if the weigth distribution is much improved?
      In topic " The New 997 Sport Classic (going all Old School)"
      So Porsche are going all old school with the release of their 997 Sport Classic.  The 911 Sport Classic seems to have raided the style from its ancestors, reprising the famous 1970s Fuchs-style alloys with modern, 19-inch gloss-black versions, and bringing back the ‘ducktail’ rear spoiler from the iconic 1973 Carrera RS 2.7.

      This car definitely works for me.  All I need now is the money to get one.  :blush:
      In topic "The Singer Modern Classic"
      2400lbs 425bhp (WOW)

      Singer Vehicle Design rolled out its first prototype, plainly named the "Singer 911," at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. based on an '80s-era long-wheelbase 911 donor vehicle, the company strips each chassis to its bare shell for "reinvention" into what Singer calls a "celebration of the golden air-cooled era of the world's most important sports car."

      Under the rear engine lid is an air-cooled 3.82-liter flat-six sporting six individual throttle bodies. With a GT3 crankshaft and titanium connecting rods, the powerplant spins eagerly to 8,000 RPM. The engine sends 425 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque to a proper Getrag G50 six-speed manual transmission. According to the engineering team, the 2,400-pound Singer 911 will sprint to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. Top speed is in excess of 170 MPH.

      Under the skin are Moton shock absorbers, Eibach coil-overs, and Smart Racing Products adjustable sway bars. The four-piston brakes are sourced from the race-bred Porsche 930. Completing the performance package, and appearing period-correct, are the custom Zuffenhaus forged aluminum three-piece "Fuchs" wheels.

      Singer's attention to detail carries throughout the vehicle... with a decidedly modern touch. State-of-the-art Hella bi-xenon headlamps reside within the headlight buckets, while a special lightweight air-conditioning system keeps occupants cool (keen eyes will notice that even the 911's windshield wipers have been relocated to the optimal center-mounted "993" position). The audio system includes satellite radio, iPod, and Bluetooth connectivity. Navigation assistance is provided by a Garmin-sourced GPS.

      In topic "Porsche Virgin"
      +1 for what DirtyFuchs says.  A good 3.2 takes some beating.  They are solid, light weight and powerful cars.  More than that, they take to being modified.  Ive done a fair bit to mine and I have since had a few run ins with big red shiny Ferrari's and Porsche GT3.....  Ive held my own on each occasion.

      Personally I think a 3.2 or to a lesser degree and SC are both great cars to set you off on your Porsche journey!
      In topic "Clarkson Explains the 911 Range"
      Old, but worth a few minites to watch

      In topic "Fernando's Porsche 911 RSR Replica"
      This is an absolute must see for any Porsche enthusiast.  This is Fernando's awesome Porsche 911 RSR Replica.  It is truly fanstastic and one of the best projects I have ever seen.  Fernando isn't a member of our forum, but you should definitely take some time to admire his project:


      and here:

      Fernando will be visiting this thread from time to time so plpease leave your comments on his project here.

      In topic "Delivery Specification"
      Nice find Hu.  I'll send an email for mine and see what comes back.....How long is the turnaround?
      I have sent an email.  Just waiting for a reply.
      No, I havent.  You have just reminded me.  I think I'll send him a remider!
      Here's the data for mine.  Great service.  Especially given its free.

      engine 615XXXX
      gearbox 250XXX
      delivered to GB
      date of invoice Oct.'74
      color R4=grandprixwhite
      interior 23=leatherette russet,seatinlays Tweed
      options P48(groupnumber contains 404=stabilizer front 20mm,rear 18mm, 414=Instruments like 911S, 418=chromtrims under doors and on wheel housings,
      425=rear wiper, 468=electric pump for spare wheel, 568=colored windows, 651=power windows, 652=intermittend wiper operation) and 402=Koni-dampers, 439="Porsche"-script black hatched

      Someone spent alot of money on this when it was new! 
      In topic "the 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 R"
      so Porsche have announced the new Porsche 911 GT3 R

      and what a car:

      Some key stats:

      engine: boxter, flat six 4.0l
      power: 473 bhp
      Kerbweight: 1200kg
      Price: £249k (not including tax)

      What it must be like to be rich  :sad019:
      In topic "Next Generation 911 for 2012"
      Times are a movin' and so is the 911.  Here's some spy shots of the next gen of 911 for 2012.....

      The 2012 Porsche 911, and its Cabriolet variant, is known internally as 'project 991' and will feature a few radical departures from the 911's long-running classical styling.The changes are out of necessity more than anything, but they will be noticeable. First, pedestrian protection rules in Europe will require a change to the nose section of the car, likely meaning a larger and more collapsible bumper section. The rear of the car will also be changed, but for aerodynamic improvement.

      Clear differences between the new model and the current 997 are the more upright headlights, slightly longer body, and the side mirrors now positioned at the side of the doors and not at the window.

      Other new features for the car will include extensive use of lightweight carbon-fiber materials and active aerodynamics--surfaces that react to what the car is doing, and how fast it's doing it. Expect adjustable front and rear spoilers plus dynamically opening and closing air intakes. Porsche's traditional handbrake may even be replaced by a electronic unit.

      It’s still too early to determine what changes Porsche has in store for the engine lineup, but expect to see the familiar flat-six engine range carry over with only minimal updates--possibly for emissions and economy standards. The new PDK dual-clutch gearbox will also carry over as will a standard six-speed manual. Rumors of a possible four-cylinder addition to the 911 lineup, effectively bringing back the 912, and the revival of the 914 are shaking things up.
      In topic "10 digit VIN"
      I would go direct to Porsche.  They will tell you the exact spec of the car when it left the factory.  Its a free service and done via email.  It only takes a few days.

      Have look at this thread for details:

      Porsche Spec Check
      In topic "997 rear light uprade for 996 carrera 4"
      Ihave also a seen 996 to 997 conversion so there must be someafter market lights out thee for your car....Sorry I cant be of more help than that.
      In topic "Porsche 918 Syper"
      Here you go, what do you all think of this. Porsche is looking to prove that the best of both worlds don't have to be mutually exclusive with the 918 Spyder concept which was  shown at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Looking a bit like a Carrera GT evolved, the 918 Spyder is powered by both a 500-horsepower V8 and a pair of electric motors (one for each axle) producing an additional 218 hp or 160kW. At full gallop, the concept can theoretically reach 62 mph in 3.2 seconds and nip 198 mph on the high end. On the flip side, Porsche says it can also achieve 78 miles per gallon and emit just 70 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

      I winder what the price tag will be?

      In topic "MOVED: info needed on 911 engine rebuild"
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      In topic "MOVED: Carrera Heater."
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      In topic "My Latest Mods."
      Nice work Hu.  The old girl is looking good.

      The turbo tie rods have probably made a good dal of difference.  I have heard (though can confirm) that turbo rods are less prone to bump steer.  Persnaly I cant see it, but hey, you never know.

      Just looking at the side shot of your car.  The front sits down vey nicely.  Do yo get any rubbing on the arches at the front?  Could you do me a favour when you have the time, and measure your ride height to your arches.  See my question here:
      Quote: hukent at Apr 19, 2010 4:58:31 pm
      I don't think I will lower it any more,
      I tried it today with the strut brace disconnected, It defineately helps with the front
      end steering, as It feels more positive with it connected.
      Bump steer has reduced since fitting the Turbo Tie rods.

      I wonder why the Turbo Tie rods reduce bump steer.  They must be a slightly different shape to the normal ones changing the toe deflection when going over bumps maybe?
      I just realised Hu, we havent got a htread in The Readers Gallery for your car.  You should start one off and have a central place to post everything about your 911.
      In topic "1977 911s exported to US"
      Welcome to the forum. 

      Im not entirely sure, but I think they were MPH.  I know a guy in the US who has an early 911 so I'll ask him just to make sure.

      Tell us a bit more abit your 911.  Maybe open a thread on your car in the gallery, readers cars.
      Quote: whm at May 08, 2010 9:10:35 pm
      Thanks Pete. I'm hoping that they were in kilometers! Would be odd if they weren't I agree, but that was the reason given to me for the speedo. change. It's a bit academic anyway because the car was subsequently restored but it's always nicer to have a lower mileage car!

      I look forward with interest to your friend's reply



      PS Hopefully this photo. has attached

      Not photo attached im afraid  :(

      I just heard back from my friend in the US and he confirms that the 911's were shipped to te states in MPH.  Sorry this isnt what you wanted to hear....

      Not sure what your photo didnt show. 

      Create an account on upload your photo's (and video if you have any) and then you can post them back here in the forum.

      Looking forward to hearing more about your car.
      In topic "997 Targa"
      So wat do you think of this then:

      It looks great, but I still like the original better.....
      Nice one Mark.  You certainly get about.  I think it looks really nice, but there's something about the original that I really like.

      In topic "MOVED: 911 Carrera 3 1977 value"
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      In topic "Porsche 911 Sport Classic"
      Every time I look at this new model, the more I like it.

      At £140k its way more expensive than a standard 997.  So it seems you get a little exclusivity as Porsche are only making 1,000 units and I think they have already sold the lot, so if you have one you can be fairly confident that you won't bump into another one.  Oh, and its got 20bhp more than standard  disdain025.gif

      So, it seems with this one that Porsche celebrating the classic 911.  With the Duck tail harking back to the RS cars, the Fuch wheels are so iconic its nice to see them back.  Not quite the same in a 19" rim, but great nonetheless. 

      Wat do you guys think?
      Quote: MarkJ at Jul 07, 2010 11:45:03 am
      Saw one at Brands track day and it looked great.  With two spotted by us already...Perhaps not as exclusive as we thought eh ? ;)

      haha - maybe not.  Anyone who has paid £140k must be gutted  :blush:
      In topic "GT2 RS"
      So, here's the sexy bit:

      911 GT2 RS Technical specifications
      Cylinders 6
      Displacement 3.600cm3
      Max. power (DN) 620hp
      at rpm 6,500
      Max.torque 700Nm
      at rpm 2,500 - 5,500
      Compression ratio 9.0 : 1
      Boost pressure 1.6 bar

      Transmission Six speed manual
      Wheels Front: 9 J x 19 ET 47
      Rear: 12 J x 19 ET 48
      Front: 245/35 ZR 19 (sports tyres)
      Rear: 325/30 ZR 19 (sports tyres)
      Unladen weight (DIN) 1,370kg
      Power to weight ratio 2.21kilos per hp / 452hp per tonne

      Top Speed 205mph
      0-62mph 3.5 secs
      0-99mph 6.8 secs
      CO2 emissions 284 g/km
      Turning circle 10.9m
      Drag coefficient 0.34
      Combined fuel consumption 23.7mpg

      Length 4,469mm
      Height 1,285mm
      Width (inc wing mirrors) 1,852mm (1,952mm)
      Wheelbase 2,350mm

      Here's the not so Sexy bit - Price £164,107 inc VAT

      What do you guys think super/hyper car bargain?  :lol:

      I must admit I'd love one.....

      Look at it go:

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      In topic "80'S Porsche umbrella "
      Great.  Any Pics?
      In topic "MOVED: carrera 3 left hand heater hose wont fit"
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      In topic "Getting back on the road again"
      Hi and welcome to the forum.  Sounds like youve done all the right stuff.  The only other thing I'd do is change the petrol filter and maybe drain the petrol and put some fresh stiff in.

      In regard to the bleed nipples, get swome grips on there and force it off.  It will be fine.  Just put new nipples on afterwards.
      Quote: Surlysurdi at Apr 14, 2011 9:46:30 pm
      Cheers guys thanks for the advice! I will have a go this weekend. I'm still worried about damaging the bleed nipples though, the last thing I want is to break them while they're in the caliper, wish me luck!

      Im sure you'll be fine.

      If your worried apply some heat to the bleed nipple to loosen it a bit and then have a go with the grips ! 

      Good luck!
      In topic "Singer Concept 911"
      So wat do you think of the Singer Concept 911.  It's a unique 911designed by Singer Vehicle Design and is an amalgamation of Old and New 911....

      In topic "What's the best looking 911 ever?"
      So there have been quite a few incarnations of the 911 over the years.  But which one do you think is the best looking?

      For me its the flat nose 935

      Perfect answer Hu  :happy013:
      In topic "CAR CLUBS"
      I am a member of PCGB but only for the discount it gives you on car insurance.

      In terms of a club, I tend to just join in when I see something that interests me.  Chatting on forums like this and getting to know people.  I quite often drive over to my local race track when I know there's a Porsche trackday and just chat to people.  Most people are friendly and more than happy to talk about their Porsches....
      Quote: Dil1232 at Feb 10, 2012 6:27:47 pm

      Hi Pete read your comments, I mean no harm and your proberly right, most are tidy people , but prehaps just caught them on a bad day, lol

      No problem Dil.  I wasnt refering to PCGB, I meant just people generally at random events.
      In topic "Return to the Fatherland"
      You need to host your pics on a picture hosting site then embedd them here.

      Try using

      then follow this guide
      In topic "Need some advice....."
      Hi, and welcome to the forum.

      Choosing someone to service your 911 can be tricky.  I service my own so cant recommend anyone in London.  There are a few people further afield that are good and you may need to widen your search net.  Wrightune are very good but they are off near reading.

      Take a look over in the Porsche directory on Channel P101tv.  It's in the Folio area of the website. 

      Maybe you could share some pictures of your 911 with us.  Upload them on Channel P101tv and create your own album on there to share with everyone.

      In so far as the fuchs, you need to keep your eyes open on places like ebay or post a wanted add on here.  There are getting rarer so prices are a bit steep.  But there are bargains to be had if your patient.

      Also, check out the article on Fuchs Authenticity.  There are a few fakes around.  There's also a decoder for when you find the wheels you might want to buy.  The Fuchs Decoder

      Good luck

      The backfire is probable a lean mixture.  Most people think its a rich mixture that does it, but its more than likely the opposite.

      The early gearboxes were never brilliant, but it should be nice and tight.  You can get that sorted,  but depends on how far you want to go.  A completely refurbed box will cost about £900 including parts and labour.

      Looking forward to seeing some pics!
      Your welcome.  Let us know how you get on
      In topic "Which 911 Turbo is best from 06 to 2011 ?"
      Im personally a Naturallt aspirate guy, but I can see the attraction of the high power readily extracted from a Turbo.  I like the 993 Turbos Personally but that is older than you have suggested your looking for.  The 996 Turbo's are great cars and good value for money.  The Turbo unit is based on the 993 unit and so is typically bullet proof.  In so far as the 997 or 991 is concerned I personally havent had any experience of those so cant help Im afraid.  Hopefully others will have more input.
      In topic "L E D rear tail lights"
      You could always just change out the bulbs for LED ones as I did on my old 911.  If you do the indicators you'll have to do the relay unit as well, as the LED's dont draw as much current.  It will be alot cheaper this way too.

      In forum "Other Tech Chat"
      In topic "Trolley Jack"
      What Trolley Jack do you use?

      It took me ages to invest in a decent jack.  I ended up buying a two tonne jack. Twin piston - it lifts the car realy quickly:

      In topic "Scissor Lift"
      I quite like the ides of getting a scissor lift. Like many I dont have a lot of space in the garage, so a scissor lift might be the solution to let me get under the car with a decent bit of headroom (well, more than axle stands anyway).

      Anyone got one of these or know what the options are, pics, specs, prices etc?
      So here's one option:

      Or maybe this:

      Quote: ex968bloke at Mar 08, 2011 3:43:57 pm
      HI, try LEVO- ARTIS car ramps

      Cheers.  I'll take a look.
      They look quite good:

      Quote: spenner at Jul 14, 2011 8:42:51 pm
      I am jealous, theres me outside in all weathers with me homemade axle stands,ramps and cheap trolly jack.  :happy07:  If I had the cash I would have something, but I thing the alley ramp type with stands might suit the 911 better due to the lack of lifting/supporting positions, dont know what others think.  ;)

      I really would like the scissor lift.  I think its OK to support them in the four corners.  They are very strong there.

      I might try and make one!
      In topic "Headlight Beam Setting"
      Does anyone know where to get the chart needed to set the headlight beam pattern/height.  Mine seem to be blinding on comming traffic/  Not only that I need to set it correctly for its next MoT.
      In topic "Fire Extinguishers"
      This one has escaped my best intentions over the years. 

      I saw a 911 recently at the roadside on fire and I think now is the time that I get this done.

      Has anyone fitted one and if so what one and where did they mount it.

      Cheers Guys.
      Quote: JK at Jan 05, 2010 9:56:06 pm
      Possibly the worst picture ever but you get the idea (I think). Mine is mounted just in front of the passenger seat.

      What make and capacity is your Jay?
      Quote: hukent at Jan 09, 2010 1:08:37 pm
      Personally I woudn't fit the latest type of Extinguisher, as you're better off getting out and peeing on the fire, they are next to useless.
      You HAVE to fit this type if you wish to use your car in any form of Competition as the Blue Book regulations dictate it.
      All my Competition cars have had a Halon or dry powder extinguisher fitted as well.
      These WILL put out a fire..............provided it hasn't gone too far!

      Hi Hu

      Have you got any pics, specs, links etc?
      Can you plumb any extinguisher in like Boyders one, or do only specific ones fit the hoses tec?
      Cheers Hu
      This also looks good:
      Nice one See Ya.  Have you got a pic with the extinguisher on.  What spec extinguisher did you use?
      Nice one simon.  Looks good.  Better safe than sorry.

      I bought one of the lidl ones for £5.  just need to fit it...... although I do like the idea of the plumbed in systems....
      Quote: hukent at Aug 22, 2010 9:44:28 am
      Quote: Pete at Aug 22, 2010 9:22:43 am

      although I do like the idea of the plumbed in systems....

      Don't bother, they are next to useless!!!!
      We HAVE to use them in Motorsport, as the regulations stipulate on their use,
      but it's like fairy liquid, and doesn't put out fires!!!!
      Everyone carries a hand held Halon extinguisher.
      Even the fire brigade say they are rubbish!

      Really Hu.  I didnt know that.  Cheers fella.

      So Halon is the way forward then.  Is a Halon one expensive? 
      In topic "Online PET System"
      Does anyone know where to find an online PET system for Porsches?  Someting tat will let you type a part number in and see what car, model and year its from.
      In topic "101 Tips for your 911 (1974-1989)"
      Let's see them then.  Let's put together a list of 101 practical tips for owning, driving and maintaining the 1974 to 1989 911.

      If we get to the 101, ill pull it all together and post it as a complete list.

      I'll start with the first five:

      1.  Change your engine oil and filter regularly.  Once year for average usage.

      2. Check the oil level regularly.  The car should be level, the engine running and the oil warm.  To make sure the oil is at the right temperature, touch the oil cooler pipes in the front wheel arch. If they are cold, that means the oil stat has not opened and the oil reading on the dipstick will be innacurate.

      3. Keep the oil level topped up to halfway between the "Max" and "Min" markings on the dipstick.

      4. Dont rely on the oil level gauge.  The dipstick is king in this department.

      5. Take it easy until the engine temp gets up to operating temperature, before driving hard.
      here's some more to keep this going to our target of 101

      7.  The washers on your alternator pully shaft are important.  Someone hasn't put too many on by mistake.  They are actually shims and used to get the correct tension in your fan belt!

      8. use a good quality engine oil and gearbox oil; 

      9. install some relays for the headlight system and avoid spending a fortune on light switches.

      10. Make sure the geometry is right for your driving style i.e, camber, caster and toe.  Getting this right will make your 911 drive like a dream;
      In topic "Wheel Compressor"
      Hi Dave

      The wheel compressor is normally in the front.  Most are missing.  You can locate them, but they do tend to be a little on the expensive side.

      This is from an 89 930.

      Have a search on Stuttgart exhcnage or ebay.  Also place a wanted a add on here too! They are about £80 ish I think
      You can put a "Auction Watch" on Stuttgart Exchange.  So if you have a keyword like "Compressor" you get an email as soon as some places an auction with that word in it.  You nenver know!  Good luck.
      Quote: hukent at Feb 01, 2010 8:10:16 pm
      You'll find them next to 'Rocking Horse Poo', and 'Hen's Teeth' !!!!!
      I've been looking for months now, for a tool kit and compressor,
      not that I need them, I'm just anal about having ALL the right bits.

      Im wit you on that one.  Ive been looking for a toolkit forever.  Never found one at a sensible price.  I was tinking about making a puch and getting the tools seperately.
      In topic "Tyre Pressure Gauge"
      Im going to invest in a digital tyre gauge.  Anyone have one of these or can rcommend a good one.  Given a small change in tyre pressure can represent a big percentage of required pressure an accurate gauge is important.

      Any suggestions?
      Which gauge was it mark?
      That looks like it might be just the ticket.  I like the fact it just has one button.  Even I can operate that disdain023.gif

      In topic "Replace ignition cylinder"
      Hi John

      Welcome to the forum.  Could you tell us what model of 911 you have and hopefully that will help us a little better understand the problem and how to help you fix it.
      Here's what I have managed to find out:

      1. Disconnect battery ground cable;
      2. Pull cover (collar) off the steering lock;
      3. Insert ignition key and turn to position 1 (ignition on).  Insert a steel wire with a diameter of approx.1.3 mm (max. 1.5 mm ø) into the hole next to the ignition key as far as it will go. Pull the lock barrel with induction coil out of the steering lock
      4. Carefully unlock and separate the plug connection on the lock barrel (at the induction coil for the immobiliser).
      In topic "My Latest Anti-Theft Device."
      That's a bloody good idea Hu.  Anything to make it harder for the filty goits to take your pride and